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Added May 09 2018

Inspection date
May 9, 2018
Doing business as
Stone Elementary
Inspection ID
License number
Facility type
Risk 1 (High)
Inspection type
6. Hands washed and cleaned, good hygienic practices; no bare hand contact with ready-to-eat foods. - comments: observed poor hygienic practices. Noted employee not washing hands before using gloves to prepare ready to eat peanut butter sandwiches. Reviewed proper usage of gloves and hand washing procedure. Critical violation 7-38-010(a). | 11. Adequate number, convenient, accessible, designed, and maintained - comments: exposed hand washing sink found blocked, not accessible, by a bucket being stored inside the sink. Instructed the hand washing sink must be accessible at all times. Manager removed bucket. Critical violation 7-38-030. | 18. No evidence of rodent or insect outer openings protected/rodent proofed, a written log shall be maintained available to the inspectors - comments: no mesh screen on open window in the dry food storage hallway and leading to the open door to kitchen. No mesh screen on kitchen window. Instructed to install a mesh screen on window to prevent fly and insect entry. Serious violation 7-38-020. | 24. Dish washing facilities: properly designed, constructed, maintained, installed, located and operated - comments: observed employee preparing cole slaw in two large metal pans. Mixing mayonnaise, spices and pre-chopped bagged cabbage. School also prepares yogurt parfaits with canned fruits, washes and cuts whole fresh cantaloupe melons and strawberry's to prepare fruit cups instructed to install a three compartment sink with hot and cold running water to enable washing, rinsing and sanitizing of all utensils, pots and pans for preparing foods and provide adequate sanitizer for the sink and test strips. Serious violation 7-38-030. | 32. Food and non-food contact surfaces properly designed, constructed and maintained - comments: must install a splash guard between the exposed hand washing sink and the one compartment prep sink.----must not use paper as a liner inside the dairy cooler. Surface must be smooth and cleanable. | 44. Only authorized personnel in the food-prep area - comments: teachers and other staff are not allowed to enter and exit the building through the kitchen/food prep rear door and walk through the food prep area.
Other known inspections
March 16, 2017 (Pass)
March 1, 2016 (Pass)
March 10, 2015 (Pass)
March 10, 2014 (Pass)
January 31, 2012 (Pass)

We group inspections by license number. Since a given business might operate under multiple licenses, this list may be incomplete.

Posted to 6239 N. Leavitt

This was posted to 6239 N. Leavitt

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