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Added Sep 12 2017

Called 9-1-1 about 10 min ago because I was woken up by the sound of gunshots coming from the north/northeast of me which would be Howard or Rogers Avenue. The police responded within minutes. But, all was quiet when they went zooming down Rogers Avenue. Checked on my family members who wre sleeping. They are safe. So scary is the thought of a bullet coming through the walls or a window where we live and taking an innocent life of people I love.

  • Mute, there are shootings in every community in Chicago. Sure, there are areas that there are more shootings than others, but there are shootings everywhere. Assuming you living in Chicago, you'd bet get to fleeing. No snark intended either -- I swear it. It just seems there are shootings and crime everywhere and anywhere these days and I, personally, am exhausted. My mother lives in Valparaiso, Indiana (I grew up in Chesterton, Indiana) and I cannot believe the spike in violent crimes out that way. It's awful and that area is suppose to be "safe."

  • Tired of Liars Sick and Tired of Self Serving Lying Politicians

    There are two sides to every areguement. Staying and fighting for yourself and your community is the opposing conservative to yours. Once a community becomes blighted it generally takes a long time to reverse the conditions.

  • Tired of Liars Sick and Tired of Self Serving Lying Politicians


  • Many shootings happen at or near gas stations. We should get rid of all the gas stations in Rogers Park. They are crime magnets. If we can ban package stores that sell alcohol then we should be able to ban gas stations.

  • My brother lives in the middle of nowhere (near a large Amish population) in southern, New York 10 miles north of the Pennsylvania border on 10-acres of woods with my sister-in-law and two young kids. Random shootings and intermittent high crime there too in all the neighboring rural communities.

  • Just want some peace. For me, for you, for the kid killed, for his family, hell even for the guy that shot him. Must suck being that full of hate.

  • Agreed!

  • Mute Mute Me


    "There are shootings in every community in chicago"


    "Several community areas have absolutely no shootings or very few."

  • There are shootings. More times than not they are not reported unless the bullet makes contact with someone. I know this for a fact.

  • Mute Mute Me

    I think you need to brush up on your definition of the word fact.

  • Thank you for your concern for all the non-violent/law abiding citizens living in Rogers Park, Mute. However, your advice is not helpful.

  • Tired of Liars Sick and Tired of Self Serving Lying Politicians

    The"shootings" in which no one is hit are classified by the CPD as 'Shots Fired' not shootings as you claimed. Shots Fired shouldimmediately be reported to the CPD for investigation and indexing.

  • Yes, that is correct. My thinking is where there is gunfire, eventually one will hit someone.

  • Bottom line is I worry about innocent people being hurt anywhere. I worry about my husband when he talks the dogs out for their last walk at night. I worry about my daughter taking the train and bus from the Howard stop to Lane Tech. I worry about her return trip home as well. I also worry when I have to come home late at night. I suppose though in this day and age I would worry the same about these things no matter where I lived. :-(

  • Mute Mute Me

    You stating facts that aren't actually facts is not helpful either but hey its a public forum with a mute option for those posting unhelpful advice or unfactual facts.

  • Why are you posting, Mute? Just to express your contempt for those who choose to live in East Rogers Park? Troll elsewhere, please.

  • Mute Mute Me

    No not just that. Also to express my contempt for those who are shocked by this. Those who value a 17 yo life more than any other ages life . those who state unfactual facts . those who won't mute me but expect me to mute myself. And those who make me repeat myself because they obviously can't comprehend what I already wrote. Why are you posting? Just to express your contempt for my contempt?

  • Not contempt. More like swatting at flies. Boring narcissism annoys me.

  • Seems you have a lot of rage, Mute, and are triggered easily. Hopefully, you don't have a gun. You might be a danger and pose a threat to your neighborhood. LOL! But, Mute, I care about all age groups and would never want you or any of your beloveds hurt either. I saw you posted a while back that you were looking for a vet for your kitty. Not only do I have two dogs, but we have three cats as well. Even though you seem to be angst by me, I hope your kitty is recovering and ok now. Made me sad to read your post that he was not well.

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    Those who troll Rogers Park EveryBlock from outside the neighborhood are, IMO, best ignored.

  • Jeffrey Littleton 3rd Generation Uptown

    Crime posts are seldom helpful.

  • Even though this thread is about a Rogers Park event it attracts a notorious troll from Uptown who dips in and out of lots of Rogers Park threads. It's a form of spam. Probably from an out of work and lonely person.

