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Added Jul 06 2017

There seem to be a lot of dog owners allowing their dogs off leash in public places like the beach. Just yesterday I could count 4 different owners letting their dogs run amok on the sand during my morning walk. One of them even did it's business and the owner didn't clean up. This is illegal, right?

  • The law is the law!

  • Pedrito I offer you the RED PILL, that's all.

    Sure, like the law that gives the president the power to veto foreigners that want to harm America.

  • Michael Archangel Donald Trump - A compulsive liar.

    @Pedro Garciano - You wrote: "Sure, like the law that gives the president the power to veto foreigners that want to harm America."

    What law would that be?

  • Manticore

    It's from the Crown Russian Courts.

  • Pedrito I offer you the RED PILL, that's all.

    Article 8, your favorite.

  • Michael Archangel Donald Trump - A compulsive liar.

    @Pedro Garciano - Why would that be my favorite? I think you are seems to be yours. Also, the POTUS does not "veto" people.

    Want to try again?

  • A non entity can't project.
    He's a made up character.

  • Pedrito I offer you the RED PILL, that's all.

    You are "Mr and Mrs Smith". After the election you got sooooo upset that you had to change your name.

  • Manticore

    Donald Trump hates dogs.

  • A beautiful new dog park is opening in mid-August and is just a healthy and pleasant jog away in nice weather.

  • I'm glad that people in the area will have a nice dog park. Now, if we could just get one in our own neighborhood. Even in nice weather, it's too far for us to take advantage of. Sometimes I end up carrying one my dogs towards the end of our walks. He's beginning to show signs of aging. The reason we want a designated area on the beach is because that's where live and take our dogs now. I just have to add that we,neighborhood dog owners,spend an aweful lot of time and energy cleaning trash off the beach. We have a vested interest in keeping it free of broken glass, chicken bones, dirty diapers etc.. With the exception of a school group or something, I don't see other people doing this and never on a daily basis or consistently. The people that are so eager to see us comply with an unreasonable law, will have a really filthy beach to enjoy if they have their way. I don't think many people realize just how much we clean up after the beach goers, especially after the weekend or a holiday.

  • Sarahdonis Nearly 30 years in Edgewater; love RP & A'ville

    Which is your neighborhood, Maggie?

  • You might want to read the park district's manual about establishing a dog friendly area (DFA) at:

    Note that the manual says on page 2 that there is a preference for not siting a new DFA in an existing park. DFAs in existing parks will be considered only if there are no other land options available in the community. On page 4 it also says that in 2013 the estimated construction cost of a DFA was $150,000 and that the DFA Committee, not the park district, is responsible for 100% of the cost of development of the DFA. If you can meet those and other requirements, there also must be at least three neighborhood meetings open to the public. In reality you could expect significant opposition against anything that would take away some of our beautiful beach. Getting a new DFA is neither cheap nor easy. But, if you are seriously interested, start forming a committee that is willing to cough up the money and begin the application process.

  • lisaann mom

    sounds like a great thing for participatory budgeting.

  • Pedrito I offer you the RED PILL, that's all.


  • Sarahdonis, I leave as far east as you can get in Rogers Park. I take my dogs along the beach to the park. If no one is playing tennis, I take them to run around in the tennis court. That's against the rules too, but it's enclosed so a lot of people bring their dogs there for exercise as an alternative to the beach.

  • LIveFRP, I'm really not interested. I rarely have a negative issue taking my dogs to the beach before 11 am in the summer and never have a problem with anyone, police or private citizen, in the cold months ,no matter what time of day.

  • But for those who are interested in getting a new DFA they need to know that they have to come with a real organization, a real plan, some real cash and convince the general public, along with some official groups, by conducting at least three, formal open meetings. That takes a lot of time and effort that goes far beyond just moaning on EB. That's why so many dog owners pretend that the whole neighborhood is a DFA, break the law and sometimes get stung with a fine.

  • Sarahdonis Nearly 30 years in Edgewater; love RP & A'ville

    Despite the literature that Live sites, there will soon be a dog park at/near the northernmost tip of Lincoln Park.
    Maggie, it may behoove you to contact Harry Osterman's office for insight on how it (not actually yet) got done so (relatively speaking) quickly in Edgewater. Maybe Harry could tutor Joe.😉

  • Osterman's tutorial is in his newsletter. The relocated, not new, DFA at Bryn Mawr is a replacement in exchange for an existing one at Foster Beach that no longer is useable because of rising lake levels. The Edgewater dog group that organized to get the DFA at Foster isn't a new group at all. The park district simply is making an accommodation by relocating the Foster Beach DFA up to Bryn Mawr.

  • d3 NOH

    PB can never be used for this because it's not a selection of projects people actually want it's a selection of projects that check off a box to fulfill categories of choices. For example there are ways mural and art projects when we lack basic infrastructure in this ward. Further the setup and policies on establishing a DFA are extremely antiquated.

  • d3 NOH

    Nyc has been progressed on this issue by setting hours for dogs vs not which makes lot more sense than the resources Chicago wastes not solving problems

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    d3, what do you mean that "PB can never be used for this"? How do you think we got the dog park at Pottawattomie? It was on the very first PB ballot. You really have no idea how PB works but you love to pontificate about how terrible it is.

