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Added Jan 08 2015

I finally have done some spring cleaning and want to donate my old linnens to an area shelter in the Lincoln Square area. I have 3 pillow cases full of stuff all washed and fresh. Does anyone on here remember the name of that shelter or their address?

  • robin in WRP I support a 28th Amendment 4Free & Fair Elections!

    Why not a human shelter?

  • Preeti Superstar, animal lover, just me

    These are not in LS but close by: Tree House at Carmen & Broadway, Felines & Canines at Devon & Paulina. Found near Irving Park & Rockwell.

  • L.O. 6th generation chicagoan

    Soggy Paws uptown took them for a city shelter at one point or they might know who does.

  • L.O. 6th generation chicagoan

    For human shelters- if they are full sets - the American Indian Center on Wilson may be able to use them. I would call first.

  • Thanks L.O. but these are really old things. The doggys and kitties would like them more.

  • You can take them to Alderman Pawar's office and they'll give them to an animal shelter.

  • Jennifer in Ravenswood 10 year Ravenswood, Lincoln Sq. resident

    I dropped all of mine off at the Tree House last year. They were very happy to take them.

  • StrawberryFields Life-long Portage Parker

    Thank you for thinking of animals in need! The poor things are really in need of supplies, especially in the cold weather.

  • Thank you everyone for the suggestions. Robin in WPR i want these to go to animals for a few reasons. I love animals and the animals who.are in shelters are there through no fault of there own because in most cases a human has let them down and mistreated them. Also I like animals much more than most humans I know. And the animals will appreciate them a lot more then the people in.shelters.

  • This lady regularly posts on everyblock for linens for animal shelters:

  • Neighborly1~ Values community.

    I know Alderman Pawar's office collects them and donates them to the animal shelters.

  • You might want to try Friendship Pet Food Pantry, I'm sure they will accept them:

  • Tree House Animal Foundation at 1212 w Carmen

  • Jane Spec North Center resident

    PAWS will always take donations. They are in Lincoln Park though.

  • Suzy Thomas Realtor and founder of Realtors to the Rescue

    I'm the founder of Realtors to the Rescue. We support approximately 50 animal rescue groups and shelters in the city. I live in Ravenswood Manor and would be glad to take them and distribute to one of our groups. Also, Famous Fido's is in Andersonville on Clark...not too far away. We support them as well as others. Let me know if you would like me to pick up from you. Thanks for thinking of the animals!!!

  • Hi Suzy, I'm glad I saw your comment! I have some sheets and pillowcases that I would love to donate! Would the shelters have any use for old pillows as well?

  • Suzy Thomas Realtor and founder of Realtors to the Rescue

    Hi Kelli, I think the shelters can use the old pillows. I will check and get back to you.

  • Hi Suzy that is awfully kind of you. When could you pick them up? I could even drop them off to you I live close to Ravenswood Manor I will be home today if you would like to call me 312 437 0096

  • Thanks, Suzy! I am near Ravenswood Manor & would be happy to meet to drop them off to you.

  • Thanks for taking those old sheets Suzy.

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