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Added Jun 16 2017

John Garrido (CPD Lt. John Garrido/Former losing 45th Ward aldermanic candidate John Garrido/Leading outspoken opponent of the Jefferson Park affordable housing project John Garrido/(Likely) fake EveryBlock name-user John Garrido) VIOLATED the city's Ethics ordinance, per a report released June 15,2017: See the list of names, John Garrido is number 28, on the list linked from this 6/15/17 City Press Release:
"June 15, 2017
Employees and Officials Who Did Not Timely File Statements of Financial Interests

Employees and Officials who violated the Ethics Ordinance for failure to timely file 2017 Statements of Financial Interests"

    City of Chicago :: Employees and Officials Who Did Not Timely File Statements of Financial Interests
    Businesses & Professionals Artists & Entertainers Builders Caregivers Contractors Cultural Organizations Developers Educators Existing Businesses Food Service Establishments
  • Robert Rohdenburg Activist Citizen

    "Bears portage park resident" and others:Being a volunteer/unpaid affordable housing/homeless activist/advocate IS a job. A good job for someone deemed by employers as unemployable to have. As you know, by reading some of my previous posts the private sector stopped being interested in paying or hiring me for my efforts years ago, so I must be self-employed, now. Many who are over 50, permanently disabled, and/or have long periods of unemployment, homelessness or other barriers to employment can relate to that. Those more fortunate can not.

    It is a bit arrogant and dismissive to offer unsolicited and non-specific unwelcome employment advice when you are aware of the disinterest in me or others in the same type of situation hearing or being offered such advice.

    Many in America can not get a self-supporting job The American Dream of regular future job, advancement, being paid for what you are really worth, increasing standard of living over time, being rewarded for your work efforts, working full time if that is what you want or need, having a home of our own, owning a car, or a having a secure healthy retirement is long dead for many Americans, especially after the Great Recession.. Many conservatives still hold on to that long-gone American dream even if they and their children stop seeing the dream being fulfilled in the past several decades. Hope they say springs eternal. Only a few see that dream fulfilled in their lives. Many know better by bitter actually lived personal experience.

    I am contributing to society in my own way, using the talents ,time, and resources available to me. I am not sitting back relaxing and doing nothing productive as some may imagine.

  • Robert Rohdenburg Activist Citizen

    I would like the think that the posting of positive Lt. John Garrido stories about helping the homeless would encourage others to the same. The posting of the other, more negative (but also true) stories, I would hope would discourage repeated bad behavior on the part of Lt. John Garrido and others. Feel free to look for such stories , both good or bad, on your own and post them here or elsewhere. No one is purely bad or good. It is OK to show the whole picture of someone, as long as it is true and verifiable.

    Lt. John Garrido still has a lot of unanswered questions that I have made over the past several months. Let him respond, using his own real name, so that he can fully explain himself and let us all know the detailed explanations, from his point-of-view, of his recent misdeeds.. The cloud of those questions will hang over him no mater what future career plans he may have, CPD Captain, private sector, or political.

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  • Bob Kastigar 15 Years North Park, bike rider, retired

    "A job is literally a paid position"

    That's too restrictive - there are several meanings of the word "job" and RR's activities seem to fit. Pay is only part of a job.

    Definition of job
    1 a : a regular remunerative position
    got a part-time job as a waiter
    she quit her job

    b : a specific duty, role, or function
    The heart's job is to circulate blood.
    c (1) : something that has to be done : task
    was given the job of delivering the bad news

    (2) : an undertaking requiring unusual exertion
    it was a real job to talk over that noise

    2 a : a piece of work
    doing odd jobs around the house
    Repairing the roof was a big job.
    ; especially : a small miscellaneous piece of work undertaken on order at a stated rate

    a car that needs a brake job

    b : the object or material on which work is being done
    c : something produced by or as if by work
    did a nice job

    d : an example of a usually specified type : item
    the limousine was a long white job

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  • Robert Rohdenburg Activist Citizen

    From my experience, from the employer's perspective, I have been deemed by them as "unemployable". Do you need me to provide a definition for you that word to make you understand its meaning and use? What about the phrase "permanently disabled", which also applies to me? How many permanently disabled and unemployable people do you know that as individuals are self-supporting not needing any help from anyone other than their pay from an employer? Please list their names , occupations, and pay rates here. They are likely few and far between and not the norm.

