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Added Jan 04 2018

Hey folks, I have accumulated a ton of baby stuff over the years ( 5 children ), Potty trainer, basinet, several fold up plans, bath tub, etc. I donate to the epilepsy foundation but they do not take baby stuff. Also, most of it is too big to box. Does anyone know who may take these items? They are all in excellent condition. Also, it would have to be a pick up. Thanks in advance for your help.

  • If you contact The Woman's Center they might be able to pickup the stuff from you. This is a pro-life organization that helps women with material support when they are struggling financially but do not want to get an abortion. They assist not only financially but also with material items for the mom and child, even two or three years later (high chairs, potty chairs, clothing, diapers, etc.) They have a "Family Room" where the woman can "shop" to get anything from maternity clothes to baby furniture. There is no charge, but the room is set up like a shop.

    5116 N. Cicero Ave, Chicago (also in Evergreen Park and
    Phone: 773-283-1400

  • Oh wow does that sound neat.

  • robin in WRP I support a 28th Amendment 4Free & Fair Elections!

    The Ark Thrift shop does pick ups

  • lin ravenswood downsizer

    Also check tabor church in your neighborhood. 3542 w. Drake. They are active in helping people from the area.

  • Jill H 38 years in Chicago, 19 in North Center

    House of the Good Shepherd is a domestic violence shelter in Lakeview near Wrigley Field. Women with their children can live there for extended periods while they find employment and homes. They have a day care center on site. They don't take all the childrens' items you mention but here's their wish list. They also have a room that the residents can visit to 'shop', as I understand it:

  • good on you George.

  • Am Imo

    Hope it goes to a non profit, such as Salvation Army, instead of for profit thrift shop or Village Discount.

  • Jean59 GWCA resident since '91

    Care for Real,, at 5339 N Sheridan, offers food, home furnishings, clothing for those in need. They have a drop off in the back of the building, with hours posted on their website.

  • Thanks beezil.

  • Am, yes definitely want it to go to a non profit. Couldn't stand the thought of putting it out in the trash. Some really great stuff! Thanks for all the great ideas folks. Will start making calls. Some of my children are older so I'm converting some storage space into a gameroom/weight room.

  • See if Thresholds on Ravenswood, Sarah's Circle in Uptown, or Refugee One will take it? I believe they all do "housing" for folks in need, which I'm SURE includes mothers, and they basically stock the house so people can move in and have belongings. We donated a whole kitchens worth of gently used pots/pans/dishes/etc to Thresholds for their apartments... not sure if there are rules/restrictions about baby stuff, but worth a shot!

  • Thanks Sarah!

  • T.J

    Try the Lincoln square free box on Facebook, items posted and picked up for free, it's a great way to reuse baby gear.

  • Never heard of that T.J thanks!

  • Having a hard time finding that T.J

  • LisaMV from L.Sq to North Center

    That's the link to the Free page on FB that I think T.J. was talking about.

  • Thanks Lisa!!

  • Hello,
    Please contact Cradles to Crayons Chicago ( They serve impoverished, homeless and near homeless kids ages 0-12 in the greater Chicago area. Believe it or not, 1 in 3 kids in Chicago fits that description. And we're direly in need not only of the things you mention, but also of winter boots. thank you!

  • Ilene, I think I also have children's boots!!

  • Ron in Ravenswood Home Remodeler

    I Have an unused, brand new baby swing seat. Goodwill will not take it. Liability they say. Cannot just put it in the recycle bin. Someone can use it. Please e-mail me at I will carry it to you. Live near Lawrence and Damen.

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