  • Pedrito I offer you the RED PILL, that's all.

    And he LOOOOVES taxation. We know why.

  • Mute Mute Me

    thanks nikko my kitty is doing well at the moment! i do not own a gun as believe it or not i am smart enough to know that i cannot trust myself with one! Its a shame most others do not have that kind of self control.

  • Mute Mute Me

    Just curious and want to mention i do not follow rogers park and this story somehow popped up. is there something im doing wrong ? i thought i would only get news from neighborhoods i subscribed to. (unless the same story is posted to multiple neighborhoods) it seems this one was posted only to rogers park? but i still saw it..why?

  • YakovBok In the RP since 1996

    17 y.o., 2:40 a.m. on a school night - pretty good odds he was a gangbanger. Looks like the village is doing a great job raising its children.

  • Wazzup not available

    wonder how he does in class after a night out at 2:40 AM - there should be prosecution of the parents for not raising their kids properly. They know what is going on and are as culpable as the child.

  • Mute Mute Me

    Forced sterilization should be brought back.

  • Michael Archangel Donald Trump - A compulsive liar.

    @Tired of Liars - I was busy with a work project yesterday so; I am just getting to this comment...

    You wrote: "If this shooter did not have a valid CCW permit recognized by the State of Illinois he should be given a life sentence."

    Valid CCW or no, the accused allegedly took the life of another person. Whether a gun or a knife or a baseball bat, that is murder and should result in a life sentence.

    Of course, we could go over your usual ramblings about the ineffective court system and all the yada, yada, yada you typically add to your "arguments". Then I would have to remind you of the reasons why the legal process does not meet your standards and then you would get angry and make unfounded claims and on and on we would go.

    Just so you are ready, unless the accused pleads guilty to the shooting (an unlikely event) be prepared for him taking up space at the CCDOC for the next 2.5 years, at a minimum.

  • YakovBok, oh yeah totally a gangbanger and no some kid stressed out about the new school year who went for a walk to clear his head and grab a snack. Man, were you ever 17? The kid was not armed, did not start an incident, paid for his chips, and was a victim, but the fact that he didn't wake up this morning isn't good enough for you? You need to assassinate his character without knowing a thing about him or his family besides how he died and the fact that it was in Rogers Park?

  • Mute Mute Me

    i wasnt allowed to go for a walk to clear my head when i was 17 at 2am.

  • Too bad you had to post a comment like this ^^ Matthew but sometimes things like this just have to be said. The YakovBoks in the world are compelled to trash other people, denigrate neighborhoods and criticize public employees. It makes them feel good and, perhaps, superior. It's bad enough when fellow Rogers Parkers do it (we know who they are) but when people from places like Edgewater and Uptown go out of their way to jump in with trolling comments it's even more shameful. All deaths are sad no matter who the person or the person's family is. But some people, in a perverse way, love to exploit death in a public forum. Live long and prosper YakovBok but do it quietly and not on EB. There is enough pain in the world without you adding more just for recreation.

  • Wazzup not available

    Come on- no one believes a 17 yo is out at 2AM to "clear his head" - you can do that at home - and no one believes his parents were not aware - There should be a 11PM curfew for all youths under the age of 18 - these are school years and students need to sleep and prepare to be educated.

  • What a lot of really nasty comments by some really disgusting human beings. No wonder you're trying to pass judgement on a dead child, how else would you ever be able to feel good about yourselves if you couldn't condemn total strangers based on hate and bigotry?

  • Thanks for the moral guidance and clearly spoken concern Wazzup. Rogers Park appreciates the support of people from Edgewater who freely dispense supportive advice for students, education and parental responsibilities. That was a very generous and nurturing comment.

  • Mute Mute Me

    I love how on eb people want all inclusiveness when it comes to acceptance of other races genders ages sexual orientations ethnicities but boy oh boy if your not from rogers park your clearly not welcome on the rogers park threads!

  • From Alderman Joe Moore, as posted on Nextdoor (the civilized neighborhood discussion site):

    "A 17-year-old male was shot and killed at the Mobil Station at Howard and Sheridan early Tuesday morning. According to the police official I spoke with, the incident took place at 2:35 a.m. Police believe the victim had a strong association with the Latin Kings gang. The victim was seen inside the Mobil Station accompanied by two known members of the Latin Kings. The alleged assailant, who also was in the store, is believed to be a member of the Gangster Disciples. The victim and his accomplices followed the assailant out of the store and encountered the assailant, who then pulled out a gun and fired shots at the victim.