  • Wazzup not available

    oh oh D3 - you disagreed with Helen North of Howard - that is a no no on this blog as she believes she is its only legitimate mouthpiece and monitor - Freedom of speech is not important here.

  • Getting a dog park takes a lot of effort, time, commitment and organization. Getting the Paww-ttowtomie Dog Park wasn't easy but the people who accomplished it didn't spend time moaning and complaining on EB. They worked very hard for what they have and now are enjoying it. They also work to maintain it. Paww-ttowtomie Dog Park is a privilege that they earned.

  • d3 NOH

    Helen I can't just show up to the planning meeting and ask for a DFA project to be added. It goes through some process to whittle the choices the public has down, do you agree on that?

  • The groups behind the Paw-ttawattomie, Puptown, Clarendon, Montrose and Challenger DFAs worked hard and didn't waste their time moaning on EB and were willing to attend far more than just one meeting d2. For starters, they spent lots of time understanding how to get money and get the ball rolling. Lazy people never end up getting DFAs.

  • d3 NOH

    Live from rogers park none of that is helpful or even a response to what was asked.

  • d3 NOH

    Nor do you have any clue who is or isn't lazy around here.

  • As I said, people who are too lazy to work hard enough to get a DFA might benefit from turning some of the energy used in complaining on EB toward getting a DFA for their pets. Didn't mean to trigger a defensive reaction but if the shoe fits then take a walk with the dog and use the leash for the dog's protection. Automobile traffic and unleashed dogs is an irresponsible mix.

  • This comment has been removed by EveryBlock staff because it is considered spam.
  • I totally agree that dog owners should be respectful of people on the beach and in the park. Some other cultures don't see dogs the way we do here and are deathly afraid of them. I give everyone the right of way in the park, on the beach, on the sidewalk. I rarely have an issue with anyone because I do get it. I think more people would be receptive to compromise if we proceeded from this prospective.

  • Irresponsible pet owners impose a burden on everyone. Responsible pet owners are not distinguishable from those who aren't unless their pet is on a leash. Any person whose pet is off leash is automatically not responsible. People do not want to wait until an off leash pet scares a child, playfully jumps on someone, runs over their beach blanket and food or worse before deciding who isn't responsible. Rarely having an issue with anyone because of an unleashed pet already is one issue too many. This isn't about compromising over how many incidents are too many. One incident with an off leash pet already is one too many and not subject to compromise. We don't debate and compromise over how many underage boys with a bottle of Dad's whiskey and keys to the family car is one too many on the streets do we? The same goes for unleashed pets. We don't receptively compromise over how much nuisance from unleashed pets and breaking of the law is acceptable any more than we receptively compromise over how many shootings or murders are acceptable among reasonable people.

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    d3, the FIRST step is to show up at one of the neighborhood assemblies, the final one of which for the current round was held at Willye White last Saturday, and suggest a dog park. If enough people suggest a dog park and if enough people interested in getting a dog park on the ballot volunteer to act as community representatives to research it and determine the feasibility, including the cost, the dog park could end up on the ballot. Then, it's up to the PB voters. In the first year, there was a large group of people who dedicated themselves to working really hard on the dog park proposal. Since then, I've mostly just heard moaning and groaning from other folks.

    Frankly, I think it highly unlikely that the Park District will ever agree to a dog beach in RP.

  • Pedrito I offer you the RED PILL, that's all.

    I don't know why my comment was deleted by the moderators as being "spam". The subject is about dogs.
    I stated that well behaved dogs are perfectly OK to be off-leash and they do not chase squirrels or run into traffic just because they feel like doing it. (A well behaved dog awaits for instructions)
    Of course, if your dog isn't well trained, you should keep it on a leash always, or if it is one of those extremely aggressive former-fighting dogs that some people tend to adopt.

  • Pedrito I offer you the RED PILL, that's all.

    Maggie Neff, you wrote, "Some other cultures don't see dogs the way we do here and are deathly afraid of them."
    So why do we have to adapt to accomodate them?
    If we moved to one of these countries and got dogs, would they adapt to accomodate us?

  • Well-trained, well-behaved dogs off leash are usually not a problem. My observation is that most people who exercise their dogs off-leash do it when there are few, if any people using the park, or in semi-enclosed areas where they can maintain control of the dog. The real problem is a few dog owners who behave irresponsibly with their dogs, letting them run loose when they don't actually have control over them, or when the park is full of people (and other dogs). These people are clueless, not knowing the difference, and telling themselves that whatever they choose to do is okay because someone else does it.

  • d3 NOH

    So Helen you agree that PB ballots aren't a choice of what voters want but rather a selection committee decides what is on the ballot.

  • the idea of "what voters want" is laughable. They all want different things, and the things in question usually contradict each other.

  • More off leash dogs at the beach today. Luckily there was a bike patrol officer circling around and I flagged him and reported the violators.

  • Can't understand how Lib, who's only post ever was about illegal drinking on the beach, would thumb down my comment. Double standard on laws much, Lib?

  • Pedrito I offer you the RED PILL, that's all.

    At what time was that, Donald? Because I was there yesterday with my dog (no leash same as always) and I didn't see any cop.
    I'm going to the beach in a few minutes.

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