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  • Rohdenburg, you have made a choice...a choice to live off of us taxpayers and to be an unpaid blogger.

    As I have stated elsewhere before, I worked withy a blind person. If a blind person can work than why not you? In fact, you could get a government job with relative ease. It might require you to do some political work as election times approach. You can go this route and contribute to society or you can continue to be a taxpayer burden.

    You say, "I am contributing to society in my own way." I disagree. you have not changed one person's opinion herein, so, exactly how is that a contribution?

    If you are interested in a government position, I can help...reach out to me and I will show you the way.

  • PennyPenguin Chillin' out on EB

    RR--if you can type and research all day, you can get a data entry job at least in an office or work from home.

  • Big problem in America....those who disqualify themselves in the workforce due to the ridiculously loose definitions of "disabled" status.

    This problem is feeding an epidemic that can be seen in sky rocketing disability claims.

    Any "This American Life" fans here? If you aren't, download the app now that gives you great access to the best podcast ever assembled and produced. Ira Glass is a genius.

    Give a listen to podcast #490 "Trends with Benefits".

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  • Btw.... congrats on 100!

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  • All this attention for Garrido when according to Russ Stewart in Nadig he's not running again. If he is, let me know and I will send in a donation. Any enemy of my enemy (RR who does not live and can't vote here) is my friend. Handicapped parking is part of Federal disability law.

  • Robert Rohdenburg Activist Citizen

    Latest positive story about Lt. John Garrido helping that homeless man: FROM PoliceOne.Com: FROM:
    (Excerpt)"Quiet Warrior: How a Chicago cop changed a homeless veteran's life

    For Lieutenant John Garrido, helping 60-year-old Anthony Johnson was just another day on the job

    Yesterday at 5:34 PM
    Sponsored by 5.11 Tactical

    Lieutenant John Garrido drove by it every day. The shingles were coming off the roof. The wood was rotting. That the shack continued to stand at all was something of a miracle. Most of the neighborhood didn’t notice the dilapidated structure at all – when things are seemingly beyond repair, they’re often ignored, forgotten. The shack was out in the open on the corner of a busy street, yet invisible. But for 15 years, every day on his way to work, Garrido noticed. As a 27-year veteran Chicago cop who came from a law enforcement family dedicated to serving the Windy City, Garrido took great pride in his home, particularly his neighborhood of Gladstone Park. He knew something needed to be done.

    Garrido opened the piece of plywood that served as the shack’s front door. Among the dirt and trash was a surprising discovery: a stack of recent Sunday newspapers. A return visit the following Sunday revealed what the space truly was – a newsstand. Standing inside was 60-year-old Anthony Johnson." Read more at the link

  • Bob Kastigar 15 Years North Park, bike rider, retired

    Where've you been? We haven't heard from you recently.

  • Robert Rohdenburg Activist Citizen

    Lt John Garrido Update: FROM:
    Community activist backing Laporte in bid to unseat Martwick
    by Glenn Minnis | Feb 21, 2018 (Excerpt)
    "North Side community leader and Chicago Police Lt. John Garrido has endorsed colleague Jeffrey Laporte in his Democratiic primary bid against state Rep. Robert Martwick (D-Chicago) in the 19th District."

    Lt. John Garrido also referred to the revised seven-story lower-density proposed version of the 5150 development as an "extreme density project at 5150 N. Northwest Highway,"

    When will Lt. John Garrido or others opposed to this development provide to us all publically the number of residential units in a seven story building that would qualify as an "acceptable" density for a Chicago neighborhood?

