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Added Jun 16 2017

John Garrido (CPD Lt. John Garrido/Former losing 45th Ward aldermanic candidate John Garrido/Leading outspoken opponent of the Jefferson Park affordable housing project John Garrido/(Likely) fake EveryBlock name-user John Garrido) VIOLATED the city's Ethics ordinance, per a report released June 15,2017: See the list of names, John Garrido is number 28, on the list linked from this 6/15/17 City Press Release:
"June 15, 2017
Employees and Officials Who Did Not Timely File Statements of Financial Interests

Employees and Officials who violated the Ethics Ordinance for failure to timely file 2017 Statements of Financial Interests"

    City of Chicago :: Employees and Officials Who Did Not Timely File Statements of Financial Interests
    Businesses & Professionals Artists & Entertainers Builders Caregivers Contractors Cultural Organizations Developers Educators Existing Businesses Food Service Establishments
  • Cubshawksbears not talking about you the one that won't give this subject a break every day......

  • Me too, Inactive User...prayers for all in my life who are not well...with hopes they will find a way to be well.

    Perhaps now that the tables are turned and people are gonna start researching Robin Hood Rohdenburg, he's starting to squirm a bit.


  • Robert Rohdenburg Activist Citizen

    That $3,532 in overtime paid to Lt. John Garrido is really part of a much larger problem for CPD: Posted 9/12/17 from the Sun-Times:

    Chicago Police Department on pace to spend $200M on overtime

  • Robert Rohdenburg Activist Citizen

    Congratulations (NOT!) for Lt. John Garrido being placed on a list of potential CPD Captains. This is despite Lt. John Garrido costing the city $40,000 for excessive force on a minor child (that he has yet to explain of pay the $40,000 back to the city) and despite his more recent ethics law (paperwork filing deadline) violation, which started this EB thread.

    Thanks to the reliable insider CPD news source "Second City Cop" posting of today at:
    (Lt. Garrido's name is the last name on the first page at:
    Story is:
    Wednesday, September 13, 2017
    Captains List - Contest Time!
    Someone accidentally hit "publish" in the Administrative Fax messages, releasing a full list of "qualified" candidates for Captain (click for larger versions):
    (4 page list omitted here)
    The list was almost immediately pulled from existence. Supposedly, there won't be any captains made before next year, but who knows? By that time, Wheezie might be eligible and they'll have to amend it anyway.

    What's curious is that not all of these "eligible" candidates actually went through the interview/vetting process. In fact, if you actually got interviewed, chances are you're on the bubble. That little tidbit slipped out of a tipsy high-ranking HQ denizen (who was violating the Department rule on alcohol consumption) the other night at a party (we were drinking Shirley Temples.)

    (Forgot the Contest Part)

    CONTEST!!! Name the entire first class of captains from the existing eligibility list. A few are going to be "Gimme's" but a few not so easy. The "class" should be 45 names given the current number of captains and the supposed "need" to go to one captain per watch.

    Labels: department issues, silly people"

  • Robert Rohdenburg Activist Citizen

    LT. JOHN GARRIDO:CPD Captains handle a lot of legal paperwork and reports, don't the Lt. John Garrido? Opps! Your recent mistake and mishandling of work-related legal paperwork and your past mistake( excessive force of a minor child costing the city $40,000), may have cost you a promotion.

    Since your chances of becoming Aldermen are dimmer now, will you be satisfied being a Lt. the rest of your CPD career? Will you move to a ward where they residents don't know you or your failed past? Opps! The Internet is forever isn't it? And nearly everyone has access to it. t looks like that option is off the table.

    How do you think those closely examining the CPD, including the press,, activists ,and the public, will respond to you being promoted with your past? Will the Mayor want to tarnish his political career (any more than it is already) by allowing you or other officers with a like past, to get promotions, no matter what yous other previous job record or Captian's test results. Remember the mayor is in FAVOR of various city affordable housing efforts and used to work for the CHA earlier in his career. The Mayor is also repeatedly on the public record OPPOSING discrimination, which his what some think the Jefferson Park NIMBY's are really about. Do you really think that the Mayor would risk being seen as police reform hypocrite at election time, just to get you better pay and pension? I don't think he would. He would be foolish if he did. Your superiors would also be foolish if they OK'ed your promotion.

