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Added Jan 08 2018

Hi! My wife and I are looking to buy our first condo, and we we're wondering what the general opinion is of Ardmore between Ridge and Clark and if there is anything we should be aware of. Thanks!

  • d3 NoHo

    Even if you worked more east in the loop it's still way faster and way less stressful

  • Owen Wilson Sock it to me!

    Not too bad over there, as always be aware of your surroundings
    I hope you like plants, the best nursery in Chicago is a few blocks away. Welcome to the neighborhood!

  • Hi there a dog in your life? Very dog friendly area there..many hang at Senn in the evening in warmer months.

  • Yup! We have a lab!

  • Yeah for labs! There is a for Edgewater Glen..not sure how active it is but you may want to check it out

  • I lived there for 11 years. Ridge is LOUD, so the further away the better. Also street parking is crazy when seasonal stuff is happening at Gesthemane (xmas, spring planting, etc). I would’ve left a lot sooner had the market not crashed, honestly. Commute is a solid 50 min+ (I also work in Loop) b/c you have 1/2 mi walk to either Thorndale or Bryn Mawr - I waited for that Peterson station too; don’t hold your breath. Sorry to be a downer- just my opinion. But yeah, you can take your dog to Senn! Haha

  • Great area. We’ve been here since ‘02. Lovely neighbors, wonderful community, fantastic older buildings, tons of good places to eat in walking distance. As to getting downtown, my son takes the redline to high school every morning. If he can hack it, you can. 😉

  • Scott..the Peterson bus (#84) will take you to the Bryn Mawr El..and also to Sheridan Road if the express buses. (147 or 136) will get you to Michigan Ave . Im with Jenn..I love that area..

  • Mangia..I think the market is doing well
    .maybe time to list your place

  • Thanks - I moved last year and eventually sold in July. The market in that area for one beds is/was moving, but not healthy.

  • I agree that Ridge is loud, so staying at least a block away would be good. One of the best features of Edgewater is the proximity to the lakefront. I personally prefer living within a few blocks of the lakefront. That would put you close to both the Red line and the Sheridan and Lake Shore Drive busses. Both more convenient than the Metra (IF the Peterson Metra ever happens). Proximity to the lake will also give you higher resale value, in the event you decide to move. It will also put you closer to dog parks. If you have kids/are considering having kids, it’s never too early to start thinking about school. As far as grade schools in the area, Helen Peirce on Bryn Mawr is the best neighborhood grade school in the area. Good luck! Edgewater is a great place to live!

  • Isnt the whole city loud?

  • We do plan on having kids in the near future, so we were looking for that mythical place that was affordable, safe, walkable, good access to downtown, and good schools. Edgewater seems to fulfill that list pretty well, thanks everyone for the input!

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  • David B New in town, want to get to know Edgewater/R.Park

    Scott -- in Sept. my wife and I traded in 30 yrs. with a large house on a large lot in Wis. for our first condo, in Edgewater but closer to Devon. We love almost everything so far and Andersonville is absolutely wonderful. We don't have a pooch now but came across that dog walkers scene in front of Senn HS one evening and it was delightful.
    I'd also be a bit worried about the noise and traffic on that triangle you have in mind, since it's so close to (and a convenient short cut/ bypass to) a pretty major crossroads of Clark, Ashland & Peterson and then Ridge bringing in the LSD traffic surges throughout the day. I'd guess that's not exactly child-friendly either when it comes to bikes and outdoor play.
    If you follow the crime reports on this site for a while, you might be thinking twice before walking home alone from the L station late at night. That's probably true of almost anywhere though. And the option of getting a quick Lyft/Uber pick up from there to home would not be a problem.
    Best of luck with your search!

  • headsup not available

    I am on a major road and was absolutely astonished at how new soundproof windows deaden the noise. They installed during the day when I was at work - when I came home I thought I had walked into a bank vault. Other than sirens I hear nothing - no traffic hum! Expensive but excellent investment - with 3 buses and a train nearby I put 2500 miles on my car a year- tells me something about public transportation and Uber! Convenience and noise all solved! so enjoy your new home and if you are disturbed with road noise think about new soundproof window installation.

  • JoeFlatwoods Love my Albany Park Neighborhood

    Edgewater is pretty good I think, certainly better than Uptown. But I would as others have advised, be awake, alert, and aware of your surroundings. That means you aren't wearing headphones walking around. I would also advise conceal/carry and get some gun training. That should be a requirement almost anywhere in the city and south Evanston.

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  • brandon Edgewater Fan

    first time buyer & you want to BUY a condo in that area?
    Perhaps you might want to consider RENTing for a year before you make that 15 or 30-year mortgage commitment. I live 9 miles from my office and today, it took 55 minutes to get to work by bus (136) & a few blocks of walking......besides the long ridiculous commute, consider the location-location-location, real estate taxes, assessments and the re-sale factors. besides Ridge being used as a east/west 'highway' to some, it gets mighty busy when the schools are closed for the day. you may want to reconsider your desires. Good luck & congratulations.

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  • Mute maybe mute. But not STUPID.

  • Does anyone on here even know the OP?.He is probably scared off by people telling him.what and to change his desires. A first time buyer is buying( I don't understand that comment )Several people who posted dont even live in that area. Nor does it dound like they own. They post based on the traffic and nothing else.We live in a big city..theres noise, theres traffic.
    It can take a long time to get to work.Lots of people commute downtown..lots and lots. I think.someone saying someone may want to reconsider their desires? Thats a bit much

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  • Maybe I should have given a little more background. I currently live near Amundsen High school on Damen, so noise and proximity to a high school don't bother me. My apartment is walkable to Andersonville, so I know it quite well. I'm not as familiar with the wider Edgewater neighborhood, which is why I asked the question. Overall it sounds like a great community, and I'm looking forward to moving there!