    How many veterans, disabled, and lower & moderate-income people does Lt. John Garrido and others want to deliberately EXCLUDE from being housed in housing that they can afford in Jefferson Park/45th Ward?

    How much longer should those on the CHA wait list have to wait to appease Lt. John Garrido or others before they can start paying 30% of their income for housing that they have been waiting for and qualified for?

    So that these new rent-paying tenants can afford to spend some of their other 70% of their income at local Jefferson Park-area stores, restaurants, barber shops, dry cleaners, etc?

  • "So that these new rent-paying tenants can afford to spend some of their other 70% of their income at local Jefferson Park-area stores, restaurants, barber shops, dry cleaners, etc?"

    yeah, I am sure they will be going to gale street often and be a regular at dropping off dry cleaning and getting barber shop shaves, etc.

    I barely have enough to spend other then gas and grocery shopping, wash my own clothes and even cut my own hair.

    maybe I am out of touch with your government assisted lifestyle, but I do not think your being very idealistic.

  • How do i get in on 30% of my income for housing?

    If I had that available to me, I could actually afford a reasonable car payment to get to my job safely instead of driving my 2003 vehicle that's on life support.

  • @cubshawkbears, my car is early 90's so I feel your pain, I call it "the crate"

  • Robert Rohdenburg Activist Citizen

    Lt. John Garrido's helping the homeless vet and his newsstand helped earn him an officer of the month award, per this just posted CBS2 story:
    CHICAGO (CBS) — A Chicago police lieutenant was honored Tuesday for helping change the life of a homeless veteran.

    The Chicago Police Memorial Foundation named Lt. John Garrido its officer of the month, saying he embodies the oath to serve and protect.

    Garrido, a 27-year veteran of the force, was honored for working to help Anthony Johnson, who operates a newsstand at the intersection of Foster, Milwaukee, and Central avenues in Jefferson Park.

    The lieutenant saw that the newsstand was run down, and inquired about its operator. That’s when he learned it was run by a homeless Air Force veteran.

    Garrido created a Facebook page to reach out to the community to help build a new stand, complete with murals showcasing the neighborhood and the veteran turned newspaper salesman.

    Local businesses donated the materials and manpower to renovate the space, and they held a ribbon-cutting to unveil the finished product last fall.

    After finding out Johnson slept most nights outside, the lieutenant also set up a GoFundMe page to help Johnson pay rent for a year. So far, the page has raised more than $7,800.

    “I think that this is definitely what community policing is about. It’s really about working together with the community, and when we see things that need to get done, just bringing them together, and you’d be surprised just how much the community will step up when provided an opportunity to,” Garrido said.

    Garrido also has a soft spot for animals, so he has set up the Garrido Stray Rescue Foundation to help provide medical care and safe foster homes for stray pets until they can be reunited with their families or adopted by new ones. He already has raised more than $20,000."

  • Robert Rohdenburg Activist Citizen

    Chicago Sun-Times story from tonight:
    Cop lends a hand to newspaper salesman struggling with homelessness

    WLS-TV Story:
    Chicago cop helps homeless vet rebuild his life: 'He's just a good guy'

    NBC5 Story:
    Chicago Police Lieutenant Spearheads Effort to Help Homeless Veteran

  • Robert Rohdenburg Activist Citizen

    Lt. John Garrido is also mentioned in this Chicago City Wire story, where he is describes as a community leader:FROM:
    Martwick accused of bullying critics on Facebook
    by Glenn Minnis | Mar 13, 2018 (Excerpt):"Meanwhile, Laporte has recently gained the public support of several neighborhood groups and community leaders, including Chicago Police Lt. John Garrido."

