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Added Apr 01 2014

Wondering if anyone has experience with and/or can recommend a reasonably priced soundproofing contractor. We are not looking for much-- perhaps just some new upstairs windows and additional attic insulation. We are not in the official "noise abatement" zone so don't qualify for the residential sound insulation program.

The noise from O'Hare planes crossing over at night seems to have grown significantly worse in the last few months-- not sure if these are freight planes, if planes are flying lower, etc., but the noise rattles our entire house, is LOUD, and occurs consistently every 30 seconds or so. Earplugs and a sound machine aren't cutting it.

Any recommendations are appreciated- thanks.

  • maybe they got their catalytic converters

  • Dennis 30 year Jefferson Park resident

    Where is the official "noise abatement zone?" They been flying over my house for months. Can't hear tv when windows r open.

  • Missy Old Irving Park resident held hostage by a mutt you can put in your address to see...

  • Missy Old Irving Park resident held hostage by a mutt

    oops - here is a better link:

  • Windows and attic insulation don't require a soundproofing contractor. Sounds like you just need a general contractor. Try:

    All Quality, Inc.
    Ed Buckley
    6348 N Milwaukee Ave., Ste 171
    Chicago, IL 60646

  • @Stacey, most of the air traffic at night is made of cargo planes and most of these are jumbo jets and retired passenger planes so they are loud. The airport charges less to takeoff and land at nighttime so that's why most of the cargo movement is at night. Also, we tend to hear them more because they're the only noisemakers at night as the automobile and construction related noise generally subsides at night.

  • Randy Stroller

    Giggle of an idea. I am far enough away that I only notice the planes when cars are not going by but perhaps IP needs walls to protect the neighborhood from noise.

  • Your going to want to put Triple Pane windows in. Double Pane won't eliminate the noise. I disagree that any contractor can this. Make sure you really do your research. Anyone can put a window in and cap it but sound proofing is a whole different area of expertise

  • make sure you get the t pane with no auto tune

  • We have triple pane Pella Designer Series windows and they do cut down tremendously on all outside noise.

  • I have a feeling that they will be changing the areas that qualify for noise abatement assistance. It will probably take a long time though and might require some efforts by residents in the newly affected areas to be considered for this.

    Also, there was a recent article about some shoddy work or materials done by contractors for this program:

    As a taxpayer, one of the things I do not like about changing the runways is the additional monies that will need to be provided for the cost of continuing to sound proof more schools, homes, etc. Does anyone know if a lot of the already noise proofed areas now would not qualify due to decreased airplane noise?

    Looked up our house here:

    and got this response:

    This home is out of theO'Hare 65 DNL area.

  • Bose over the ear headphones work great.

  • Dennis 30 year Jefferson Park resident

    Pamela, I got the same response despite the fact planes go directly over my house and have for years. I think the Presidential helicopters use my house as a guidepost.

  • I think they are just watching the dog trying to go up the stairs... lol

  • Stacey - we (relatively) recently put new windows in our 100 year-old house, and the difference in sound was amazing. Insulation, on the other hand, was great for heating/cooling, but didn't seem to affect sound (although we did spray foam, which isn't at all thick). If you are interested in pursuing the window option, I would very highly recommend calling Will at Albar Windows: (847) 825-7547, 112 Higgins Rd, in Park Ridge.
    (and let me know if you want a recommendation for insulation!)
    Good luck!

  • NWSide Colleen 17-year Jefferson Park resident, neighbor, parent

    Hi Stacey, I'm also in Jefferson Park. We've had soundproof windows installed upstairs by Soundproof Chicago. We are going to do one bedroom I new ceiling/drywall/sound deadening glue to see if that provides additional relief. We've been satisfied with the work but the planes seem so low and/or loud the windows aren't enough. And if you haven't already--please log your complaints at 311 or the 311 website. Thanks!

  • Stacey Neighbor, friend, cautious optimist

    Thanks for the recommendation, C. Please keep us posted re: the bedroom updates-- I hope they help you. And I've been logging my complaints via 311. Thanks again.

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