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Added May 20 2018

We have lived in the city for 27 years, and are thinking of the area of Damen and Jarvis.

  • Recently moved from that very intersection. Not all bad, but must be ready for some drug dealing and shooting, especially in summer months. Corner store had a shooting homicide there a year ago, and another I almost walked into a car at same corner shot up with mother and daughter sitting inside. I believe Rogers Ave demarcates the Gangster Disciple and Latin Kings territory, or something.

    On the other hand, just opened Green Gate weed dispensary if you're into that.

    Real estate-rental and buyer-prices have spiked a lot for no discernible reason than (some) people will pay. Some buildings do have large apartment but not all.

    West Ridge (west of Ridge ave) is a bit quieter.

  • diana Life is short. Death is long. Act accordingly.

    We just sold our condo on Damen between Fargo/Jarvis and the area is fine. I walk my dog at all hours and don't feel unsafe. But I will say, there are a LOT of renters and some don't seem to care for their 'hood, no pride of ownership leads to lots of garbage.

    I hope you have parking, because it's brutal finding a spot on the street around here!

  • Roger S. Park Teller of truth in a fake news world.

    if you’ve lived in the city for 27 years, then you should know that a block or two away in any direction can be a difference like night and day, particularly on the north side. You should also know to do your homework. Visit that neighborhood over a couple weeks at various times of the day and night to get a feel for what is normal and whether or not you want to deal with it.

    I lived at Fargo & Damen many years ago and the ‘hood was AWFUL back then. There was a lot of dealing, prostitution, shooting, and litter. I’ve heard that there have been big improvements over there, but I believe you will still need a pretty high tolerance for ghetto street drama.

    Of note is that the other comments are from people who just moved away from there. Good luck.

  • diana Life is short. Death is long. Act accordingly.

    To clarify: we're only moving because we want a yard and more dogs! Third floor condo isn't very conducive for being crazy dog people! :)

  • Anne Rogers Park resident

    I walked a dog in that neighborhood for a couple of months. Some blocks are nice, others not so much. I did notice a lot of dog waste and garbage around the area. In general, its nice during the day but I have no idea what its like at night. Parking is difficult.

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