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Added Jan 12 2013

Color DVDs

It took me awhile to get just the right framing with so many elements to consider: the arches, brickwork, columns...And to not capture any people walking by this busy CTA stop. Initially, I had done selective coloring in the final result to draw attention to the busy pattern of movies for sale, but realized it worked equally as well in full color. As a photographer, I also, like the lone light on the left and riveted beams in the upper right corners. A week after I took this image, Taggers came and spray painted the word, "CUBA" all over the columns. That would have made a completely different picture.

Everything you see no longer exists due to the recent renovations.

  • Awesome shot! Love how it captures the dingy overpass.

  • Jude Reter Active in West Andersonville Neighbors Together

    Nice - it would be interesting to see what the same shot looks like with the recent renovations.

  • That's so cool. Could be so many possible places in the world, too!

    One story your photo could tell is how before the internet, we were a world linked to one another & to the other times past & future by other shared solutions like arches, paper, & publc transit. I sometimes worry about how now resources are stretching to maintain both the newer cyberworld & the tangible 'old' one. Looking at your photo I couldn't help but wonder if or how we might have gotten distracted or overwhelmed by the glow/demands/offerings of the screen & got behind on taking care about our other places. I like EB & some other sites/apps appearing now because they seem to be taking up the task of linking, to the benefit of both realities. I've really been enjoying your project, Kensington, also because it's doing something similar (talk about kinetic energy!) Thank you!

  • Barbara in Ravenswood Ravenswood resident since 1984.

    Really like how this image draws me in, the arches reminding me of some deteriorating Italian monastery... then BAM! There’s the loud urban advertising in the back! Such is life in the city... a moment of quiet, then something different happens. I’ve seen those decaying arches so many times, it’s cool to find them captured on film. Thank you, Kensington!

  • Barbara in Ravenswood Ravenswood resident since 1984.

    *film = metaphorically speaking, since most photographers don't use it anymore :)

  • What an intriguing observation, Barbara: "Such is life in the city... a moment of quiet, then something different happens." I'm curious to try to go & take a look at the view Kensington framed now, to compare as Jude suggested above, to see what something different really happened.

    I can imagine film making a resurgence, as have LPs, because of aspects it can offer that may continue to defy digitization—though who knows what the future holds? Some artists are even now again using daguerrotypes & similar single-image processes specifically because of their uniqueness & the fact that there is no negative to print & reprint. For some reason I've always been partial to things like that: things that may really happen only once, like live improvised music. (Which may account for my enduring impression of the flower appliqué my mom sewed on my red bell bottoms when I fell & tore the knee—DVD posters like those in Kensington's photo regularly confirm that bell bottoms and/or red pants have made several attempts at a comeback, but that flower was clearly a once-in-a-lifetime event!)

    Kensington, as a photographer, what do you think? Do you shoot or develop film?

  • This just made me think - I was driving north up Clark Street - north of Montrose somewhere, where a building had just been torn down, and you could see old painted advertisements on the side of the building next to it. I meant to go get my camera and go back and take photos, but forgot! I hope I can do that this week before it's too late!

  • Kensington Seeing the neighborhood through my eyes

    Kewpie62- I got what you're talking about... :)

  • Oh, great. Any way you can post the photo? I'd love to see it!

  • Barbara in Ravenswood Ravenswood resident since 1984.

    Good idea, Kewpie! I had a fleeting ambition when I was young to photographically record “all” of the fading painted advertising from decades past that’s still adhered to old buildings... I’m so glad Kensington & others have succeeded in what I never got started!

    nkot: “there is no negative... there is no negative... there is no negative....” I’m imagining some positive-thinking multi-media artist creating a piece with that voiceover, while music (something freeform & avant-garde) plays in the background, progressively increasing volume and eventually overtaking the unseen speaker’s voice....(!) This could be produced as a video... visuals to include randomly moving, changing & overlaying images of photographs & photographic equipment from the history of photography & film. Gee, thanks for the inspiration! :-) I only wish I had the skills (musical & otherwise) to create such a ... hmmm, what would be the proper term ;)

    Nice to remember hand-stitched flowers & (red) bell bottoms. I was thinking my bells were mostly blue denim (I know my sisters had striped pairs, maybe I did too) but then I remembered I had a snazzy lilac-colored set (bells & matching knit shirt) that I bought in the men’s department at EJ Korvette’s in Berwyn. That was my favorite outfit, senior year of h.s. I wonder if something similar could have been purchased at Majestic Store Everything for Men (re: Kensington’s prior post*), back in its day?

  • Kewpie62 & Kensington, was it the Coke sign? It was amazing!
    ( Can't wait to see what it was! For years in the Loop you could see a ghost sign from the Ravenswood elevated train with something about pelts on the side of a building. It was a word that just leapt out of the past at you when you rode by. Wonder if that is still there...

    I think that's called a 'Gesamtkunstwerk', Barbara. Go for it but don't count on it making you rich. The lilac outfit, however, could really rake in some funding! :)

  • Kensington Seeing the neighborhood through my eyes

    what does it mean if you are muted one time?

  • Barbara in Ravenswood Ravenswood resident since 1984.

