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Added Feb 17 2018

Inspection date
February 14, 2018
Doing business as
Haley, Alex Mod.
Inspection ID
License number
Facility type
Risk 1 (High)
Inspection type
35. Walls, ceilings, attached equipment constructed per code: good repair, surfaces clean and dust-less cleaning methods - comments: replace stained ceiling tiles in teachers lounge. Seal loose baseboards in kitchen staff washroom. Seal all openings, cracks, crevices in walls and ceilings in kitchen, storage, classroom and lounge areas. | 36. Lighting: required minimum foot-candles of light provided, fixtures shielded - comments: replace damaged light shield near oven in kitchen. | 41. Premises maintained free of litter, unnecessary articles, cleaning equipment properly stored - comments: remove all unused equipment and organize storage area near main entrance to prevent pest harborage. | 18. No evidence of rodent or insect outer openings protected/rodent proofed, a written log shall be maintained available to the inspectors - comments: observed over 40 mice droppings on floor along wall behind refrigerator and inside bottom of refrigerator in teachers lounge, over 20 mice droppings scattered in storage room near main entrance, 10 mice droppings on floor between radiator and shelving unit in pre-k room 303, 6 mice droppings on floor behind shelving unit along south wall and 5 mice droppings on top of radiator in southeast corner in room 303, 5 mice droppings on floor in southwest corner and 5 mice dropping on floor near hanging storage unit behind desk in room 301, 10 mice droppings on floor in northwest corner in room 301, 15 mice droppings between radiators and shelving units in room 301, 5 mice droppings on floor between radiator and wall in pre-k room 304. Instructed manager to call an exterminator for service, clean and sanitize all areas. Serious violation 7-38-020 | 32. Food and non-food contact surfaces properly designed, constructed and maintained - comments: replace damaged gasket on reach-in cooler near 3-compartment sink in kitchen.
Other known inspections
February 23, 2018 (Pass)
February 21, 2018 (Fail)
January 19, 2017 (Pass)
May 7, 2014 (Pass)
February 1, 2013 (Pass)
January 30, 2013 (Fail)
January 22, 2013 (Fail)
January 17, 2012 (Pass)

We group inspections by license number. Since a given business might operate under multiple licenses, this list may be incomplete.

This was posted to 11413 S. Eggleston (400w)

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