  • Robert Rohdenburg Activist Citizen

    Another story posted today:FROM:

    Chicago cop becomes construction worker for a good cause
    By Colleen O'Brien,March 15, 2018 at 11:37 am

    "A Chicago police lieutenant took on a brand new mission after 27 years on the force. It came to him as he drove through an intersection on the city’s northwest side.

    Lieutenant John Garrido stopped at a beat-up looking newsstand, where he met a homeless Air Force veteran. His name is Anthony Johnson. While homeless, Johnson still works at the newsstand.

    At that moment Garrido knew what he wanted to do. He thought that at the very least he could help Johnson build a better newsstand. NBC Chicago said he used Facebook Live to ask for community help.

    “I figured a few people would step up, but it was overwhelming,” Garrido said.

    Not only did people show up, they built him a new, sheltered newsstand, bought him new clothes, and raised enough money to find him a place to live.

    Johnson was nearly speechless but said he’s always believed in the kindness of strangers.

    “I always think positive myself about people, there are only a few bad ones out there,” Johnson said.

    If you have a Daily Dose of Kindness to share with Colleen, email her at

    You can hear Colleen O’Brien’s “Daily Dose of Kindness” segment every morning at 7:30 a.m. on KIRO Radio 97.3 FM."

  • Robert Rohdenburg Activist Citizen

    A Polish-language news site picked up the Lt. John Garrido officer of the month award story with photos, See:
    Policjant wyróżniony za pomoc bezdomnemu

  • Robert Rohdenburg Activist Citizen

    But, after nearly a week since the news broke on 3/13, the Second City Cop blog has still ignored the story, SEE:

    Since posters on the Second City Cop blog are usually cops or former cops and can use fake names there, you would think that Lt. John Garrido or at least one of his friends, family members, former partners, K-9 team members, or commanders might post something about his recent award.

    It is possible that those who monitor and control Second City Cop blog postings received something or saw the news stories about the award but found it not very SCC blog news worthy or may have some grudge against Lt. John Garrido, considering what they said about all of the recent Captain's test list officers, where Lt. John Garrido's name was last mentioned, that I am aware of, on the Second City Cop blog.

    The Second City Cop blog posts do tend to be generally anti-homeless and anti-black, but ignoring a pro-cop award story because a veteran cop helped a homeless Black veteran, small businessman, seems very wrong, for either petty issues against Lt. John Garrido or biases against the homeless or Blacks to get in the way of telling a pro-cop feel-good story seems very wrong, doesn't it?

    Let us hope, that before the month is over, the Second City Cop blog reminds fellow cops of Lt. John Garrido's good deed and his recent award for that deed.

  • keeps tabs on garrido more then a teenage girl keeps tabs on her new boyfriend

  • paul in jefferson jefferson park resident

    Maybe Garrido can get another award for getting a homeless blogger a job at the news stand. Extra, Extra , read all about it.

  • Robert Rohdenburg Activist Citizen

    Chicago Reader story, posted today on Lt. John Garrido's award, media coverage, and hypocrisy:

    Cop celebrated for helping homeless veteran was leading o (Excerpts):pponent of veterans’ housing ,Posted By Maya Dukmasova today at 06.00 AM
    "Since November, local media have been running celebratory stories about Chicago Police Department lieutenant John Garrido's efforts to help Anthony Johnson, a homeless veteran. Garrido, who met Johnson at a dilapidated newspaper stand in Jefferson Park, launched an online fund-raiser that collected money to help him find a place to live and pay for a renovation to the shack. None of the television or newspaper reporters who covered the story, however, noted Garrido's involvement in a push against an affordable-housing development in Jefferson Park that would prioritize veterans. The site, at 5150 N. Northwest Highway, would be just steps away from the shack Johnson used to sleep and sell papers and across the street from the 16th District police station where Garrido works."...

    "In February 2017, Garrido was vocal at a raucous community meeting held by 45th Ward alderman John Arena to explain the vision for the seven-story, 100-unit apartment building Full Circle Communities wanted to build on the site of an old food distributor near the Jefferson Park Blue Line station. Many of the units, ranging from studios to three-bedrooms, would have full wheelchair accessibility, and preferential rental consideration would be given to veterans and people with disabilities for half of the apartments. "

  • This is a bizarre obsession.

