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Added Dec 23 2017

Inspection date
December 18, 2017
Doing business as
M & M Yale Mart, Inc
Inspection ID
License number
Facility type
Grocery Store
Risk 3 (Low)
Inspection type
18. No evidence of rodent or insect outer openings protected/rodent proofed, a written log shall be maintained available to the inspectors - comments: observed evidence of improper pest control on premises. 2nd front door and rear door not rodent proofed approx 1-inch at bottom of door. Observed over 170 rodent mice droppings througout the rear areas of premises ariund excessive clutter, storage,trash,etc on premises.must clean all areas and contact pest control for pest control book.must provide.
Serious violation 7-38-020 | 21. * certified food manager on site when potentially hazardous foods are prepared and served - comments: no city of chicago food sanitation certificate.must provide or enrollment for city of chicago class. Serious violation 7-38-012 | 24. Dish washing facilities: properly designed, constructed, maintained, installed, located and operated - comments: inadequate dish washing 3- compartment sink installed on premises. Must install 3- compartment sink with attached drain board and grease trap. Serious violation 7-38-030. | 11. Adequate number, convenient, accessible, designed, and maintained - comments: no hand sink installed in deli prep area. Must intall.rear staff washroom hand sink and toilet facilities in poor repair.must repair toilet not flushing and no water at hand sink. Must provide hot and cold water.critical violation 7-38-030 | 35. Walls, ceilings, attached equipment constructed per code: good repair, surfaces clean and dust-less cleaning methods - comments: ceilings in rear storage areas in very poor repair, damaged.must repair all areas. | 36. Lighting: required minimum foot-candles of light provided, fixtures shielded - comments: lights not shielded in prep areas.must install. No lights in front washroom.must install. | 16. Food protected during storage, preparation, display, service and transportation - comments: inadequate protection of foods in deli slicing prep area. No barrier where food will be prepared and sliced. Must install adequate barrier.
Serious violation 7-38-005a. | 41. Premises maintained free of litter, unnecessary articles, cleaning equipment properly stored - comments: excessive articles, clutter in basement and 1st fl rear area..must remove anything not using and organize areas. | 38. Ventilation: rooms and equipment vented as required: plumbing: installed and maintained - comments: ventilation fan not working in front washrroom.must repair.
Other known inspections
March 15, 2018 (Pass)
March 8, 2018 (Fail)
February 2, 2018 (Fail)
December 5, 2017 (No Entry)

We group inspections by license number. Since a given business might operate under multiple licenses, this list may be incomplete.

Posted to 233 W. 119th St.

This was posted to 233 W. 119th St.

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