  • Owen Wilson Sock it to me!

    I currently live in Edgewater, I am an owner and rent out another property, this is a great area, I am a successful active investor and believe the area will only improve in the next 15-30 years. I have been hanging around Edgewater, West Ridge and RP for 60 years! Good luck to you

  • Welcome Scott!

  • headsup not available

    @mute - the downside of not buying is when you retire you still have to come up with the rent - usually with a lot less income. With a paid for home - the accessory costs are considerable less than renting - you have your roots planted with friends and furnishings - a paid for home is a lot more affordable and stable home environment for "aging in place"

  • Edgewater is a large place. The OP asked about a specific area and people were commenting on other areas and telling him where he should live. I am sure he knows there is a Lake and Clark isnt that far Not everone wants to live on Sheridan.And are right occasional visits are not the same as living there. Certains parts of Edgewater are he** to find parking..others much easier. Scott.
    You did nothing wrong. I hope you live your new place!

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  • you can own and leave if it doesn't work out, usually with EQUITY.

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  • Agree with many of the posts above....Edgewater is a fantastic neighborhood that is only going to get better.

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  • David B New in town, want to get to know Edgewater/R.Park

    Umm, montnic . . . that's a rather odd suggestion considering that it's 4 miles and as many neighborhoods away from the area he's asking about. No doubt the price probably is as well.
    Your place I suppose? I will say I love the 360 degree images and the "doll house" effect is great. Impressive technology that actually is useful.

  • Orange is the new DEGENERATE

    Parking is difficult there. More then most places.

  • Sandy in EdgeGlen EdgeGlen since 1987

    Depends on what part of Edgewater. East of B'way, parking is difficult because of so many apt. bldgs with so few garage spaces. West has more single-family homes and 2-flats with garages, so on-street parking's easier to find. I live less than 1/4 mi. from a Red Line station, and it has almost never taken me more than 45 minutes, even in rush hour, to get as far south as Jackson St. (Track problems & the like can happen on any line). Ubers & Lyfts are plentiful; and many of the city's taxi drivers live here--easy to flag down a cab on B'way.

    I grew up in NYC, and to get from Queens to Brooklyn on the subway, you had to go through Manhattan. (My husband's commute to college--no dorms at CUNY schools--was 2.5 hrs. each way every day). The NYC subway system is deteriorating due to budget cuts. I lived in Seattle, and drove to law school in south Tacoma-->1 hr. each way). Be glad you don't live in DuPage or Kane County and commute into the Loop. And don't even ask about Los Angeles or the Miami-W. Palm I-95 corridor.

    We Chicagoans don't realize how lucky we are when it comes to commuting from a residential 'hood to downtown.

  • Evelyn Buyers & Sellers Broker

    I live in Edgewater for approximately 12 years and love the entire neighborhood with all its diversity! Like any other neighborhood, be careful and cognizant of your surroundings. I live and work in the area as a real estate broker and have seen the good, bad and the ugly. Investors are always in the market and Edgewater and neighboring Rogers Park never disappoint and are a great investment and residing neighborhoods/opportunities. Good luck!

  • The downside of buying is that you own a home in Chicago.

  • headsup not available

    try the area on the north end of Edgewater near Loyola University - nice college campus environment and the safety that comes with campus security. Lots of amenities now and being built - that are provided for the students - restaurants etc. Not to mention being lakeside! North of Thorndale to West Sheridan - from the lake to Ravenswood. East of Broadway are condos - west of Broadway are marvelous private homes. All near public buses (4) and the Redline.

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  • The commute during rush hour to and from loop is god awful. I'm not going to sugar coat it. I quit my job at the board of trade in October because I just didn't have the backbone for it anymore. And during Cubs season, welcome to the 7th circle of hell.

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  • Check out Granville corridor, South of Devon, east of Broadway. Intersection of Granville and Sheridan.

    Edgewater is awesome. We own in a few buildings in the area, values have risen 25 - 30% a year. Area continues to improve.

    It's no green zone to issues, but they are limited and a quick call to 911 or email to the alderman and things do happen to counter any negative trends.

    People truly care about this community and you see that by the local investments being made all along Granville Ave and international investment along the Devon/Broadway/Sheridan interchange with incoming Target and additional condos.

    A lot of long timers are resistant to change and may not see the progress as I've described it but look at the construction permits for the area yourself. Come check out Granville and Berger park at night.

    Hate to say these words but it's definitely trending to become like a similar Southport brownline area but with more diversity.

  • I know some posters are recommending other areas of Edgewater but I believe the OP was asking about a specific area. As far as commuting thousands of people commute downtown everyday. I stil dont get how people move to a big city and dont expect traffic. (If you grew up you should be aware of it).Does it get aggravating? Of course..but it comes with urban living and I don't think its that bad most of the time. To me its a trade off of choosing to live in a city. Seriously if it bothers you that much move to a smaller area.

  • Lots of casualties in this thread. Hate I missed the fireworks.

  • I appreciate all the input, we bought the condo. We are looking forward to joining the Edgewater/Andersonville community!

  • Congrats Scott! This is awesome. Admittedly I don’t know a whole lot about anything north of Irving park from a social perspective (aside from streetfests, I’ve got 20 years of history exclusively in 60613,14, and 57), but I think this is great and wish you all the best!

    If we can ever assist you with any other decision making, don’t hesitate to ask. We’ll take good care of you

  • Yeah Scott! Brian..come join us in Edgewater!

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