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Added Apr 11 2017

PPNA proposed their position said they were not for the project because they don't know if it will be a Starbucks or not. Little did they check that the blueprint they received from the attorneys states on the building with the drive thru "NEW COFFEE SHOP WITH DRIVE THRU". REST ASSURE TO EVERYONE IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD THAT THIS WILL NOT BE A FAST FOOD RESTAURANT OF ANY KIND BUT A COFFEE SHOP.

    Irving/Central Development Site Plan

    Are you involved in this project? Are you aware of a contract that has been signed with a tenant?

    Coffee chains are considered fast food restaurants. On the Zoning Board of Appeals agenda, it is referred to as a fast food restaurant, see:

  • I am just a neighborhood person who knows how to pay close attention to detail. You just proved my point. Coffee chains are considered fast food restaurant. SO the city isn't going to go into great detail on what it is going to be on a agenda. Thats what blueprints are for. And if you have been to the Starbucks over at Harlem and Northwest Highway, I am pretty sure you are smart enough to compare the blueprints with this site compared to the Starbucks at Harlem and Northwest Highway and can see that they look VERY SIMILAR.

  • Nice point Me123, looks they didn't look at the blueprint and as far as Harlem and N/W Highway is concerned it is very similar. I've said in a different response that all they are concerned about are the 2 coffee shops and are using traffic to shield that. if you go there and read my post there are some examples of same Buisnesses that are coexisting.

  • Two coffee shops will make it. Without the upscale, national chains, we will not attract the proper demographics to support aany coffee shops anyway. In Lincoln Park there would be no problem supporting two coffee shops on the same block. It has everything to do with consumer's needs and whether or not they have the disposable income to support businesses like these.

  • Black N White, that is absolutely spot on and there are a lot of young families that are coming from those neighborhoods We see them at the park and walking in the area and I'm sure everyone will frequent all 3. It's about choices and we can't wait for the positives that this will bring to the western end of Portage Park. It's about time.

  • We wouldn't personally use the store/restaurant/coffee shop that goes in there, but believe a left turn exit allowing drivers to cross Irving Pk Rd is to be avoided at the location... Especially a Starbucks with a drive through, but for any food & beverage outlet.

    imo, Starbucks has automated & penny-pinched itself out of reliable quality. Went there exclusively starting in '89 until their changes ended my patronage. Whoever likes it can have it. While it may sting a bit, I truly doubt Portage Grounds will fail if Starbucks goes in.

  • patrick resident

    The last thing we need is to increase congestion at this intersection. This will only exacerbate the problem. I don't see this as benefit to the community. Not happy

  • Superman

    Some people always will complain about new stores, coffee shops, or restaurants with drive thru and how its going to affect traffic...You wanna see some messed up traffic? Go down by Clark and Addison...NOW thats messed up traffic!

  • PennyPenguin Chillin' out on EB

    So we should just dismiss those people?

  • Dan G Scratch and win

    don't drive start cycling on the safe streets of Chicago... "Yeah Right"

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