  • Robert Rohdenburg Activist Citizen

    LT. JOHN GARRIDO If you fail to be promoted, you could always sue the city. OPP!. Your lawsuits against Ald. Arena, didn't go far, did they? :
    45th Ward Aldermanic Race Heats Up, Even Though It's Four Months Away
    By Heather Cherone | October 14, 2014 5:54am
    (Excerpt):"After the 2011 election, Garrido sued Arena and three unions that supported the alderman for defamation, claiming that advertisements asserting Garrido took money from a firm involved in the much-maligned 2009 parking meter privatization deal and would collect two municipal pensions if elected were "outright lies" that hurt his reputation and his career as a police officer and a lawyer."

    Although it was initially dismissed, the suit was revived in June 2013, and is still pending, although Arena's lawyers have asked that it be dismissed."
    (Didn't you multiple election and court case losses and your excessive force on a minor child, $40,000 expense to the city,and your recent ethics law violation also "hurt his reputation and his career as a police officer and a lawyer."?)

    John Garrido's Lawsuit Against Ald. John Arena Dismissed, Again
    By Heather Cherone | May 19, 2015 6:08am

    John Garrido's Lawsuit Against Ald. John Arena Finally Over
    By Heather Cherone | June 24, 2015 6:16am

    Ald. Arena sued for battery:staff says suit "motivated by politics,
    Chicago 06/20/16 03:09pm

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  • Robert Rohdenburg Activist Citizen

    Sorry Lt. John Garrido, Your fellow cops at the "Second City Cops" Blog Slammed you and others on the new Captain's Candidate list:

    A new Second City Cop blog post confirms the earlier Captain's candidate list with Lt. John Garrido's name listed as among those who reported to pre-service Captain training on 9/25: See new list at
    Lt. John Garrido is listed as #9 on the list, Employee# 29644

    But the Second City Cop blog says those cops on the list on the list are
    Saturday, September 23, 2017
    "Laughable List
    This reads like a "Who's Who" of politically connected, married to, bedroom antics, drinking buddies, and f***-ups beyond compare (click for larger versions):

    This is filling us with so much confidence. Just the amount of lawsuits already paid out for some of these names might color our thinking of where to bid to next in the hopes of scoring a few tens of thousands of dollars in payouts. There are people on this list who haven't seen the back of a Watch Operations Lt's desk or served a day as a Field Lt. in their careers, yet they're going to be expected to run a watch within Orders, Policy and by Contracts that they have never lived by.

    Batten down the hatches and stock up on Grievance Reports.

    Labels: we got nothing

    posted by SCC at 12:04 AM 224 comments

  • Bob Kastigar 15 Years North Park, bike rider, retired

    We haven't heard from Robert Rohdenburg for so long, I was starting to get worried!

  • Robert Rohdenburg Activist Citizen

    For Lt. John Garrido benefit and any other city employees out there, posted today:
    "You're Interested In Political Campaign Work? FAQ's For City Employees" (3 pages long)

    Issued by the Chicago Board of Ethics

    We wouldn't want to see Lt. John Garrido, or anyone else, violate the ethics laws of Chicago again and get listed on a list of ethics law violators, such as the list that started this EveryBlock thread.

  • This comment has been removed by EveryBlock staff because it contains inappropriate content.
  • Robert Rohdenburg Activist Citizen

    Presenting facts to others is not a grudge. Lt. John Garrido did it to himself when he failed to present these facts publically to his past voters, potential voters, and NIMBY followers.

    Police officers who can't obey the law should not be promoted, which he seems to be trying to do, and probably should not be on the police force at all. Law clients, police superiors, judges, prosecutors, and crime victims should NOT have much confidence in Lt. John Garrido's mishandling and late filing of legal, job-required paperwork or trying to ignore or cover up his job-related misdeeds. Betraying ones stated values, from his prior election runs, also makes Lt. John Garrido seem unreliable if not a liar. These are very poor qualities in a police officer, lawyer, spouse, father, aldermanic candidate, or neighborhood leader.