  • Robert Rohdenburg Activist Citizen

    "Inactive User": As I have said before: One of the tasks I preform as an activist is check up on new affordable housing and homeless stories daily for the organizations I am associated with or allied with. Google Chicago, homeless and those Lt. John Garrido Stories will also appear. Monitoring the opposition, including Lt. John Garrido, is part of those daily searches and postings.

    I encourage people to help the homeless, even if it may for part of a possible long-term election strategy or effort to get an award,and not just a good deed. Lt. John Garrido may not have done this particular good deed for any other reason, but if he runs again and uses these help the homeless stories, photos, or mentions the award, he will and should be called out as being a hypocrite. Lt John Garrido is free to explain himself , but he can not change his past words or behavior.

    Whenever I or you post a new comment or story on this EveryBlock thread, both the good and bad things done listed on this EB thread by Lt. John Garrido will appear in EveryBlock subscribers email boxes and those interested in Jefferson Park area stories who look at EveryBlock threads.

    I would not be surprised if Lt. John Garrido or other NIMBY friends using CPD databases or just Google searches have kept tabs on me. Wouldn't that make you, Lt. John Garrido, or your fellow NIMBY's keeping tabs on me also like a " teenage girl keeps tabs on her new boyfriend"? I think that many NIMBY's, including Lt. John Garrido and you, might take offense at that, even if you or they are doing the same sort of regular searching that I do.

  • omg...... garrido was not opposed to veteran housing, it was primarily the height of the project that he was opposed to as there was the stipulation of nothing being built over 4 stories to preserve part of what makes Jefferson Park great. if the shack was over 4 stories I would agree on your statement that garrido was a hypocrite, but last I checked the shack was under 4 stories.

  • Robert Rohdenburg Activist Citizen

    I did not write the story or the headline and Lt. John Garrido's reasons for opposing he proposed development are mentioned in the story and elsewhere. The development would benefit more veterans and some may have been formerly homeless. There is some hypocrisy here and hypocrisy is news-worthy, just like a police officer violation of the city ethics ordinance, even a minor infraction of late paperwork, or a police officer violating his training by physically assaulting a minor child and having the city pay for his wrongdoing. Or a candidate, like Lt. Garrido once was, violating his key election talking points in his work as a police officer or even being allowed to take the Captain's exam after such repeated wrongdoing. Lots of hypocrisy and explaining to do...

  • "I did not write the story or the headline"....

    so you don't agree that the headline is accurate?

    Also, are Arenas wrongdoings are forgiven because they meet your agenda?

    Do you think it was right in supporting a 7 story project when he led his constituents to believe that nothing would be built over 4 stories, allegedly agreeing to contract and telling his constituents nothing was agreed upon at the time of the church meeting, manipulating zoning to meet own personal agenda resulting in a lawsuit to the city, originally making the public believe the "majority of the project" would be for veterans and "people already in the Jefferson park community", calling people racist because they did not support the project, etc

    I am not going to rehash all of them because we know were but, just asking.

  • Robert Rohdenburg Activist Citizen

    Chicago Now blog post that some of you may agree with:
    The Reader attacks good deeds with irrelevant reportage
    By Peter Bella, Monday at 7:14 pm (Excerpts):"A guy does a good deed this year. Most major Chicago news media outlets report on said good deed. Except for the Chicago Reader. They wanted the Chicago media to include a totally irrelevant and unrelated issue from last year in their coverage.

