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Added Jun 22 2016

Hi, I want to start doing Composting in my deck but can't spend any money. So if there is anybody with composting containers as well as worms to spare I would appreciate. I can pick it up if it is not to far from Logan Square.
Thank you !!!

  • We are all loaded with Red Wigglers. Have you had them before? You will need a plastic bin (less than $10..get them on sale) with holes in the top (1/4"..can be done with a drill or a hammer and nails.) The bin must not be clear. If you get a bin and do the holes, we can set it up on my front porch and you can take it with you. All that is needed is: shredded newspaper (newspaper not computer paper), water, a hand full of garden dirt..and the worms..all I have. Debbie on Everyblock has lots as well. I'm in the 1800 block of Whipple.
    (remember these worms do not go into a regular compost or the ground; they are not native.) GLAD you are composting!!

  • blond Humbold Park

    Hi, thank you, I'll get the bins and I'll look for you again to get it set up and to get the worms. Thank you very much.

  • Just get one to start...they multiply very quickly.

  • Katie Vota Textile Artist

    Do you still have loads of worms? I got mites and they ate all my worm babies ☹️

  • Me? Red Wigglers for bin composting? Yes!
    Mites..sad....interested to hear about it...


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