  • R.R. got my letter today I haven't done my ethics for this year. That's the city for you I'll do it when I have time.....Like you should give a f..... check your public record list see if you can match my name on the list every year..

  • those that live for free should not cast stone on those that work to live.

    like anyone else, no one is perfect... there are laws, penalties and fines in place for a reason, some stuff is bound to happen.

    just like some people can't work, some people miss deadlines, there are things in place to address these issues.

  • Robert Rohdenburg Activist Citizen

    Posted in the spirit of the holiday season: A positive story about Lt. John Garrido, from CBS2 News: FROM:

    Chicago Police Lieutenant Lends Homeless Veteran A Helping Hand
    November 18, 2017 12:55 PM By Sandra Torres

    CHICAGO (CBS) — A homeless veteran gets a helping hand, and a Chicago Police Lieutenant is leading the charge.

    Air Force veteran Anthony Johnson has been using an old newsstand at Milwaukee and Farragut for seven years to sell newspapers.

    About three weeks ago, Lieutenant John Garrido noticed how rundown it was, so he used Facebook to encourage the community

    Local businesses donated the materials and manpower to renovate the space, and they held a ribbon-cutting to unveil the finished product.

    “In three and a half weeks this went from a falling down newsstand to now a solid fixture in the community,” said Lt. Garrido. “I’m really proud of the community that came together to get this to happen.”

    Artist Peter Bucks pitched in as well. He outfitted the newsstand with several original murals.

    Lt. Garrido also setup a Facebook page to help Anthony with day-to-day living expenses.

    “I learned that he would sleep in the newsstand until he would save enough money to go stay in a hotel on Clark Street for $100 a week; basically a 5 foot by 8 foot room,” said Garrido.

    The goal is to raise enough money to set up living arrangements for Anthony for at least 1 year.

    You can help the cause by donating here:

    (Go to the story link to see two photos from this story)

  • Robert Rohdenburg Activist Citizen

    WGN-TV Story: FROM:
    CHICAGO -- For the past seven years, Air Force veteran Anthony Johnson has been selling newspapers out of a beaten up stand at the corner of Milwaukee and Faragutt. Chicago Police Lieutenant John Garrido connected with Anthony about a year ago and decided to give Anthony a better place to sell his newspapers.

    Garrido posted a Facebook Live video asking for help. Volunteers stepped up, and they spent the last few weeks transforming this stand.

    All of this was done with the help of local sponsors like Tony Marino of Marino Jeep. They took Johnson to the local Dick's Sporting Goods and bought Johnson all new winter attire to help him stay warm.

    Johnson makes about $120 a week from his newsstand, and most of the time, he's just trying to by. He says he sleeps outdoors more often than indoors. So, John set up a GoFundMe account to help with Anthony's living expenses.

    "While this is not a long term fix, our hope is this will give Anthony a chance to get a leg up to take care of himself down the road. We will also look into other resources that may be available to him as a vet," the GoFundMe page says.

    Today, the newsstand looks brand new, and artist Peter Bucks is painting two murals on the stand.

    The new and improved newsstand will be unveiled Thursday night at 5:30 p.m.
    (See story link to vide video)

  • Robert Rohdenburg Activist Citizen

    Police News story: FROM:
    Chicago cop leads effort to renovate struggling veteran’s newsstand

    Air Force veteran Anthony Johnson has been selling newspapers from a beat up stand, so Lt. John Garrido decided to assist him

    Nov 15, 2017
    By PoliceOne Staff

    CHICAGO — After a Chicago police officer went on Facebook Live asking volunteers to help an Air Force veteran renovate his newsstand, the community answered the call and spent weeks transforming the stand.
    WGN-TV reports that Chicago Police Lt. John Garrido first met veteran Anthony Johnson about a year ago. Johnson has been selling newspapers out of a beaten up newsstand at a local corner for the past seven years. After getting to know the veteran, Garrido decided to lend him a hand and provide him with a better place to sell his newspapers.

