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Added Aug 11 2016

How can people in certain parts of Pilsen tolerate Banda music and drunkeness in the middle of the night? How? The is a total lack of regard for people who have wake up early. Moreover, if you call the police, you become a target for their animosity. Does anyone know how to silence these folks without becoming a target?

  • Westsider

    Never accept becoming a target of the police. The 12th District has a dirty commander from the south side who is just waiting out his retirement after having been capped in the head during a drug raid as a captain, a level which almost never serves in that capacity.

    There are many good officers in the 12th District who are known as the real police. Call the Chicago Police headquarters and ask to speak to someone in Superintendent Eddie Johnson's office and explain to them what the police do when you call them and they come out to make you a target. It would be best if you had dates, times and other very specific facts including star number of the responding officer.

    Eddie Johnson is the real police and he has a big job of cleaning up the corruption in the Department which is costing tax payers billions of dollars in settlements for knuckleheads and the thug police who cover up their actions like those involved in the McDonald murder.

  • I appreciate all the valuable information but I'm not worried about the police making me a target. I'm worried about the neighbors making me a target.

  • Westsider

    How would you become a target by calling the police on the troublemakers unless the police who respond, if they respond because many times they will not respond in time to deal with the people, make it clear to the troublemakers that you are the one who called? It's best not to be afraid of punks. The police will arrest the punks if there is reason for arrest and you can remain unknown to the punks. You can also sign complaints and go to court on them if you wish. Most of the thugs in Pilsen are low level punk gangbanger wannabes and cowards. Criminals are cowards by definition and most need guns because they are weak psychologically and physically and wimps. They rely on intimidation. Don't give in to their games.

  • These guys aren't necessarily gangbangers. I would describe them as local degenerates. They may or may not have jobs and they like to play the music out of their cars really loud while making high pitched howling sounds as they sing along to corrido music. I don't think they're dealing drugs. They're just loud and obnoxious at night. I've wondered myself how they would know it was me that called the cops. Well, I live right across the street. It wouldn't be a stretch for them to figure out who it was, but I suppose you are technically right...they wouldn't know who it was.

  • If all they're doing is playing loud music, buy yourself some earplugs. Pilsen is not Lincoln Park, some Mexicans like to party and drink and they like their music. As long as they're not hurting anyone

  • Danlofu Time lord

    Earplugs or move, I have loved the area for 12yrs cause random Tuesday's can have a brass band in a yard till 2am. Things to complain about here are the dead bodies shot in the alley not people enjoying life.

  • Westsider

    There are a fair number of degenerates in Pilsen who don't care if people who work need to sleep. Call the police on them and ignore the degenerate apologists who don't work and don't need to sleep. Welfare is a damaging social phenomena when abused for generations of families who don't like to work.

  • Do you know where you live?? It's a Mexican Neighborhood. Your half way there since you know its Banda. Recommend You Tube, Learn How To Dance It & Join Them!!
    Us Mexican's Work Too!!

  • Westsider

    Just stay the course in Pilsen. It's rapidly becoming a more well-integrated community and one less dominated by criminal aliens who cross our borders to receive welfare or work in landscaping jobs or other low skill jobs where they can be exploited and who have no respect for U.S. laws or customs. Many of the Latinos who respect U.S. law and came here legally don't care for the noisy thugs either.

  • Dear Westsider why don't you just keep moving on further west where the "real" Americans live and see how you like it out there. Wild West gunshots all day and night. That way the Mexican- Americans and their music don't bother you, lol

  • woodwrkr cabinet maker

    This problem is not just in Pilsen it's just about every where. This is a Mexican culture. Not all Mexicans have this culture just the ones who have low leve education or no education at all. It seems there's way too many around with no education.. The sad part is that is getting worse. It's spreading to other areas like archer heights, west lawn, and nearby suburbs. As I posted before, Mexicans come to this country and they live in this country in the community as if they still live in Mexico or worse why? Because as one of them told me once" I can do what ever I want" no one tells me what I can do cannot do"" . To them playing loud Mexican music getting drunk and loud very late hours is normal. Even urinating and defacating out in public alleys is normal.. The problem is nobody picks they're waste... """ Viva Mejico"" VIVA MEJICO""" Viva mayor Rham Emanuel.. Chicago, sanctuary of the uneducated illegal immigrant welcomes more immigrants.

  • I am a Latino that was born here and was raised in a suburb that has always had a significant Mexican community. I believe that the majority of these people that stay in the United States will become Americans like myself and eschew these most grating traditions. The degenerates across the street need to understand that they no longer live en el rancho duranguense. At some point, I will call the police.

  • Westsider

    I've been to Mexico many, many times and there is much to love about the country. However, much of it also has a criminal, degenerate mentality and the government is run by criminal thugs that are just as bad as the Bush and Clinton Crime Families or worse. The narco-terrorists rule Mexico and are murder machines.

    Unfortunately, many of the degenerates from Mexico and Central America make their way to the U.S. so they can take advantage of our welfare system and/or be exploited by Democrats because the Democrats want these degenerates as voters and Republicans want them as slave labor to pick produce, work at dangerous meat packing plants and do other slave labor. Pilsen used to be full of low-life criminal aliens but there are not nearly as many as there were even just ten years ago and Pilsen is becoming much more diverse.

  • Ringo712 Block Captain

    I live in La Villita so it's the same if not more so. It comes with the territory for living around Mexican Immigrants. It's a different way of life you need to get used to if you want to live Amongst different cultures

  • I've been here 6 years..a transplanted South Chicagoan.. Its a shame gentrification has softened peoples ears.. There are bigger fish to fry..but keep complaining about Banda music.. The assault rifles down Cermak Road during school hours bring perspective..

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