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Added Oct 29 2017

Maybe we can think of a way to help with violence also besides getting 50 posts about housing from one person.

    3-year-old boy among 16 shot, 1 fatally, in Chicago weekend violence
    CHICAGO (Sun-Times Media Wire) - A 3-year-old boy was among 16 people shot, one fatally, in separate incidents across Chicago since Friday evening. The boy was shot and seriously wounded about 12:30 a.m. Sunday while traveling in the back seat of a car in the Washington Park neighborhood on the South Side.
  • Yes, you are right. These shootings need to stop. But, notice where the majority of them take place. In gang infested areas. The MSM does not say it, but Senator Kirk and a higher up in the Chicago Police Dept both said that over 80% of the shootings and killings are Gang related. The City needs to crack down on them and not on law abiding firearm owners because in areas where legal firearm possession has gone up the crime rate has gone down. The MSM wont tell you this tho because they are Anti firearm. And their news stories prove it. When was the last time you saw a story on someone using a firearm to defend them self against a criminal compared to when you saw one on a murder? I'd say it has been close to a year since I saw one.The police are afraid to do anything because of all the repercussions that have gone on in the last few months. Why did you shoot my kid? Just because he was pointing a gun at you didn't mean he was going to shoot you. or the one where the kid was caught climbing out the window. Went at the cops with a weapon and was shot. The "parents" sued the city and won saying how is a kid suppose to get money for clothes to go to school. We need to have some laws passed to help the cops in situations like this so that they can do their jobs and protect us without worrying about being sued and losing their jobs.

  • Nothing is going to change until the citizens, politicians and media start standing behind our police officers.

  • Brushman4 Serving the best since "53"

    Or maybe standing in front of them so they'll feel protected after all do you expect them to go after gang bangers with only their guns, mace, tasers, and bulletproof vests?
    They are too lazy or stupid to fill out incident reports, so they just let the gangs do what they please!

  • @Brushman: well, Brushman does make a point although I'd word it differently. I'd say, "In todays political climate any Police Officer who does one bit more than eat his doughnut and collect his paycheck is too stupid to be a Policeman."

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