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Added Nov 11 2017

Hey neighbors! My husband returned to his car after a workout to find a young man rummaging through the trunk of our car. The young man then got into an awaiting car and they drove off slowly. Yes, my husband called the police but he hasn't heard anything regarding filing a report, go figure.

  • Drove off slowly? The nerve! This isn't the first time I heard about people breaking into cars in the Xsport lot. I haven't (fortunately) had a problem thus far, and I've been going there since it opened. Can't believe with so many coming and going to and from the gym and even Portage Grounds, that some have the nerve to try to break into cars.

  • Deutsch portage36

    i talked to someone yesterday. said his locker was broken into at this export. they cut the lock and took his belongings

  • Debeb 48 year Portage Park resident

    He should go to the police station and tell them he wants to make a report.

  • I'll assume that since the guy who broke into the car drove off slowly, your husband had plenty of time to get the license plate number. He should go to the 16th district station make the report and give them the number so that this doesn't continue.

  • Geeez .... Criminals really feel some entitlement these days it’s disgusting and more needs to be done to these people other than just getting taken to the station and fingerprinted all those steps then just slapped on the hand with some probation time just to repeat. I am sure your husband was just shocked at first and didn’t know what to do and who knows what they have them and will hurt someone or even the worse shoot you over trying to get them away from your things or not to take your stuff more so. It’s just horrible I know it’s everywhere but Chicago has become so bad and criminals just don’t care anymore cuz they know nothing will happen to them. Until the days they start messing with someone who is carrying and act in self defense but then the riots will start cuz the victim shoots someone and then it’s a huge mess and there people
    Come out saying they weren’t bad or in gangs just innocent but breaking into cars homes etc stealing stuff ummm that’s not
    Innocent to me but like I said they feel some entitlement and feel they can and should be able to take other people’s things cuz they just want it and don’t want to work for it or feel people who buy stuff can buy more and they should be able to have it cuz this “world” has not been fair to them and been done wrong by everyone it’s just b.s and hopefully karma will be served but already is they have to live with there evil heart and lies and have to be answered for sometime in there life. Sorry tho for sure for that it’s truly not fair. Guess we all just have to be ready for that so we are not shocked and have stuff ready to write down descriptions and all that just assume it could happen in this world today.

  • A theft from auto in Chicago? I'm shocked. Shocked I tell you. This has never happened before. Who shall we blame?

  • That’s not nice of course it happens all the time in Chicago and all over. It’s just always shocking and makes people upset when it happens to them you know and I am glad they share helps us all to remember to be aware.

  • laura wasn't looking for anything other than to notify us and remind us to use care and caution.

    thanks, laura.

  • Maggiemay 45 year resident @ PP

    There's just more n more PUNKS in this neighborhood. The police should start profiling everyone

  • My son has had 2 thefts at different XSport locations from the lockers... I think they are running their own theft ring myself... they don't give a rat about doing anything about it either... one was Lakeview and the other was either Portage or Norridge... I mean you have cameras, why are you not catching the scumbags doing this? Pathetic!

  • Jennifer...Cameras in locker rooms is a no no

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