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Sat, Jan 13, 2018
4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
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Added Jan 05 2018

Hello All!

The Introvert is a powerful beast. We are classified as meek, yet we are mighty in thought. This is what changes the world after all. We have the gumption to initiate thought into action (all that self quite time ya know).

So yes, we need lots of time to recharge. Sure human voices can be annoying. Alas, when it is time to shine and something "sparks" in you. It is go time!

I love being an INTP. I am also a Manifestor. What are you? Human Design Test (

Bring your results and let us as a group navigate how our unique talents, create our experience in this world. Plus it is pretty cool to see how things link up. We all have a specified role to fill. Time to leave the nest for a bit and see people.

Come on let's do this!



How your Design impacts others and you?

Are you living in your Design?

How do you get there?

Wrap Up.


Posted to Sol Cafe (1615 Howard St)

This event was posted to Sol Cafe (1615 Howard St)

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