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Added Feb 12 2018

Hello neighbors. Woke up to frozen interior rear stairs and some pretty bad leaks in the back rooms this morning. Looks like Ive got one helluvan ice dam. Anyone have a reputable company they can recommend to clear the ice today? Or any other recommendations? Trying to prevent thousands in water damage. Thanks for your help.

  • No suggestions for right now, though others have commented on a similar post to somehow get rock salt up there.

    Flat roof or pitched roof? Gutters or no gutters?

    In the Spring, if you don't have gutters get them installed, and go ahead and get the ice melt cables installed. It should be installed in the downspout and gutters.

    You might also get a fan running inside to constantly circulate air to distribute heat more evenly and as a preventative measure against mold.

  • A free roofing contractor referral service.

  • Do you have anyone that you would recommend to install the ice cables? I have a huge issue I'm a second-story roof gutter area and have since I moved in 5 years ago. I have an ice dam on the south side of my house and this year is three times larger than last year. I'm pretty sure that those ice cables would solve my problem!

  • It can be a bit complicated to install the melt cables as it requires power. The cables I am familiar with are plug-in, so getting a new wet-use electric line run to your roof or near your roof with an outdoor use waterproof box/pipe/connectors and GFCI outlet can be the main expense.

    As far as operation is concerned, they sell accompanying plug-in thermostats for $17 that will allow power to your melt cable based on the outdoor temperature hitting a certain reading. Personally I think this is a waste of energy as then the cable will be on when it is cold and not snowy as well as when there is snow.

    I like them on a switch in the basement that I control. Or on a multi-level structure you can have the power line run somewhere under the back porch.

    I'm not a fan of Home Depot due to their policy or frequent decision of re-stocking returns that customers have brought back as broken or missing parts, but there is a video on ice melt cable installation there. I hate it when I have to go back because I was sold some broken or incomplete garbage. I've had plenty of good experience at HD, also but they simply and easily could do better. Another beef is if there is one certain thing I need there is a shelf label there, the wrong thing is in that spot, and there are 28-49 of each item next to it and zero of the item I need.

    Here is the product and video link:

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