    Good question, Kensington. EveryBlock users have the option to "mute" other users so they won't see their posts in any threads or in their news feed, or receive any email notifications of their comments. I've been muted once but I don't know by whom -- EveryBlock won't tell you if you ask, it's all private. I guess people get muted for various reasons :)

  • Kensington Seeing the neighborhood through my eyes


    I shoot film... as in digital. I have experienced that when developing film and its many steps, though acting as a purist, the image will come out almost the same as in digital, with all the technology today. Photographers fall into one of two camps. Photoshoppers vs. Naturalists...kinda like the PC vs Mac folks. I tend to keep my images as raw as I can and even in RAW format to have more control over the white balance etc. In post processsing I sharpen a little, contrast a little and saturate a little. IF I tend to do a LOT of altering..for fun..for composition, I will explain that to the viewer in detail and the reasoning behind it.

    I am not a big fan of HDR images and such that make the scene, sooo, in your face POP!..What I like to call, Too much tarting up. :)

    Thanks for asking. Though I think you will get a different answer with each photo taker you ask.

  • Barbara in Ravenswood Ravenswood resident since 1984.

    More info about muting in the EveryBlock glossary:

    nkot: Gesamtkunstwerk? Oh my, thank you! I’m a huge fan of Wagner’s music, no reason not to aim high. Although I think you just said, “don’t quit your day job”? :-p I’ll work on the lilac outfit :0)

    What sort of advertisement in downtown Chicago would include the word “pelts” I wonder... hmmm.

  • Luci in Rogers Park Dog Lover, living in Rogers Park for 26 years

    This is really great. Nice work Kensington! I like how it has a tunnel effect.

  • Luci in Rogers Park Dog Lover, living in Rogers Park for 26 years

    @Barbara - Wouldn't that be related to the fur industry? When they take the pelts from some animal and sew (or however they fuse them together.)? I really don't know much about fur, but I'd love to have one of those beautiful sable coats or jackets...
    Oh well. But I really don't know where I would wear it, unless me and my sweetie go to the Lyric Opera....

  • I've been muted twice. I think if someone doesn't like a comment or misinterprets you in some way, you get muted. I sometimes speak up when people are rude, mean, or racist, and I think that has gotten me muted a couple of times.

  • Yes, nknot - that's it. Thanks. I love it (and my camera would have never taken such a good photo).

  • Kensington - I think you may have been muted by someone who doesn't appreciate great photography. I can't think of any other reason. But we love it!

  • Barbara in Ravenswood Ravenswood resident since 1984.

    Thanks for speaking up, Kewpie! I've noticed that you do that and I appreciated it (would never mute you :)

    @Luci, yes, good call! They do sew pelts together to make fur coats. I'm not so much a fur person myself but I did have a great fake chinchilla coat once upon a time that was soooo soft and got many compliments! I love dressing up a bit for the opera. Used to subscribe to Lyric and I miss it :(

  • Luci in Rogers Park Dog Lover, living in Rogers Park for 26 years

    @Barbara - A few years ago we went to the Lyric to see Porgy and Bess on my birthday, and I was suprised to see a lot of people dressed casually.

  • Luci in Rogers Park Dog Lover, living in Rogers Park for 26 years

    How does anyone know Kensington was muted? I don't see it. Please explain...

  • Barbara in Ravenswood Ravenswood resident since 1984.

    @Luci, you can see muting on the user's profile:

    Would have loved to see Porgy and Bess! Yes, attire for the opera does seem to vary quite a bit and it seems to get more casual the higher up the seats are (mine were in the upper balcony :) I think the only formal night in their calendar would be opening night with the gala & ball.

  • Luci in Rogers Park Dog Lover, living in Rogers Park for 26 years

    Barbara, yes I agree, everyone goes in formal attire on opening night.
    I muted someone once, when she kept arguing with me about something. So if you look at someones profile, then you can see that they were muted..Interesting..

  • Kensington Seeing the neighborhood through my eyes

    You haven't had the full Opera experience until you have seen a lady in a fur coat and sparkle jewelry eating a dove bar from the concession stand.

  • Wow I go to the movies & come back to an operatic E(B)vent ... clearly I should have worn my mother's 1940s ankle-length black velvet sequined opera coat! I confess I'd sell my (hypothetical) sparkle jewelry for a Dove bar—not to be confused with a bar of Dove—this minute if I could, Kensington. Your comment reminded me of this photo of the Queen of Denmark smoking in fancy dress (scroll down):

    Thank you for your answer, too, Kensington, about film. I appreciate your minimal-intervention approach & the idea of explaining to a viewer if you have altered the image for specific reasons. (So often people don't.) I can imagine it's hard to decide how much to intervene in an image—seems a good idea to keep the photos as raw as possible (somewhere) so that you can also work with them again in the future, if you like, to change direction or say something different if you like. I'm not a photographer but have been surprised how often I go back over photos and find I see something new in them later. I tend to think of the original photo as the digital negative.

    On muting ... honestly there are days when I'd like to mute myself! One can hope not to have been misinterpreted but mostly not to have given genuine offense somehow. I'd rather have a chance to apologize in that case.

  • Kensington Seeing the neighborhood through my eyes

    Don't know if it was mentioned but the above image was taken at the Argyle Redline stop.

  • Luci in Rogers Park Dog Lover, living in Rogers Park for 26 years

    In looking at the image again, it reminds me of something from a Foreign Intrigue film. I really like it!

  • Barbara in Ravenswood Ravenswood resident since 1984.

    Walked through (or past) those arches many times. Thanks for "preserving" them for me, Kensington!

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