    Johnson said he makes about $120 a week from selling newspapers and often has to sleep indoors. So, Garrido also decided to set up a GoFundMe account for the veteran to raise money for living expenses.

    After several weeks of work from volunteers, the veteran’s new and improved newsstand will be unveiled on Thursday night.

    Garrido is no stranger to helping others. He and his wife also run the Garrido Stray Rescue Foundation, which supports “no kill” community coalitions helping cats and dogs find homes. His efforts have helped countless stray pets.

    (Story includes videos, including Lt. John Garrido's "You & Me" show segment.)

  • R.R. get a life and a job and quite living off use working people. I think you would be a good cop .

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  • Robin Hood Rohdenburg has posted over 70 comments on this thread...that's nearly half of the 156 total.

    Who has over 70 DIFFERENT things to say about ANY subject???

    Once again, Robin Hood, the sheer volume of comments is not changing hearts and fact, it's pretty pathetic.

    I speak for many.,..please find something to do with your life that is worthwhile.

    To be clear, regurgitating info on the same subject herein or anywhere is not at all redeeming or worthwhile.

  • @mute, no he has never dated the cop. I would imagine the only dates that were had were medjool dates....

  • Robert Rohdenburg Activist Citizen

    The positive Lt. John Garrido helping the homeless veteran story from NRA TV's Cam & Co. Program, "The Good Guys" segment: FROM:
    Volunteers Renovate Veteran's Newsstand

    Cam shares a story from Chicago, Illinois. Police Lt. John Garrido calls for volunteers on Facebook to help a veteran by rebuilding his newsstand. He finds sponsors and sets up..

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  • Robert Rohdenburg Activist Citizen

    "cubshawksbears" and others: Adding new information, or new comments, including yours, helps keeps this and other EveryBlock threads active and seen by others. The best way to reduce an EveryBlock's thread appearance is NOT to comment or add new or additional information to it. Northside NIMBY's lack of self control/ self restraint leads such threads, including ones they oppose to remain active. Thanks for your continued efforts to keep such EveryBlock threads active and seen by others who may be interested.

    Such lack of self-control led to the pro-5150 development side to present the hundreds of offensive anti-development comments as evidence at that first City Council Zoning Committee hearing. Remember that sound defeat of the antidevelopment NIMBY's.? I do.Their may come a chance next year for a repeat so keep those comments/evidence against your side, coming. The aldermen and Chicago Plan Commission board members may want to hear what your side has to say and how you will try to defend your side's actions and offensive comments.

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  • PortageRules Love Portage Park!

    RR is on the side of three rabid wolves that broke into the home of a 86 yr old Edgebrook woman and viciously attacked her. These animals just need cheaper housing and food, right Robert?

  • Bob Kastigar 15 Years North Park, bike rider, retired

    Mute posted a comment to Jeff Park Affordable Housing
    "Im confused by your posts Robert are we supposed to like john or dislike him?"

    It's possible to LIKE something that he does and dislike other things. Nobody is 100% bad or good. Kudos to Robert Rohdenburg for sharing this information.

  • This comment has been removed by EveryBlock staff.
  • Robert Rohdenburg Activist Citizen

    As a homeless advocate myself, his work with the homeless newsstand vendor is noteworthy and is worth repeating by others. His other deed, presented earlier, should not be, but our newsworthy and noteworthy, since Lt. John Garrido has not responded to the questions, using his real name, and did not post the information himself for his supporters to consider.

  • RR get a life better yet get a job

  • Robert Rohdenburg Activist Citizen

    "Bears portage park resident" and others:Being a volunteer/unpaid affordable housing/homeless activist/advocate IS a job. A good job for someone deemed by employers as unemployable to have. As you know, by reading some of my previous posts the private sector stopped being interested in paying or hiring me for my efforts years ago, so I must be self-employed, now. Many who are over 50, permanently disabled, and/or have long periods of unemployment, homelessness or other barriers to employment can relate to that. Those more fortunate can not.

