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Added Nov 20 2012

Inspection date
November 14, 2012
Doing business as
Nhu Lan Bakery
Inspection ID
License number
Facility type
Risk 1 (High)
Inspection type
3. Potentially hazardous food meets temperature requirement during storage, preparation display and service
Comments:various packaged, cooked potentially hazardous foods (pork, rice, egg, shrimp, mushrooms) on display counter without any temperature holding method being applied. Foods at improper temperatures ranging from 72.7f to 126.4f. Must keep potentially hazardous foods at 40f or less or 140f or above. Foods denatured and discarded during inspection. Approxiamate weight: 28#, value: $229.00. Critical violation, 7-38-005a.
13. No evidence of rodent or insect infestation, no birds, turtles or other animals
Comments:evidence of cockroach infestation. Sighted live cockroaches in following areas: inside ice machine, on wall above ice machine, on large mixer, on bag of flour, inside electrical boxes, on walls around rear cooking equipment and large mixer, in crevices of wood shelving, in reach-in cooler gaskets, on paper liners in front of microwaves. Over 50 live roaches, nymph and adult. Critical violation, 7-38-020. Over 1/4 inch gap to outside at bottom of front door. Must seal opening. must eliminate cockroach activity. Have premises serviced by licensed pest control company. Caulk and seal (smoothly) all gaps/crevices through-out premises. Comply with following instructions regarding sanitation and maintenance of premises.
16. Food protected during storage, preparation, display, service and transportation
Comments:food not protected during display and storage. Found rack of bread on display in customer area without any protective barrier in place, lid missing from customer self-service bread bin. Opened bottle of soda stored on ice inside ice machine. Container of windex glass cleaner hanging above open pitcher of mushrooms soaking in water. Serious violation, 7-38-005a. Must provide protective barriers or sneezeguards for foods on display for customer self-service. Ice from bin was discarded and windex removed to non-food storage space.
19. Outside garbage waste grease and storage area; clean, rodent proof, all containers covered
Comments:outside garbage container (dumpster) in poor repair, hole in side of container. Accumulated wood, debris and equipment in rear yard of building, possible rodent harborage. Must repair or replace garbage container. Remove all debris and equipment from outside rear of premises and maintain area. Serious violation, 7-38-020.
30. Food in original container, properly labeled: customer advisory posted as needed
Comments:packaged food and drink in display coolers without labels. Must label with contents name, ingredients and source. label containers with contents name in walk-in cooler and freezer.
31. Clean multi-use utensils and single service articles properly stored: no reuse of single service articles
Comments:knives improperly stored between electrical conduit and cooler. Must provide sanitary knife rack for storage of utensils.
32. Food and non-food contact surfaces properly designed, constructed and maintained
Comments:all unfinished wood surfaces must be finished to be easily cleanable and non-absorbant. must install washable splashguard between exposed handsink and 3 compartment sink drainboard. provide cover for ice bin at smoothie prep area. peeling finish (paint) on surfaces of mixer. Must refinish same.
33. Food and non-food contact equipment utensils clean, free of abrasive detergents
Comments:following not clean: interior surfaces of ice machine, cooler gaskets, cooking equipment, shelving/racks. Must clean and maintain same.
34. Floors: constructed per code, cleaned, good repair, covering installed, dust-less cleaning methods used
Comments:broken and missing floor tiles through-out premises. Must repair floor to be smooth and easily cleanable. Must clean floor through-out, remove grease, litter and debris.
35. Walls, ceilings, attached equipment constructed per code: good repair, surfaces clean and dust-less cleaning methods
Comments:must seal all gaps and crevices on walls and around attached equipment, pipes, conduits etc through-out. Replace stained ceiling tiles. Clean all dirt/dust from all wall and ceiling vent covers
36. Lighting: required minimum foot-candles of light provided, fixtures shielded
Comments:broken lightshields in prep areas. Must replace. Provide solid lightshield above rear mixing bowl.
38. Ventilation: rooms and equipment vented as required: plumbing: installed and maintained
Comments:no visible backflow prevention devices on inside or outside hose bibbs (hose attached under 3 compartment sink) or water supply line to ice machine. Must install same.
41. Premises maintained free of litter, unnecessary articles, cleaning equipment properly stored
Comments:mop sink inaccessible, supplies piled-up inside sink. Walk-in cooler and freezer are overstocked, cannot enter units. Must keep mop sink and walk-in units maintained and accessible.
Other known inspections
July 6, 2017 (Pass)
June 28, 2017 (Fail)
October 18, 2016 (Pass)
October 14, 2016 (Fail)
October 5, 2016 (Fail)
July 5, 2016 (Pass)
June 24, 2016 (Fail)
April 15, 2015 (Pass w/ Conditions)
November 7, 2014 (Pass)
March 7, 2014 (Pass)
February 25, 2014 (Fail)
June 4, 2013 (Pass)
May 20, 2013 (Pass w/ Conditions)
November 21, 2012 (Pass)
November 20, 2012 (Fail)

We group inspections by license number. Since a given business might operate under multiple licenses, this list may be incomplete.