    Maya Dukmasova, from the Reader, wrote a piece excoriating the Chicago media for failing to mention an unrelated and irrelevant issue involving the guy from last year. The Reader expected Chicago news media to report on the totally unrelated issue while praising the guy for the good deed. How dumb is that? As dumb as the people at the Reader."..." The Reader made sure to note that during all of the coverage of Garrido's good deed, not one media outlet mentioned his opposition to a proposed affordable housing development in his neighborhood. The development, pushed by Alderman John Arena, caused consternation and turmoil in the 45th Ward.

    Evidently, the Reader believes responsible news media, covering a feel-good story, failed to cast Garrido as a villain. Anyone who opposes Arena's white elephant is evil. They should be pummeled for their good deeds not praised.

    Garrido is quoted as favoring affordable housing. His objection to the project has to do with its size and location, not the people who will live there. Lieutenant Garrido made those points clear to me in a message.

    Garrido's opposition to the development has nothing to do with the publicity he garnered over doing a good deed. The real and only story was about one man, a public servant, providing for a citizen.

    The news media picked up on that. It would be irresponsible, petty, venal, and unethical to include Lieutenant Garrido's year-old opposition to a real estate development."

  • This comment has been removed by EveryBlock staff because it is a personal attack.
  • Robert Rohdenburg Activist Citizen

    Among the many resolutions introduced at the 3/28/18 City Council meeting, was R2018-259, sponsored by 39th Ward Ald. Margaret Laurino concerning:
    "Congratulations extended to Lieutenant John Garrido on being named recipient of Chicago Police Memorial Foundation's Officer of the Month; March 2018 ", Access the text of the resolution at the City Clerk's website at:

  • Robert Rohdenburg Activist Citizen

    Lt. John Garrido, being a community leader, publically endorsed fellow Chicago police officer Jeff La Porte in the 19th State Rep district Democratic primary, for those who were voting Democratic. in part because current Representative Robert Martwick's neutral position on the 5150 N. Northwest Highway, per story posted today:"La Porte’s campaign charged that Martwick indirectly supported a controversial mixed-income housing proposal at 5150 N. Northwest Hwy. by refusing to take a stance on the project and through his close association with Arena, who supports the project.

    Martwick has maintained that local zoning proposals are controlled by the alderman of that ward and that he does not take public stances on those issues. He has said that he also stayed neutral on the request to the state for low-income housing tax credits for the housing proposal.", The election results showed that "Martwick faced a challenge from Chicago police officer Jeff La Porte. Martwick received 9,119 votes, or 67 percent of the votes cast, while La Porte received 4,491 votes, or 33 percent of the vote in Chicago and suburban Cook County." See Nadig story posted today at:

    Martwick victorious in primary
    by · March 29, 2018
    by BRIAN NADIG (Excerpt):
    "State Representative Robert Martwick (D-19) was one of the big winners in the March 20 primary election on the Northwest Side while incumbent state Senator Ira Silverstein (D-8) was defeated.

  • Robert Rohdenburg Activist Citizen

    For Lt. John Garrido's February endorsement of Robert LaPorte, see:
    Community activist backing Laporte in bid to unseat Martwick
    by Glenn Minnis | Feb 21, 2018 (Excerpt)
    "North Side community leader and Chicago Police Lt. John Garrido has endorsed colleague Jeffrey Laporte in his Democratiic primary bid against state Rep. Robert Martwick (D-Chicago) in the 19th District."

    Lt. John Garrido also referred to the revised seven-story lower-density proposed version of the 5150 development as an "extreme density project at 5150 N. Northwest Highway,"

  • paul in jefferson jefferson park resident

    Robert Is Arena better or Garrido for homeless.

  • Robert Rohdenburg Activist Citizen

    About half of homeless people work or have or should qualify for social security or other incomes but can not afford market-rate housing without a subsidy. Helping one employed African-American homeless veteran IS a good thing. But the 5150 N. Northwest Highway development as originally proposed and recently revised, would house many more low-income veterans and disabled people than any one man or woman , or small group could do alone.

