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Added Mar 06 2018

Thank you to whoever was the kind soul who found my wallet and mailed it to the address on my license. I was absolutely overjoyed to have received it and it did indeed restore some of my faith in humanity (!) My Ventra card, gift cards I was given for Christmas, my souvenir wallet, my license, it was all there and I couldn’t believe it. Thank you!!

  • Eileen Dimberg Like our neighborhood people are friendly.

    There are good people in this neighborhood. Glad you got it back!

  • I remember years ago when I was making a sales call in the Loop, I was wearing a suit and an overcoat and I missed my inside suit pocket and my wallet dropped to the floor of the bus.I realized that my wallet was missing when I got off the bus so I called the CTA and gave them the bus #151 that was going West on Adams St. on the way to Union Station, that did not work out so I called my answering service (yes those were the days) and asked if anyone called about the wallet, they said no one called.

    I’m freaking out at this point when my pager goes off (remember those?) to call my service. An attorney found my wallet and left his phone number, I called him back and met him near the Cultural Center and he said "the wallet is exactly the way I found it", nothing was missing. He would not accept a reward and he even invited me to his office Christmas Party (did not accept, the wallet was enough).

    Yes, there are nice honest people in this world. If I found a wallet the very least I would do is try to contact the person otherwise simply drop it in any mailbox and the person would have to pay for the postage,not a bad price to get your wallet back. Karma prevails...

  • It is really nice to know that there are still some very good people out there. With all the bad news and crime and Mayhem going on it's hard to believe that there are nice people left. This restores a little faith. I too was very lucky twice. Years ago someone broke into my garage which was locked and broke into my car which was locked and stole an expensive wallet that I had forgotten I left in the glove compartment. Someone found the insurance card in the middle of a busy street nearby and returned all the cards that were inside. They did not find the wallet. But without them I never would have known the wallet was missing until I check the car later that day. And then just last year I happen to leave my purse in an O'Hare bathroom.... Yes you would think I'd remember that. TSA went and checked twice did not find it I called the cleaning company that handles the bathrooms they did not find it. They would not let me back through, at this point I was in tears I went to another TSA agent who despite being male walked back to the washroom and went in every stall found out that a woman had found my purse and had taken it to the lost and found. I walked into the lost and found just as they were about to call me. Thank goodness for the woman and all of the TSA agents that were so wonderful to check for it for me. I'm very grateful to all of those that helped with that.

  • Many years ago my wallet was taken out of my purse on the #151 bus. Soon after someone who was walking in the park found a pile of photos, train tickets & other items that were important to me. Something had my address on it & this kind person mailed the stuff to me. Unfortunately there was no note from them so I could thank them. There are good people out there.

  • I found a wallet in the NYC subway station, missed that train but ended up mailing it to her but kept the phone number. I called a week later and asked her if she got it..she said 'Yea' and hung up the phone...
    Doesn't stop me from doing it again...figure there is one in every bunch...

  • Gosh Kittyhop, if I'd been that person you mailed the wallet back to and took the effort to follow-up with, you'd have been thanked profusely...
    Just like this OP is doing... Definitely in the Top 10 of posts I've seen so far this year!

  • Thank you!!!! for your words, NW. Truthfully, I didn't think much of actually was a very positive thing for me as I was running to catch the NYC subway to go to a job VERY early in the morning...saw the wallet, stopped, missed the train and saw some 'interestingly' (i.e. rather scary) people I picked up the wallet, and took an expensive (but worth it) cab to the location. (My crew couldn't even believe I considered the Subway at that hour....)

    I actually called the woman to tell her that I didn't take anything out of the wallet, that is how I found it. No $ (No stealing...) And she was VERY young and I'm finding there is a great difference with ages on how we all approach a kindness.

    I've learned that if "All you can say is 'Thank you', that is enough."

    Maybe she 'paid it forward'...who knows?....

    I find that 'paying it forward' is sometime the best way to repay a kindness......

    I can say I'm enjoying all these great stories...and no trolls so far..yea!!!!!!

    (Back to taxes...and more coffee.....)

  • For whatever reason, I have been gifted (?) with finding many many a cell phone, keys, & wallet. Every single item, but one (for reasons outside of my control), were returned. There was a handful of people who could care less but more often than not I experienced an awesome relief & appreciation on the part of the of those the items were returned to. Some were wary & skeptical but later appreciative. Some were immediately amicable & appreciative. Regardless of reaction, it felt good to go out of my way to do the right thing. Every person wants the opportunity to be a hero of sorts.

  • Thanks for sharing everyone! It brightened my day to read such great stories.

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