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Added Dec 03 2012

Can anyone recommend a good Realtor that lives in (or close to) Rogers Park, and works with homes in the neighborhood? We had a guy, but he has to drive up from the South Side every time, and it's a huge pain in the butt. We definitely want someone who can meet us easily, and is down to earth about working with us.

  • Cheryl Reimer & amie Klujian are the best!

  • mfr RP resident for decades

    Maria Davies - Long time Rogers Parker
    @ Properties
    T. 312 254-0200
    M. 312 560-9426

  • From experience in selling 2 properties in Rogers Park, I can recommend Linda England and Frank McGuire from Baird Warner. They both live in Rogers Park and really know this market.

  • JMD

    Hands down Yvonne Carns. She's knows Rogers Park and has not only helped me find a condo in RP but others in my building.

  • I was also going to suggest Frank McGuire. I think Linda retired (sad!!), but Frank is great, knows the neighborhood, and he really sells!

  • Mike All Local Stand Up Comic and avid Roger Park Lover!

    We just used Gail Dobeski to find us a place in ROP and she was fantastic!

  • Mike All Local Stand Up Comic and avid Roger Park Lover!

    I also have heard great things about Frank McGuire like Clara said.

  • I used Barb Kramer at Coldwell Banker in downtown Evanston. She was great.

  • Connie Abels, best without a doubt. 773.353.9180

  • Josh Rogers Park Estes & Clark

    Ryan Stavros at Jameson Sotheby's. Lives in the RP. Knows the neighborhood and has a passion about the area.

  • Frank McGuire is great.

  • Liz Whatley - she's in Uptown and knows RP and Edgewater (where we live). She's great!

  • t s

    casey segal with @ is awesome!! she helped me buy my condo in east rp and does a ton of business in the hood. lives in edgewater too! think she helps both buyers and sellers.

  • I am voting for Maria Davis also!

  • Joel Offsen community activist

    Christie Carmody @ Realty Chicago. She's helped several very happy friends of mine and she's extremely familiar with the northside of Chicago including Rogers Park!

  • Mark East Rogers Park Neighbor

    Ellen Baren is very friendly and enthusiastic and a long time resident of the RP. She is with @properties.

    Ellen Baren, ABR, CLHMS, CNE, GREEN
    REALTOR, Consultant
    1586 N. Clybourn
    Chicago, IL 60642
    Office: 312.254.0200
    Direct: 312.804.1049
    Mobile: 312.804.1049
    Fax: 312.254.0222

  • I am a realtor here in Rogers Park with Dream Town Realty. I have my license on hold at the moment but work with a great guy who has sold several properties up here. He's very experienced in foreclosure and short sale properties as well. If you're interested you can email me at, I think you'd really like Ted.

  • Shaya G 32 year resident of WRP

    I work with @properties as well. I was born, bred, and still live in WRP. I do business in this area and the surrounding neighborhoods and suburbs. I'd be happy to meet with you and talk. 773-387-8762

  • I worked in real estate for 15 years before I retired. Dawn Evans would be the agent I recommend as I also worked with her creating her advertising plus open house signs. She is a 14 year real estate agent .Dawn lives in a condo on Ainslie and Sheridan. Her number is 773-269-9473. She also taught the condo class on what to look for in a condo. If no answer I woud leave a message. There is another agent I know whom I worked with for 15 years and he has sold numerous condos. His name is Chip Hastings and his number is 312-560-1900. I have a list of 30 agents many I worked with and anyone that is interested in commercial property I can recommend two agenta one who sold two properties for 75 million while I was still working. The other agent had 5 commercial properties for sale, one was the gas station on Broadway and Sheridan. I hope I helped you out.

  • robin in WRP I support a 28th Amendment 4Free & Fair Elections!

    I can't recommend Joan Katz highly enough! She lives in the neighborhood, and is a wonderful and caring agent. She understood exactly what we were looking for, and helped us find the right house on the right block!

  • Marcus Rogers Park Resident

    I worked with a number of realtors when I was looking to buy. By far the very best was
    Connie Abels. 773.353.9180

    She knew everything and everyone.