    Sham opposition/excuses to affordable housing/mixed-income housing/public housing for height or floor number reasons, while NOT offering , as I challenged Jefferson Park NIMBY's about 1 1/2 years ago, to find a cheap vacant land alternative in Jefferson Park/45th Ward that could house economically the same number ,100 tenants as originally planned, in one or more 2-4 story buildings, proves to me and others that it was Lt. Garrido's and other NIMBY's objections to the future tenants rather than the size or number of floors in the proposed building that was the real issue. Many of those objectionable EB posts show that to be the case.

    The fact that NIMBY's did not get organized and active previously to oppose much larger market rate buildings when they were proposed and constructed, like the one near the Blue Line station, reinforces this belief that the whole height/floor issues, claimed by Lt. Garrido and others, are not the real reasons for their objections.

  • Robert Rohdenburg Activist Citizen

    If school overcrowding was such a real concern, what plans did the NIMBY's come up with to legally prohibit market-rate renters, condo owners, and home owners from moving in new families with children (or prohibit them and current families from having additional children) from moving into Jefferson Park/45th Ward? None. A new low-income family's child in school takes the same space as a new middle or upper-income family's child, so the real and legal solution to over-crowding would be to build school additions or to open more schools or somehow limit the move-ins of ALL families with children,using the guiding American principle of equal justice under the law. No prospective future political candidate, such as Lt. John Garrido may still be, would ever propose such limitations in America and still expect to be elected.

    That $95 million for the proposed police academy, that the Justice Dept. never said needed to be built, might be better spent on building or expanding a few schools, wouldn't it?.Does Lt. John Garrido or his fellow officers think that would be a better use of that $95 million? Then he and they should say so. Does he or others have alternative school funding solutions, like NOT giving TIF's to luxury developers and keeping that money in the ward for local schools, libraries and parks? A progressive income tax? Taxed legal pot? A LaSalle Street tax? A taxed Casino? A reformed/fair Cook County property tax system? Then a community leader, like Lt. John Garrido is labeled to be in one of the above recent news stories,should take a public stand, even if he has no plans to run for office again.

  • Robert Rohdenburg Activist Citizen

    This just posted Nadig Newspapers opinion piece tries to put a positive spin on Lt. John Garrido's recent failed endorsement of a losing candidate Jeff LaPorte(Capitalized emphasis is mine)"The ward’s anti-Arena forces, led by Chicago police lieutenant John Garrido, who lost to Arena in the 2011 and 2015 runoffs, profess not to be discouraged. Anti-Arena forces are allied with Northwest Side Unite, a group opposing the 5150 N. Northwest Hwy. project, a 100-unit affordable housing edifice which is the first step in Arena’s plans to "desegregate" the 45th Ward. The anti-Arena alliance backed LaPorte, Fritchey and Murphy. IT'S STRATEGEY WAS NOT NECESSARILY TO WIN, BUT RATHER TO IDENTIFY AND GET ANTI-ARENA VOTERS "ORGANIZED" WITH THE NEXT STEP BEING THE CAMPAIGN OF AMMIE KESSEM, A CHICAGO COP RECRCUITED BY GARRIDO AND NORTHWEST SIDE GOP CHAIRMAN MATT PODGORSKI TO RUN AS A REPUBLICAN AGAINST MARTWICK. It seems, that ultimately, one of the goals is to have a precinct organizations in place to take on Arena in 2019."
    These are excerpts from the Opinon Piece at:

  • paul in jefferson jefferson park resident

    Ok I will vote for him

  • Robert Rohdenburg Activist Citizen

    You will note that in the original Lt. John Garrido endorsement of Jeff LaPorte, also posted in this EB thread ,that this alternative explanation for John Garrido's endorsement of LaPorte is not mentioned at all, indicating the strong possibility that Lt. John Garrido either kept this reason secret from his followers or made the reason up after the poor election results for his chosen /endorsed candidate Jeff LaPorte came in, where only about a third of the voters followed Lt. John Garrido's endorsement advice, Jeff La Porte: Also from the above opinion piece"In the 19th Illinois House District, where Arena ally Rob Martwick sought renomination as state representative, Martwick won in the city and county 9,294-4,540 and crushed Jeff La Porte 4,049-2,108, 65.8 percent in the 45th Ward, carrying 37 of the 37 precincts which are mostly within Jefferson Park and Gladstone Park, with La Porte’s best results in the ward’s far north end. The ward’s remaining 11 precincts, located in Portage Park and Old Irving, are in state Representative Will Guzzardi’s 39th District. Guzzardi is an Arena ally."