    "As of last night, the alleged offender was in custody, but had not yet been charged."

  • Mute Mute Me

    Culling of the herd. Who needs eugenics anymore? The scum will kill and incarcerate themselves!

  • Tired of Liars Sick and Tired of Self Serving Lying Politicians

    "The victim and his accomplices followed the assailant out of the store and encountered the assailant, who then pulled out a gun and fired shots at the victim."

    The offender appears to be posturing himself for an Affirmative Defense plea of self defense. Sorry, not going to buy it homey!

  • YakovBok In the RP since 1996

    People love to defend a dead 17 yo old gangbanger who is dead because of his gang activities, choosing not to blame the dead for his choices, or blame the parents for their lack of parenting. Instead, "society is to blame." The fact is, when you fail to set standards, standards that include that a 17 year old should not be out at 2:40 a.m. on a school night and the parents should have been doing their job, you are the society that tolerates the very death you condemn.

  • Wazzup not available

    YakovBok- thank you.

  • Tired of Liars Sick and Tired of Self Serving Lying Politicians

    MA, With the exception personal attack paragraph that begins with "Of, course....." you arebasically correct. We still have Eric Vaughn who another piece of trash sitting in that facility untried with yet another status hearing on 9/26 as testimonial to the slow and often ineffective Cook County Court system. Let's hope that the criminal justice system doesn't "drop the ball" on either of these two prosecutions.

  • What could be lower than gang banger culture? The disgusting trash who post here on EB, of course!

  • And Mute, you're not being criticized for residing in another neighborhood. You're being criticized because--by your own admission--you know nothing about Rogers Park and yet you come on here and trash-talk our ward and tell us we should be "fleeing" it. How do you expect residents to respond to that kind of provocation? There are many large swaths of Rogers Park that have crime rates as low as anywhere else on the north side. Why would we be interested in fleeing this place? Many of us consider it the most beautiful and liveable neighborhood in Chicago.

    The far northern section of Rogers Park has unfortunately seen a sudden spike in shootings in the last few months, evidently due to escalated gang rivalry, yet these spikes vary greatly and change locations from year to year.

    You tell us we should be fleeing Rogers Park because of our shootings. Are you also giving this advice to residents of the Near North side? Do you even know that shootings and homicides in the Near North Side (including Streeterville and Gold Coast) have been far worse than in Rogers Park this year? There have been 5 homicides and 14 shooting victims in the Near North Side this year. By contrast, in Rogers Park there have been a total of 3 homicides and 7 shooting victims. And again, the vast majority of our ward has seen no shootings at all.

  • Why even respond to an EB account that dabbles and comments in neighborhood groups for Wicker Park, Jefferson Park, Albany Park, Edgewater, Lake View, Portage Park, Rogers Park, Uptown and probably others as well? This is just another sad example of a needy person trying to fit in from outside Rogers Park. So sad.

  • Mute Mute Me

    Where did I say I know nothing about rogers park? And by my comments I'm clearly not trying to fit in.

  • Mute, you're someone who for some reason gets pleasure out of annoying people you don't know by railing on about things you don't have a very good grasp of.
    It's not an admirable character trait and that's why you're getting blowback.

  • Michael Archangel Donald Trump - A compulsive liar.

    @Tired of Liars - Perhaps that part of the reason you engage in so many personal attacks is that you do not understand what a personal attack is! My comments which began with, "Of course..." was not a personal attack. I did not attack your character, your integrity your physical appearance or your intelligence. I made a comment about your very typical and redundant comments. Your comments are fair game when you post them on a public forum. Please educate yourself on this issue and you may not have so many of your own comments flagged as personal attacks.

    As for the actual thread, I do not often agree with Yakovbok but there is some truth in his comments that we are responsible for the choices we make and parents are responsible for their children. It would be a better and healthier place if parents actually parented and kids were not out at 2:00 am. However, there is the reality which should not be lost while we wag our fingers at bad or non-existent parents.

  • Mute Mute Me

    That wasn't my question but thanks for your valued opinion. Ill consider it when I decide to care what random people think of my personality on the internet.

  • Personalities aren't evaluated; comments are evaluated. Opinions about comments are not attacks of a person.

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