  • YIKES.

  • Wow. I order from here all the time. Sad to hear this. I wonder if their Lakeview location is cleaner?

  • MandaLeigh Here I Is.

    Uggggh. Over 50 live roaches found? Including IN the ice machine? Agggh.

  • My stomach just churned :/

  • Maybe that's what gives the sandwiches such good flavor???
    :D :/

  • Everyone's adding protein to everything these days, Mega-Watz. Even the airlines are doing it:

  • Against The Grain Lincoln Square

    Not surprising. Tasty sandwiches, but between the condition of the coolers, the unlabeled foodstuffs in them, and the slapdash look of the food prep surface, this was a long time coming.

    I wonder if this was from a regular inspection cycle, or enough people complained. The health inspectors seem to have been spending a lot of time on that stretch of Lawrence lately.

  • Barbara in Ravenswood Ravenswood resident since 1984.

    The only time (I’m aware of :) that I’ve actually been served a dead roach (it was sitting on the edge of an otherwise appetizing plate of pad thai) was at a noodle place on Sheridan south of Lawrence. That was a very long time ago (’80s). (I don’t think that particular restaurant is there anymore.)

    Ironically the one time I purchased food at Nhu Lan, I got in the way of *their* sanitation. Arrived about 15 minutes before closing, they were already starting their nightly cleaning, and I had no choice but to step in their freshly-mopped floor :'( I wish them the best in passing their next inspection -- they do have great bánh mì sandwiches, roaches or no =)

  • Paul 5 Years in North Park

    @Against The Grain - it was part of a canvass. If you look at the "Inspection Type" it will indicate canvass, license (renewal typically), follow-up, complaint, etc.

  • Mike F. 3rd gen APer, ex Ravenswoodsman

    I walked past it on Sunday, and it was closed, with all of the coolers emptied and off. I think someone said they were cleaning or remodeling. That seems like a good sign.

  • They are closed, with a health inspection sticker on the door, presumably fixing these issues but the roach part was absolutely horrifying. They were serving food with live roaches everywhere, I really don't get how that happens.

  • I work for a restaurant supply company and we get owners like this all of the time. It usually happens when people are not properly trained in food safety practices. Looking at this list, this did not happen overnight. I wonder when their last inspection was?

  • Good question, Irena. Sanitation training & diligence is so important. It's kind of surprising how we don't more often fall ill, honestly, when you think about how few inspectors there are in comparison to how much food we eat. The need for inspections is so important, too, to help minimize the larger-scale food recalls we're seeing now with "globalized" food (a great resource is eFoodAlert on that:

  • This is very disturbing! Any place that serves food needs a CERTIFIED Food Safety Manager onsite at all times. We are trained to follow sanitation practices and know what to look for to keep the place up to code. Where was this person when the roaches began to build up? There is NO EXCUSE for this kind of filth and the place should be shut down. A note to everyone, avoid ice machines and fountain drinks. These are two of the most common sources of Salmonella because lazy owners don't clean the lines. I'm not at all surprised to hear about roaches in the ice machine, roaches get into electronics and machines. With an ice maker they get water and warmth from the motor.

  • Irish Pirate Littleton/Artist/Uptown/Chicago

    Until they get there act together there is still a spot to get your Banh Mi fix nearby...clean inspection record to boot, plenty O baked goods and more...

  • And far better sandwiches in my opinion.

  • I like the place around Broadway and Belmont too, but this spot was convenient and tasty. It's funny, because I barely batted an eye when I saw a rat scurrying out of the bathroom at a cafe in Bangkok and I'd gotten used to seeing cockroaches the size of small mice in Tokyo, but I don't think I can ever set foot in Nhu Lan again. One more reason to learn to make a killer banh mi at home.

  • Amanda Renter at the same address for 8 years

    I walked past Nhu Lan yesterday (11/25)...they're open and serving customers. To my untrained health inspecation eye, everything looks pretty much the same except the appetizer display case is on the left side of the register instead of the right.

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