  • Robert Rohdenburg Activist Citizen

    Also note: The opinion piece writer, Russ Stewart, fails to accurately inform his readers that the current altered proposal for the 5150 N.. Northwest Highway development is now 75 units and not the 100 units as was in the previously proposed version of the development. Russ Stewart seems to either want to deceive his readers or seem ignorant of the changes in the new official proposal, posted on Ald. Arena;s website and previously reported by Nadig Newspapers on 2/6/18, SEE:
    25 fewer units planned for Northwest Hwy project but still 7 stories
    And Curbed Chicago on 2/8./18, SEE: story:
    25 units cut from controversial Jefferson Park apartment plan
    The veteran-friendly project has endured considerable community backlash including short-lived lawsuit

    Opinion Piece writers should present current facts that support their case, not present outdated information that distorts the true current reality of what is currently being proposed

  • If the recent posts don't prove to us all that Robin Hood Rohdenburg is on Arena's payroll (albeit under the table to maintain his government handouts) than you are just not paying attention.

    Robin Hood, you have repeatedly asserted you are unemployable as you consistently exhibit on EB that you have marketable job skills. The ADA provides allowances to employers who hire those who are disabled. As I have stated before, I have worked with a blind man but Roibin Hood is "unemployable".

  • Robert Rohdenburg Activist Citizen

    Chicago Sun-Times story quoting Lt. John Garrido, posted today:Amid affordable housing dispute, conservatives seek a home on the Northwest Side, (Excerpts):"Some of the money from the Illinois Opportunity Project went to a pair of Northwest Side candidates for the Chicago City Council in 2015. John Garrido, a Chicago police officer running for alderman of the city’s 45th Ward, received $2,000, while Anthony Napolitano, a former police officer and firefighter vying to be 41st Ward alderman, got $3,000."..."In 2016, the Illinois Opportunity Project also lent $325,000 to Liberty Principles, a PAC founded and run by Proft. Liberty Principles spent more than $10.5 million in races across the state in 2015 and 2016, including about $118,000 to back Garrido. Proft didn’t respond to a request for comment.

    "The 2015 results were mixed."..."Garrido lost to John Arena, a self-described progressive with backing from unions and liberal donors."

    "Arena’s critics were unhappy about how he handled the long-dormant site on Northwest Highway"..."It was like, ‘How in the world was this guy allowed to get away with all this stuff?’ ” Garrido said. “That’s where it started for us.”..."The community meeting on Feb. 9, 2017, was tense. Outside the church, protesters railed against public and subsidized housing, chanting “No Section 8!”

    Inside, a long line of people expressed concerns and vented their anger to Arena and representatives of the site’s developers, Full Circle Communities. Garrido, Arena’s two-time election opponent, said the proposed building was too tall for a neighborhood of mostly single-family homes. ",FROM:

  • Robert Rohdenburg Activist Citizen

    See also:Pro-Publica Illinois story:
    Amid Affordable Housing Dispute, Conservatives Seek a Home in Chicago

    Groups tied to Illinois Policy Institute and talk show host Dan Proft back GOP candidates on city’s Northwest Side.
    by Mick Dumke, May 23, 4 a.m. CDT

  • Weebis Politically Incorrect Thought Criminal

    RR, Garrido is married to a WOMAN.

    On the other hand, aldercreature arena might be open to your carnal advances.

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