    It is a bit arrogant and dismissive to offer unsolicited and non-specific unwelcome employment advice when you are aware of the disinterest in me or others in the same type of situation hearing or being offered such advice.

    Many in America can not get a self-supporting job The American Dream of regular future job, advancement, being paid for what you are really worth, increasing standard of living over time, being rewarded for your work efforts, working full time if that is what you want or need, having a home of our own, owning a car, or a having a secure healthy retirement is long dead for many Americans, especially after the Great Recession.. Many conservatives still hold on to that long-gone American dream even if they and their children stop seeing the dream being fulfilled in the past several decades. Hope they say springs eternal. Only a few see that dream fulfilled in their lives. Many know better by bitter actually lived personal experience.

    I am contributing to society in my own way, using the talents ,time, and resources available to me. I am not sitting back relaxing and doing nothing productive as some may imagine.

  • Robert Rohdenburg Activist Citizen

    I would like the think that the posting of positive Lt. John Garrido stories about helping the homeless would encourage others to the same. The posting of the other, more negative (but also true) stories, I would hope would discourage repeated bad behavior on the part of Lt. John Garrido and others. Feel free to look for such stories , both good or bad, on your own and post them here or elsewhere. No one is purely bad or good. It is OK to show the whole picture of someone, as long as it is true and verifiable.

    Lt. John Garrido still has a lot of unanswered questions that I have made over the past several months. Let him respond, using his own real name, so that he can fully explain himself and let us all know the detailed explanations, from his point-of-view, of his recent misdeeds.. The cloud of those questions will hang over him no mater what future career plans he may have, CPD Captain, private sector, or political.

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  • Bob Kastigar 15 Years North Park, bike rider, retired

    "A job is literally a paid position"

    That's too restrictive - there are several meanings of the word "job" and RR's activities seem to fit. Pay is only part of a job.

    Definition of job
    1 a : a regular remunerative position
    got a part-time job as a waiter
    she quit her job

    b : a specific duty, role, or function
    The heart's job is to circulate blood.
    c (1) : something that has to be done : task
    was given the job of delivering the bad news

    (2) : an undertaking requiring unusual exertion
    it was a real job to talk over that noise

    2 a : a piece of work
    doing odd jobs around the house
    Repairing the roof was a big job.
    ; especially : a small miscellaneous piece of work undertaken on order at a stated rate

    a car that needs a brake job

    b : the object or material on which work is being done
    c : something produced by or as if by work
    did a nice job

    d : an example of a usually specified type : item
    the limousine was a long white job

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  • Robert Rohdenburg Activist Citizen

    From my experience, from the employer's perspective, I have been deemed by them as "unemployable". Do you need me to provide a definition for you that word to make you understand its meaning and use? What about the phrase "permanently disabled", which also applies to me? How many permanently disabled and unemployable people do you know that as individuals are self-supporting not needing any help from anyone other than their pay from an employer? Please list their names , occupations, and pay rates here. They are likely few and far between and not the norm.

  • This comment has been removed by EveryBlock staff.
  • Rohdenburg, you have made a choice...a choice to live off of us taxpayers and to be an unpaid blogger.

    As I have stated elsewhere before, I worked withy a blind person. If a blind person can work than why not you? In fact, you could get a government job with relative ease. It might require you to do some political work as election times approach. You can go this route and contribute to society or you can continue to be a taxpayer burden.

    You say, "I am contributing to society in my own way." I disagree. you have not changed one person's opinion herein, so, exactly how is that a contribution?

    If you are interested in a government position, I can help...reach out to me and I will show you the way.

  • PennyPenguin Chillin' out on EB

    RR--if you can type and research all day, you can get a data entry job at least in an office or work from home.

  • Big problem in America....those who disqualify themselves in the workforce due to the ridiculously loose definitions of "disabled" status.

    This problem is feeding an epidemic that can be seen in sky rocketing disability claims.

