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Added Mar 16 2018

I saw a woman and her child (in a stroller) get hit by a car this morning at Belmont and Leavitt, I stayed with them after calling 911, but left to get out of the way of the Ambulance and EMTs. When I left they were both awake and talking, but in pain- I am hoping someone knows if they are okay, any updates would be appreciated!

  • I posted this on mama tribe Chicago and hope to get an answer for you

  • krw

    Thats horrifying! Was it a hit and run? Thank you for helping them.

  • Oh i second thank you for helping them yes

  • Jen Baron JBaron

    This is horrible! I always worry when I see women with their strollers. I'm so glad you called 911 and helped. You didn't say if the person that hit them stopped? I hope so! And I hope that mom and child are ok. That had to be horrifying! People need to slow down in their cars!

  • Nobody knows who it is on mamatribe yet but people are asking around I’m sure

  • Drivers are such jerks at Belmont/Leavitt and Belmont/Oakley. It’s not a highway, and I can’t imagine being so stupid or selfish that buzzing past a pedestrian in the middle of a crosswalk is worth it for the extra 5 seconds you get to sit in line waiting for the light to change.

  • d3 NoHo

    So many bad Uber drivers I this city right now

  • Following

  • The car did stop right away, and stayed the whole time which was good.
    I think I saw the woman walking yesterday with a child, so that is good news, I am hoping they were not seriously hurt.

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