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Added Jan 14 2018

Inspection date
January 11, 2018
Doing business as
Usmania Restaurant
Inspection ID
License number
Facility type
Risk 1 (High)
Inspection type
3. Potentially hazardous food meets temperature requirement during storage, preparation display and service - comments: observed potentially hazardous foods being held at improper temperatures. Approximately 15 lbs cooked rice stored in a large, deep bus pan on the floor under a prep table at an improper temperature of 114.8f. No temperature logs on site. Reviewed proper cooling methods and time allowed for cooling. Rice discarded. Management states estimated value at $10.00. Critical violation 7-38-005(a). | 16. Food protected during storage, preparation, display, service and transportation - comments: observed foods not protected during storage. Raw shrimp being stored directly on top of cut, prepared, uncovered fresh broccoli and on shelving above other assorted fresh vegetables. Management removed. Reviewed proper food storage. Serious violation. 7-38-005(a). | 29. Previous minor violation(s) corrected 7-42-090 - comments: previous minor violations from #2064679 on 4-10-17 not corrected. #30- noted assorted food items inside cooling units not properly labeled. Instructed to label all food items with product name and prepared by date including bulk containers....also noted food items stored inside grocery bags. Instructed to store all food items inside approved food grade containers.#32- noted torn rubber gasket at 2 door refrigeration unit. Instructed to repair and/or replace.#35- noted stained and missing tiles on ceiling of the basement food storage area. Instructed to replace missing tiles and clean and maintain the stained ceiling tiles.serious violation 7-42-090. | 35. Walls, ceilings, attached equipment constructed per code: good repair, surfaces clean and dust-less cleaning methods - comments: hole in the wall and along wall seam above the kitchen exposed and sink. Must repair/seal. | 32. Food and non-food contact surfaces properly designed, constructed and maintained - comments: must not use paper towels or cardboard as liner for shelving in the kitchen or basement bulk dry food storage. Must be smooth, cleanable surface. | 33. Food and non-food contact equipment utensils clean, free of abrasive detergents - comments: table top can opener with encrusted food debris. All exterior of the tall reach in coolers and interior of middle cooler dirty with food splatter and food debris. All bulk food containers found dirty. Must clean and maintain all. | 31. Clean multi-use utensils and single service articles properly stored: no reuse of single service articles - comments: all to go food containers must be stored inverted. | 34. Floors: constructed per code, cleaned, good repair, coving installed, dust-less cleaning methods used - comments: floor under the wok line with excessive grease, food debris. Floor under the basement dry food storage with dirt and debris. Must clean and maintain all. | 40. Refrigeration and metal stem thermometers provided and conspicuous - comments: inaccurate external thermometer on the basement walk-in cooler. Must repair or provide internal thermometer. | 45. Food handler requirements met - comments: no proof of food handler training for all required employees. Must provide.
Other known inspections
January 18, 2018 (Pass)
June 21, 2017 (Pass)
April 10, 2017 (Pass w/ Conditions)
July 7, 2016 (Pass)
June 8, 2016 (No Entry)
June 10, 2015 (Pass)
July 31, 2014 (Pass w/ Conditions)
October 28, 2013 (Pass)
April 29, 2013 (Pass)
April 19, 2013 (Fail)

We group inspections by license number. Since a given business might operate under multiple licenses, this list may be incomplete.

Posted to 2253 W. Devon Ave.

This was posted to 2253 W. Devon Ave.

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