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Added Feb 17 2018

If anyone has done business with or has any information as a tenant in any building that has been recently acquired by this company, please give some info as to what has been your experience with them.

  • Mary Creamer Block Club leader on 51st Street

    They own 3 units in our building and I heard they are trying to acquire a 4th. The tenants don't seem to be unhappy but they haven't paid their assessments in over 6 months which is causing our association to have difficulty paying bills. If you have any info on them, please share but they are not looking good so far. I've seen they own a building on 54th and Prairie near the green line too.

  • Forcible entry detainers/ file a lien on the properties. If they are getting loans to purchase the units it will be hard because banks like to make sure Associations are in good standing. I would have the president of your association contact some attorneys.

  • They own a huge apartment building on 43rd & Michigan. My coworker has a client that lives there, total slum! I drove past the building and noticed the big Icarus management sign. I would definitely contact an attorney ASAP. Condo association has the right of first refusal as well. Are the units in foreclosure?

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