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Added Jan 05 2018

Resident :

If you have not shoveled your sidewalk, please do so on this Sunday.

It is supposed to reach 30 degrees.

....... ( The cold temperatures will not be an excuse ).

By city ordinance, you are to shovel your sidewalk.

.......( Make walking SAFE for everyone , especially the elderly ).

Thank you for being a responsible resident.

Kenny P.

  • Actually the sidewalks should be shoveled NOW. .no exuse to wait til.Sunday. Unshoveled sidewalks can be reported to 311 or via the city website. If you wish you can remain anonymous.

  • Dave Retired CPS Teacher

    I don't own a car, so I do a lot of walking on sidewalks. When there are only 1-3 inches of snow, it is actually safer to walk on that than on the shoveled sidewalks. This is because sidewalks are generally shoveled after they've been walked on by several people, and there is a compacted icy layer that sticks to the sidewalk that is difficult to remove, and is, therefore, generally left on the walk. This thin icy layer makes walking more treacherous than a 1-2" layer that is left unshoveled. Of course, if you can completely clear the sidewalk, that's best, but that is usually very difficult to do and is certainly not the norm. So my vote is, if there are less than 3 inches of snow, stay warm and just let it be.

  • Live From Rogers Park

    Unless they are salted and cleaned down to bare concrete shoveled sidewalks can be slippery with ice and dangerous. Many neighbors avoid them by walking on the parkway snow which provides safe traction. It's a Catch-22 situation and I sometimes agree with Dave.

  • I shovel , scrape, and salt. Bare cement is exposed for pedestrians.

  • Kenny..everyone should take as good care of their sidewalks as you. Bare cement is the best ! And I hate the homes that will shovel out a superslim path.No one can fit through there..let alone anyone with a walker, stroller or cart.

  • Sandy in EdgeGlen EdgeGlen since 1987

    Some of us are seniors or disabled and depend on paid shovelers--we can't control their schedules, nor the time & rate of snowfall. So it's not always possible to get down to bare pavement w/o using ice melt (I use the pet-safe kind). I've found that walking (or driving) on snow is safer than walking or driving on ice--much less ice with a layer of water atop it.

    One of our cars is not AWD, and it's a gamble getting it into & out of the garage & through the alley on a warmer day after a week of snow & cold than it is on a cold day with a thick layer of snow. (At least you can get some traction on plain snow). And black ice or freezing rain--totally unpreventable--is the pits.

    Every winter day with bare pavement--on roads or sidewalks--is a gift from the gods.

  • June & July will eliminate this problem.

  • Thank you for posting this. Some neighbors regularly don't shovel and it's a mess, especially if those same neighbors don't clean up after their dogs. Unpleasant and unnecessary. Especially annoyed with one neighbor who can afford a fancy rehab but can't bother to pay someone to shovel.

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    EastRPNeighbor, call 311 when your neighbor doesn't clear the sidewalk. The city does issue tickets.

  • Anyone know if this can be reported online?

  • Yes you can report no shoveling and most other 311 requests/reports on line. You can put your email if you want to check the status of requests or remain anonymous

  • this latest snow is not enough to trigger the city ordinance. iirc, it has to be at least 3".

    but i mostly am posting to ask people to use a pet safe ice melter. clark devon sells one that is only a few bucks more than rock salt.
    rock salt is not only hard on doggy paws, it is bad for concrete, and bad for the soil.
    wouldnt recommend getting it from the pet store. the mark up on the small containers they sell make it crazy spendy.
    clark devon is the place, tho most hardware stores now sell a decent brand.

  • Moah..3 inches? I have never heard of that..please post a link

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    Yeah, Mo, I don't find that in the city regulation. No depth is mentioned in the city code.

  • Jeffrey Littleton Local Uptown Artist #1

    On some snow routes it's 2 inches that kicks in the no parking rule. No measurements for sidewalks, very clear on timeline though.

    There are two city ordinances related to sidewalks and snow. Both are linked in this ActiveTrans article that breaks it down as good as can be expected.

  • thanks for the link, jeffery. not sure where i heard the 3" bit. thanks for clearing that up.

  • d3 NOH

    What's the required timeline?

  • Live From Rogers Park

    Please take time to read earlier comments and follow links in the thread before repeating questions that already have been asked and answered. Thank you for the courtesy.

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    d3, like Live said, the timeline is spelled out in the link I provided above.

  • Jeffrey Littleton Local Uptown Artist #1


    Here is timeline from link in my comment:

    The new ordinance makes it crystal clear that property owners are required by law to remove snow seven days a week: For daytime snowfall, sidewalks must be cleared by 10 p.m., and for nighttime snowfall, it must be removed by 10 a.m. at the latest.

  • d3 NOH

    Helen that's not what was asked...

    Littleton thank you.

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    d3, you didn't actually read the information at my link, did you?

  • Jeffrey Littleton Local Uptown Artist #1

    Your welcome. Simple question deserves a simple answer.

  • Live, what do u care if a question is repeated? If it annoys you, can't you just skim past it?

  • Rob

    "If it annoys you, can't you just skim past it?"

    You sure don't ever manage to.

  • Live From Rogers Park

    When not busy shoveling snow off her sidewalk she protects her boys like a good Mommy. That's a very nurturing thing to do.

  • Oh hi, Rob. Trust me, if it annoyed me, I definitely would. I'm entertained by all of you. Keep it coming!

  • Jeffrey Littleton Local Uptown Artist #1

    Not much freezing ice last night, we got kinda lucky on the timing.

  • Live From Rogers Park

    Wow. A simple posting about shoveling snow sure got someone all triggered up and all defensive about protecting the boys.

  • d3 NOH

    No Helen. Why are you opposed to original content on this site and just providing information people want?

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