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Added Nov 04 2017

Important please read all my friends, family....

I am asking all of my friends, family to take a moment , remember what it was like to be 19 years old. Dating, competitive sports, traveling, working your first real job, nights with your friends,driving your first beater, getting lost finding your freshman college class,dreaming of your future.

Now in the midst of all of that fun, add fainting without warning, weight gain and swelling 10lb -20lbs in a matter of a few days, exhaustion not eliminated by a good night’s sleep, shoebox filled with daily medications, no salt diet, sneaking the seasoning packs from ramen,many visits to neurologists, cardiologists, nephrologists , twice weekly infusions to stabilize and countless blood draws.
Remember now you are 19 years old. This is the life my grandson Marco has dealt with since he was ten.
For him the attempts to stabilize his kidneys is over. Now we are in the race for his life, a race to give him the youth this disease has stolen.
We fear the tests, the surgery and the pain. But change your focus for a moment, our family fears Marco will not be able to drive or live independently to enjoy the gift of youth so many of us have enjoyed and taken for granted.
people of color needing organs, the closer the match- the better his odds of the transplant giving him the dreams he keeps tucked away for fear they will never be.

It’s a huge commitment, it’s a great sacrifice and not one of you should consider it lightly in anyway. But if you think you would like to donate,even if not for Marco, give that gift to someone else who is waiting to live their best life.

To begin the screening process go to

Marco Gonzalez is the patient.

I thank you for reading this, for considering donation and for sharing this post with everyone you know.

thanks again

    Get Started - Donor Registration
  • Best wishes for success!

  • I'll hold you and your grandson in my heart. I don't meet donor criteria, but someone will. A close relative of mine died in his forties and four people received organs, which has always comforted me. Because kidneys can also be harvested from living donors, I hope his wait goes quickly.

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