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Added Nov 19 2012

Yesterday morning between 7:00 & 7:30am we went through the drive through at DD and got no response...we drove through noticed all the lights we on decided to park and go inside for coffee...after standing at the counter for nearly 7 minutes and yelling to try and get some service no one responded...we decided to leave and after getting in the car and about to back up the parking lot was filled with police cars asking if we seen anyone leaving or anything unusual...we were wonder what was more unusual than a busy DD had no one working in it on a Sunday morning. Does anyone know if there was an actual burglary?

  • DarkAngel Lifetime Chicagoan, new Portage Park home owner

    The staff was probably bound and gagged inside. Sorry you didn't get your long john

  • VS in Portage Park Parksidian

    Wow, Dark Angel. A little judgmental, no? What's the right thing to do - go creeping around a seemingly empty Dunkin Donuts and maybe stumbling into a crime or leaving and calling 911?

  • DarkAngel Lifetime Chicagoan, new Portage Park home owner

    VS not judgmental The OP went to great lengths to describe the lack of service, when a simple post asking if anything happened at the Dunkin Doughnuts would have sufficed.

  • call 911 first, always call first. that way if the bad guys get a hold of you at least you know help is on the way, there is no way to know the bad guys are still there or not and if you walk into the back they may just be waiting to kill you, like they might have everyone else. wait outside and take note of any cars/trucks or people leaving the area. try to keep the operator on the line till police arrive if possible.

  • @dark angel for someone who lacks attention for detail...maybe you missed the part where I said "went in for coffee" not a longjohn...considering the police would not let us stick around was a concerned community member wondering if they were robbed or hurt.

  • Watchful Eye Portage Park Resident

    Scary, I go into that DD all the time. Dark Angel, tacky, real tacky!

  • As knowledgable as some people think they are you cant rate service if your not getting any...if we had walked in and a full staff was standing around without helping anybody i would have the right to discuss crappy service however that wasn't the case.

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  • I've always taught the kids not to go into a fast food or convience store if they can't see the clerk. They know to wait outside and if they don't see someone after a minute or so to call 911. Better the cops show up and it is a false alarm, then time is wasted if it is a crime taking place.

    Just for your own safety, you don't know what you're walking into when you can't see the workers in the store.

  • Watchful Eye Portage Park Resident

    exactly! hope everything was ok.

  • so anyone know what happened that no one was there or are we still debating the long john/ coffee thing?

  • Luci in Rogers Park Dog Lover, living in Rogers Park for 26 years

    I hope the workers are ok. Didn't see or hear anything on the news about this.This is kind of odd!!

  • Serously, no one answered the question about what happened...

  • Watchful Eye Portage Park Resident

    if anything happened, it will be in the neighborhood news paper

  • Melissa M Life-time Portage Parker

    I frequent that store quite often and the manager is so nice. There's always several people working there so it's definitely odd that not one employee was around. I hope nothing serious happened.

  • Alex Mom, coffee lover, 5k runner.

    Ask the manager next time you stop by :)

  • DarkAngel Lifetime Chicagoan, new Portage Park home owner

    @Macspack4, I apologize for my comment. I missed the part about the Police being in the parking lot as you were leaving.

    However, i don't think my comment warranted being called "ignorant." I hope name calling isn't the knee jerk reaction people use to resolve their differences in Portage Park.

  • Watchful Eye Portage Park Resident

    well maybe you shouldn't joke about something like that.

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  • ok, from what i hear it was an attempted robbery, someone came in with a mask and what appeared to be a gun. the associates ran out of the store and called the cops.

  • Watchful Eye Portage Park Resident

    That's sad just glad it was a failed attempt

  • SAS Longtime 45th ward resident

    Hope they catch the bad guy

  • Melissa M Life-time Portage Parker

    Seriously... that's some scary stuff! I can't blame the employees for running out and being afraid to return.

    @Mac - Sounds like you got there about a few seconds after the action. Thank goodness you missed it and were able to walk out safely.

  • Yeah this is crazy, they need to get rid of the pay phone in the Shell station that brings nothing but drug dealings to that location.

  • Seriously? How crappy is the dealer if he can't afford a prepaid cell?

  • Vincent

    I didn't know pay phones existed outside movies more than a decade old.

  • rache53 christian science

    radio shack has police scanners they are very helpful. all the postings are true. sometimes it gets so bad and active on the streets i get ideas that i think that the national guards or state marshal's need to step in and help.

  • i think all the vigilante types are in the southern states, too bad we get a lot of people that move here from Wisconsin and Michigan, etc. i cannot remember the last time i seen a vigilante story in chicago. there are many forms of vigilantism that are non violent, such as videotaping bad guys in criminal acts and submitting it to the authorities to be charged (an example "john tv" (you tube)). the issue is if a charles bronson type came on the scene serial killing bad guys he would be caught in a couple days, whereas a gang member killing people or serial robber of burglar can go years without being caught.

  • Vincent

    Inactive, that is the premise of Dexter on Showtime -- a killer who only kills other killers.

  • @vince, i never seen it, since don't have alternative or cable tv, but i heard the show was very popular. must be like most tv, if you are not doing it, your watching it.

  • Vincent

    There was a scary attempted robbery at Sweet Connection bakery, Luckily it was foiled and no employees hurt. Rounding people up into the cooler brings back unpleasant memories of Brown's Chicken in Palatine,,0,1785962.story

  • kenji Find us here -->

    How much loot can a commercial bakery have laying around? Weird.

  • well, they do have a lot of dough!

  • bread too

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