    Any "This American Life" fans here? If you aren't, download the app now that gives you great access to the best podcast ever assembled and produced. Ira Glass is a genius.

    Give a listen to podcast #490 "Trends with Benefits".

  • This comment has been removed by EveryBlock staff.
  • Btw.... congrats on 100!

  • This comment has been removed by EveryBlock staff.
  • All this attention for Garrido when according to Russ Stewart in Nadig he's not running again. If he is, let me know and I will send in a donation. Any enemy of my enemy (RR who does not live and can't vote here) is my friend. Handicapped parking is part of Federal disability law.

  • Robert Rohdenburg Activist Citizen

    Latest positive story about Lt. John Garrido helping that homeless man: FROM PoliceOne.Com: FROM:
    (Excerpt)"Quiet Warrior: How a Chicago cop changed a homeless veteran's life

    For Lieutenant John Garrido, helping 60-year-old Anthony Johnson was just another day on the job

    Yesterday at 5:34 PM
    Sponsored by 5.11 Tactical

    Lieutenant John Garrido drove by it every day. The shingles were coming off the roof. The wood was rotting. That the shack continued to stand at all was something of a miracle. Most of the neighborhood didn’t notice the dilapidated structure at all – when things are seemingly beyond repair, they’re often ignored, forgotten. The shack was out in the open on the corner of a busy street, yet invisible. But for 15 years, every day on his way to work, Garrido noticed. As a 27-year veteran Chicago cop who came from a law enforcement family dedicated to serving the Windy City, Garrido took great pride in his home, particularly his neighborhood of Gladstone Park. He knew something needed to be done.

    Garrido opened the piece of plywood that served as the shack’s front door. Among the dirt and trash was a surprising discovery: a stack of recent Sunday newspapers. A return visit the following Sunday revealed what the space truly was – a newsstand. Standing inside was 60-year-old Anthony Johnson." Read more at the link

  • Bob Kastigar 15 Years North Park, bike rider, retired

    Where've you been? We haven't heard from you recently.

  • Robert Rohdenburg Activist Citizen

    Lt John Garrido Update: FROM:
    Community activist backing Laporte in bid to unseat Martwick
    by Glenn Minnis | Feb 21, 2018 (Excerpt)
    "North Side community leader and Chicago Police Lt. John Garrido has endorsed colleague Jeffrey Laporte in his Democratiic primary bid against state Rep. Robert Martwick (D-Chicago) in the 19th District."

    Lt. John Garrido also referred to the revised seven-story lower-density proposed version of the 5150 development as an "extreme density project at 5150 N. Northwest Highway,"

    When will Lt. John Garrido or others opposed to this development provide to us all publically the number of residential units in a seven story building that would qualify as an "acceptable" density for a Chicago neighborhood?

    How many veterans, disabled, and lower & moderate-income people does Lt. John Garrido and others want to deliberately EXCLUDE from being housed in housing that they can afford in Jefferson Park/45th Ward?

    How much longer should those on the CHA wait list have to wait to appease Lt. John Garrido or others before they can start paying 30% of their income for housing that they have been waiting for and qualified for?

    So that these new rent-paying tenants can afford to spend some of their other 70% of their income at local Jefferson Park-area stores, restaurants, barber shops, dry cleaners, etc?

  • "So that these new rent-paying tenants can afford to spend some of their other 70% of their income at local Jefferson Park-area stores, restaurants, barber shops, dry cleaners, etc?"

    yeah, I am sure they will be going to gale street often and be a regular at dropping off dry cleaning and getting barber shop shaves, etc.

    I barely have enough to spend other then gas and grocery shopping, wash my own clothes and even cut my own hair.

    maybe I am out of touch with your government assisted lifestyle, but I do not think your being very idealistic.

  • How do i get in on 30% of my income for housing?

    If I had that available to me, I could actually afford a reasonable car payment to get to my job safely instead of driving my 2003 vehicle that's on life support.

  • @cubshawkbears, my car is early 90's so I feel your pain, I call it "the crate"

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