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Added Oct 24 2017

Tonight at about 10pm while walking on the southside of North Ave just west of Hoyne, a man in a black Acura sedan stopped in an alley as he approached North avenue. As I walked in front of his car, I noticed that he had exposed himself (and was engaged in an activity I can't say here). I continued walking down North. 20 feet or so later, he pulls up next to me on North, before speeding away. Gross.

  • Did you call police?

    Did you laugh and tell him how small it was??

  • Artist girl Artist and Muscian

    Did you get his license plate? Next time take a picture / video of his car and/or him, but it may be kind of gross to have a video of the actual act. Eeeww!

  • Good idea...can you report it has 'harassment'? lewd act?sexual abuse?

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  • Maggiemay 45 year resident @ PP

    Flashing urself isn't legal either

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