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Added Dec 03 2012

Hello All! I am looking for unique/affordable (under $3,000) wedding venue for roughly 150-200 people in the Rogers Park/Evanston area. Anyone out there on everyblock have ideas? I'm marrying into an Irish Catholic wedding so no alcohol allowed venues won't be in the running. Thank you!!

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    Knowing Irish Catholics, I think you mean no-alcohol-allowed venues WILL be in the running, or, in other words, the venue has to allow alcohol, right?

  • You might try Mayne Stage, but they might be over the $3k.

  • Emily Rogers Park Interior Designer

    That may have been a bit jumbled. Yes..we need alcohol at this event!

  • Krisann architectural educator

    Not in Rogers Park, but the Irish American Heritage Center has affordable venue rental - with 2 spaces to choose from. You have to use their bar, which adds to the cost unless you do a cash bar. It is a really great space with tons of parking and right off the Blue Line and 90/94.

  • Barbara in Ravenswood Ravenswood resident since 1984.

    Emily, if you have the time & inclination to look through these past threads, you may find some good suggestions. Best wishes for your wedding! :-)

  • this place is pretty nice, it's in Evanston. Not sure of price. It has a backarea called Space:

  • Congratulations to you Emily! It has been my experience that not only will you need alcohol at the reception but also well throughout the duration of the marriage.

  • Emily Rogers Park Interior Designer

    I LIKE that Christine! Maybe we just have the wedding at a brewery to make it simple!

  • This is a private club that used to rent out the the bar. They have a BIG kitchen too with about 8 burners on the stove. I think thay are very reasonable...!/pages/Jeffersonian-Hawthorne-Club/160184737338356?fref=ts

  • Zee Neighborhood artist

    The IAHC, which Krisann mentioned, is a viable option; I've seen many happy receptions there. Another possible site, believe it or not, is the Kenilworth Club ( in Kenilworth, a posh community two suburbs north of Evanston. I went there for my friends' wedding reception there several years ago, and they definitely did not have a big budget for a venue. They said that the staff at the club were a dream to deal with, and the reception itself was wonderful.

  • Chris count the rings round my eye

    Several have mentioned the Irish American Heritage Center. I had my wedding (ceremony and reception) there just over a year ago. I can't recommend it enough. The Erin Room (which is what you'll be likely looking at for your size), for a Sat night, will be just barely above the price you mentioned (I think it's around $3400, but don't remember off top of my head). But before you rule it out, you should be aware that it offers many amenities most others will charge you for. Free extras: plentiful gated parking, dining tables, buffet tables, chairs, modern sound system, disco lights, security personnel. Couple of other extras worth mentioning that were HUGE pluses to us: no restrictive catering list (meaning you can use who ever you want, and aren't shoe horned into over priced caterers, the most flexible bar packages of any venue we looked at. These freebies, flexible catering, flexible bar options made the over all costs cheaper than some of the lower priced venues that had more restrictions. And we loved the room. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me direct.

  • I'm not sure of the cost, but a co-worker of mine recently had his wedding reception at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Evanston, located on Ridge Avenue. My co-worker is not Unitarian (he is, in fact, Catholic!), so I know you don't need to be a member of the church to rent out their space.

  • joe

    Try the Croatian Cultural Center on Devon between California and McCormak. Don't let the name fool you, its really a fully staffed banquet hall with a large kitchen(unrestricted), a separate bar room, large seating capacity, dance floor, stage and plenty of parking in their gated lot.

  • Adam Just a homeowner

    Hi, we got married at the Kenilworth Club this Spring, and it was a great venue, and not expensive (around 3000 if you do a Friday or Sunday, a little more for Saturdays). It is beautiful (arts and crafts style, landmark historic building), and seats about 150-200 people. The were also great to work with, very helpful and friendly. They have a full chefs kitchen onsite, and they have all the tables, chairs, and place settings (glassware, cutlery, plates, coffee cups, etc etc) included in the price, which saves you a ton of money -- make sure to factor in increased catering and rental costs for other venues if they don't include these items. Oh, and you can bring your own alcohol, which also saves money. One other option -- a lot of people use the Women's Club in Evanston. Bit space, convenient, and good pricing, but a little "stuffy" for my taste. Congrats, and good luck!

  • Emily Rogers Park Interior Designer

    Thanks Adam! I actually have an appointment to see the Kenilworth Club on Friday afternoon. We also looked at the Women's Club of Evanston but the date we want is already booked out. With an Irish/Polish wedding we will need plenty of scotch and vodka so the BYOB DEF makes sense for us! We want an outdoor ceremony so it seems like this will work. Fingers crossed I love it!

  • Midnightrambler Neighborly

    Don't know anything about costs but there was a wedding this year at Mayne Stage on Morse. Loyola U. has several nice venues with lake views. They have a large catering department that has done weddings for graduates. Madonna della Strada Chapel is a beautiful church on campus and on the lake.

  • Loyola has Piper Hall which is beautiful (on the curve at Sheridan Rd.). They recently added a beautiful garden right between Madonna della Strada Chapel on the lake and Coffey Hall. I was told one of the reasons that they did this was so that they could host cocktail receptions in the garden area. I could be wrong but it would be worth checking out.

  • How about St. Gertrude's ???? Their Social Hall is large and there is a very nice kitchen
    attached. I doubt that alcohol would be a problem. The parish is loaded with Irish and
    progressive folk, not grouches

  • Nancy B. Co-Owner Gold'N Pear Catering

    Loyola also has the newly designed and redecorated Mundelein Arts center. We are catering the Loyola Community Party on Dec. 19th there...a good chance for you to check out the space while an event is going on. And of course, if you need a caterer, we would love to talk to you

  • Elizabeth Hilldale I have learned some things.

    I don't know how many they can hold and it would be very untraditional but the Rhythm Room in Evanston is a cool bar and they do private events for reasonable prices. It might be better as a reception area but worth checking out. We had a Christmas party there, it was great. Congrats on the wedding!

  • Nice to know about that place; never heard of it before. There is no end to the enjoyment and learning from this group. Just great!

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