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Added Nov 24 2017

Neighbor running an illegal auto-shop from his garage.2-3 cars parked around his house. Since the garage is full of shop equipment & cars, this means at least 5-6 cars are parked on the street outside his house and mine. Loud noise throughout the day, fuel and oil smell, improper disposal of hazardous liquids, no fire extinguishers observed, no permit in window. Constant drop offs of cars or snowblowers and lawn mowers, back yard trashed. equipment everywhere and covered up with brown materials. Smell, noise, illegal activity in this beautiful neighborhood. Police called in several times since the owner is verbally abusive and threatening that he is gonna kill or "take care of us" if we complain. Went to alderman for 60634 zip code and was told to keep complaining and calling 911 every time the neighbor is doing an illegal activity. Attended a meeting at Portage Park with CPD and they said that city will send extra police rounds if needed. Any advice will be appreciated.

  • Phill Unfair suspension without reason. No rules broken

    You should go and tell them that you're upset about the situation.

  • Care to give an address?

  • Call the IRS, I'm sure they're not paying taxes. EPA of Illinois would like to know of toxic dumping. The alderman should be more proactive, keep complaining, get other neighbors involved.

  • Dogwalker is right...the Alderman needs to step up.

  • 311 report & I'd be a permanent fixture at my Aldermans

  • Carol Anderson 36th ward resident

    This problem should have been taken care of after your first call to the alderman and police. Neighborhoods begin to disintegrate when practices like these are ignored and allowed to fester. We have enough unaddressed city code violations already and the thought that this blatant disregard for the city codes and EPA rules is not being taken care of immediately is disheartening.

  • 4232 N McVicker Ave Chicago IL 60634.
    I will call EPA and our alderman said keep on complaining to the city.

  • Michael McDonough Resident of BelCragin

    And the aldergoof says keep calling 911 well then someone doesn't want to be reelected

  • Let's help out a good neighbor and call the alderman's office.

    Alderman info:
    Ward 38
    Alderman Nicholas Sposato
    Office Address:
    3821 North Harlem Avenue
    Ward Phone:

  • There is also one in the alley between Monitor and Menard south of Cullom.

  • Report to 311 or on line, this practice is in violation of city code.

    There also is one on the east side of the 4100 block of Mango

  • Had same situation they were running an auto body shop out of their garage smelled paint all day with the lacquer they used call the EPA myself somebody came out and close them down forget your alderman all they do is sit there collect there fat paycheck and do nothing

  • Why should you have to keep calling 911 when you've already notified the Alderman's office multiple times? If this is happening in his Ward and it is illegal, he should be taking care of it. You calling the city multiple times does not equal the pull that one call from the Alderman can. His office needs to address the situation.

  • paul in jefferson jefferson park resident

    I know many people that repair cars in their garage,never any problems with neighbors, they do it right and some actually buy shops later once they establish clientele.

  • I never had a problem with the neighbors doing his side job in garage but it got out of hand when he spilled some oil on my back yard, his wife sprayed my 4 year old niece with some chemical out the window of their house when we were walking on my sidewalk what if it was hot boiling water. They verbally abuse and threaten other neighbors and their alcoholic son got into a physical fight with another neighbor. Its unsafe to go out sometimes and when you call 911 it takes the police 45 min to get to the scene and by that time they pack up and hide and police officers won't do anything but fill report.

  • Phill Unfair suspension without reason. No rules broken
  • paul in jefferson jefferson park resident

    Did you call police and file a report.

  • Michael McDonough Resident of BelCragin

    Wow and Alderman Sposato was always a proactive man.He always helps the fundraiser each year at Vaughn high school .I don't understand why he isn't taking your neighborhood concerns seriously. What is happening there is a genuine issue and needs to be addressed now

  • paul in jefferson jefferson park resident

    Call 911 every time , cops are staying away hoping the problem will disappear,. Sound as if these people are more guilty of harassing neighbors than car repair being the problem.

  • Call the various local news people such as :

  • Sposato may not be doing anything if that's where he's getting his cars repaired; for free; wink wink, nudge nudge........

  • Sposato is useless. Brought some complaints to him and he brushed them off. Best to ogo over him or the newspaper. The key is total neighbor involvement and being the squeeky wheel.

  • You just have to give Sposato a bigger envelope than this neighbor. All pencil neck Sposato cares about is his two city pensions.

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