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Added Nov 13 2017

At about 12:40am early Monday I hear what sounded like gunshots. 1 shot then followed by 7 after. Did anyone else hear this? I call 911 to be on the safe side I told them it sounded like it came from the direction of Diversey and Troy st.

  • I heard them- at least the 2nd round. I called 911, pointed to @ troy and George. Thank you for posting and calling, too!

  • heard the shots on troy as well. I ended up talking to the police officers when they where walking on the street with their flashlights shining all over the street. They were looking for shell casings and possible cars being hit up and down troy to diversy.

  • Yep - it was right by our house. About 5 cars had been hit, one with its back window busted out, and quite a few shell casing were found. It was very loud and scary!

  • Thanks for the reply! Super scary. Saw all the glass this morning.

  • thank you, everybody. where DID this happen? was it at Troy & George? Troy & Diversey?

  • Would say middle of the block from George to diversey based on the police and glass.

  • thank you, @ Lumber Jack!

  • Any news on whether this was targeted or random?

  • dem love my hood

    It woke us up and I called 911, then we watched while the cops walked the street. It was very loud. I just read a guy was shot on Kedzie while driving but he seems to have survived. No news on catching the shooters that I can find.

  • Is this the incident or another one? This doesn't mention shooting on Troy, just Diversey. I can't figure out what alley "west of diversey" they could be talking about.

    Monday’s first shooting was a drive-by attack in the Logan Square neighborhood on the Northwest Side. A 35-year-old man was in a car stopped at a light about 12:30 a.m. in the 2800 block of North Kedzie, police said. Someone in an eastbound car in an alley west of Diversey fired shots, striking him in the head and back of the neck. He took himself to Community First Medical Center and was then transferred to Illinois Masonic Medical Center, where his condition stabilized.

  • @Ms Logan, my guess is they are talking about the alley NORTH of Diversey that runs parallel to Diversey, behind Lost Lake and Bric a Brac, or behind the laundromat if they mean the other side of Kedzie-- which would make sense for an eastbound car.

  • bigbadron sorry.

    yeah, i'm trying to figure out what exactly happened. we just got back from a vacation and found out our car was hit. judging by the trajectory, it looks like the shots went north from Diversey. our neighbor said the shots were loud enough as if they were in the alley. regardless if the shots were from the alley or Diversey, the CBS story doesn't make sense. so either they messed up the report, or the guy who was shot was lying about what happened.

  • I’m so sorry your car was hit! The story had it wrong - The shots definitely happened on Troy, I think the guys were heading south, two cars shooting at eathother, as cars windows were shot out from the front and back.

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