  • Google Sharon Kozak. She is excellent, professional, and lives in and knows all about real estate in Rogers Park.

  • Dirk Gould - He lives in Rogers Park. Knows the area very well.

  • I recently bought a house in Rogers Park - the seller's agent was a woman who lived around here and knew the area, Maryanne Dooley. Her email is She seemed nice and competent, but I can't guarantee that because she represented the seller, not me.

  • I have worked with Maryann Dooley for the past 25 years. Excellent. She knows the area and has lived in the Rogers Park area for over 40 years.

  • HI Erin,
    I am a Realtor here In RP and have lived here since 1985..can;t believe all of the great changes and new places that continue to pop up. RP has something for everyone!
    Would love to help, so just let me know! Thanks, Jody

  • steve fix RogPk resident since 1996

    I must strongly disrecommend Connie Abels -- she showed me a place near Columbia and Sheridan. I liked it, so I made another appt to show it to wife and mother-in-law but she stood us up on a 95-degree July day. When I called her to point this out, she first denied that our appt existed, saying she had an offer and a backup offer on the place (the for sale sign in front did not reflect this) and oh, wouldn't I be more interested in another place? I am not sure whether it is technically unethical to show a place after an offer is made; perhaps she meant to cancel our appt but did not. It is certainly inconsiderate and somewhat duplicitous, particularly since she mentioned a different place instead. After talking for a few minutes, she remembered our appointment, but said that she had written it down in her office and she was elsewhere in the city now and couldn't access her office calendar. This happened in 2010, mind you, not, say, 1910, so "dog ate my homework" is quite ridiculous and insulting to one's intelligence.

    The first time I saw the place, it was at an open house. So she was there, and she seemed knowledgable about the unit she was selling, but, man, was she full of odd ideas about RP history. She told me about a tunnel that began under the tall building at the NW corner of Pratt and Sheridan, went under Sheridan Rd, and ended under the building across the street that houses Pillars and Isam's Liquors. I asked why it was there and she said it was to move horses during the war. Whoa, I thought. Uh, what war? I asked, aware that any World War preparations would have involved automobiles and that no Civil War battles had been fought in the nascent Chicago. She said she didn't know. Like Dave Barry says, you can't make this up.

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    Henry, I wouldn't completely discount that story without checking it out with the historical society. You never know what went on under and around the old buildings in Rogers Park. There's a narrow passage into a building on Eastlake from the beach, which, if I recall correctly, was used for bootlegging during Prohibition. I've seen that passage.

  • Bubaloo life time resident of Rogers Park

    Several of my friends have used Raisa Budowsky, of Apartment and Home Seekers. She has lived in RP for 30+ years and has raised her family here. Thus, she is familiar with schools, parks, CTA, etc. My friends have been very pleased with Raisa and her abilities to help them buy and/or sell their homes. Raisa can be reached at:
    773 860-4127.

  • Another vote for Frank McGuire. We've bothered him over the years with requests for an updated market estimate and he's been nothing but courteous, helpful, and enthusiastic. He's sold tons of property around here (Western to Clark) and probably beyond. If we finally get out act together and the place on the market next year, he will get the listing without hesitation.

  • steve fix RogPk resident since 1996

    @Helen -- It was the alleged equine use of the tunnel, not its existence, that I found beyond rational belief. Your mention of the Eastlake tunnel piques my curiosity though -- we should start a new thread about subterranean RP! I'm sure Uptown around the Green Mill/Riviera has more, but there's gotta be cool stuff here too...

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    Well, Henry, some of those buildings on Eastlake have what were horse stables, including the one with the narrow passage, which isn't a tunnel. It's on ground level but much narrower than a doorway.

    But, yes, we're hijacking this thread. Sorry, folks.

    Back on topic: I like Frank McGuire but have no experience with him as an agent.

  • Hi Erin,
    My name is Steve Northey I graduated from Loyola and now live a few blocks away with my wife and daughter.
    I sell real estate with Koenig&Strey. I would like the opportunity to interview with you and your husband.
    Call my cell 773-562-5592
    Best, Steve

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