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Added Nov 11 2017

Hey neighbors, just letting you know that my catalytic converter was stolen off my Jeep parked on Mozart. I filed a police report, but I wanted you all to be on the lookout. There has been a wave of this crime on the NW side

  • ward greenleaf Smokey and the Bandit, Hooper, Cannonball Run...

    Mozart and...?

  • Beethoven St.

  • That was just a joke.

  • Rebecca Hayes Irving Park Neighbor

    Belle Plaine

  • LG

    Wish they'd shut down the places that buy the stolen converters. It cost my son over 1200 to replace his, plus a day off work because from out of town. If they rang the bell I'd have given them $50.00 to not steal mine.

  • NC Parent North Center Parent

    Ours was stolen last month also off our Honda CRV (parked on Hoyne between Irving Park and Byron) in North Center.
    Police report valued the crime at less than $500, but our repair cost over $2K (thieves destroyed other components in the cutting process), so the crime stats and effect on victim (time/work lost) is definitely undervalued. I called police detective who had no suggestions - just said it's happening a lot - not much they can do.
    Agree the city needs to go after the metal buyers, but there are others who profit from this too. Mechanic told me not to worry if it happens again since insurance should cover it. Everyone pays for this in rising insurance rates. So maddening.
    To all the thieves out there, I would give you $50 cash to leave my vehicle alone!

  • Eileen Dimberg Like our neighborhood people are friendly.

    Ours was stolen last year it cost 200 or a little more to have it replaced,insurance wouldn't cover it , we took it to Pulaski and Berteau ,not sure if they can help but Worth checking

  • Insurance may not have covered it because your deductible for comprehensive coverage may have been more than $200, you may not have had proper coverage or something else with the policy. I worked in auto insurance for 38 years. I know we paid if coverage was on vehicle.

  • Eileen Dimberg Like our neighborhood people are friendly.

    Car over ten years so just basic coverage,

  • MGirl MGirl

    Just beware, they will probably get you again since they know it's a brand new converter. Mine was stolen twice in 3 months. I know others that had there's taken twice as well.

  • I had mine stolen about 3 years ago but had it replaced with an "after market" converter instead of an "OEM" converter because it was much cheaper and also was told it contains only about 10% of the precious metals the thieves want (compared with original equipment). The mechanic said if the thieves knew what they were looking at, it wouldn't get stolen since it wasn't worth it compared to converters with much more precious metal content. So consider getting the "cheap" converters. They perform just as well.

  • The city didn't seem to be interested in a 'law' that said that you had to have the car WITH in order to get $ for it....the threads in the past mention the 'clamps' that deter them but it just goes on and on....and yes, my whole car was stolen for the cat....

  • House-Frau Homemaker, mom, animal lover

    2 cat. converts on my Street(just West of Fullerton/Western)were stolen@100 in The PM(!)beginning of last week. Nobody cares. In CA, if caught, since value is over 500$, instant felony&if your 3rd one, mandatory 20 years in prison. Here, Cops don't care either because nothing is done to thieves in courts.
    How can we bring "3 Strikes" to Illinois?

  • paul in jefferson jefferson park resident

    Go into the converters business

  • ward greenleaf Smokey and the Bandit, Hooper, Cannonball Run...

    Rebecca, that pocket gets hammered

  • An attempt was made on a borrowed vehicle (stepmom's 2001 Chevy Venture) A good Samaritan scared the thugs away. Happened back in July AFTER sunrise near Milwaukee/Devon on Raven. Minivans, SUV's and pickups are of particular interest as are pre-2011 vehicles. Higher profile vehicles are easier to victimize and pre-2011 have more precious metals. I've also heard that Hondas are of particular interest to these losers...not sure why.

  • Is it illegal to wrap barbed- or razor wire around your cat and exhaust pipes?

  • Eileen Dimberg Like our neighborhood people are friendly.

    Shovel poop under the car so he has to lay in it to get the cat ,

  • My nephew’s was stolen 2 years ago at St. Louis and Elston. He bought the cheap one also and has had no problem with it. And as someone else said, they will not steal that one.

  • paul in jefferson jefferson park resident

    I don't believe its illegal and who cares, its illegal to steal someones property.

  • MGirl MGirl

    You can have a non-EOM put on your car but my car is still under warranty, it could void anything covered.

  • A to Z Auto Service, Inc. Female Co-Owned Auto Repair Shop

    Many of our customers have had the Cat Clamp installed with good success. Perhaps someone who has one and is on this thread can attest to it's efficacy?

  • MetroCyclist Food Crazy 9YR Inde Park/Albany Park Resident.

    Geeze, how frustrating!! Fortunately, I have a secure parking spot, so no CAT issues here in 12 years!!

    However, I did catch a guy (he had multiple tattoos and wore a white t-shirt and a bandana....not sure, 'might' have been a gang member) trying to steal my truck in my 'secure parking spot'. It was the middle of the day. If that wasn't enough, he was clutching his belly around the waist band to what appeared to be a gun.

  • So how did you scare him off???

  • MetroCyclist Food Crazy 9YR Inde Park/Albany Park Resident.

    Kittyhop in Logan Square, I was standing at my rear kitchen window while on an important phone call, when I saw the perpetrator inside my truck. I yelled out as loud as I could and pounded on my window, which startled both the customer service representative and the a-hole in my truck. I ran out my backdoor towards my truck when he ran down the alley while clutching his, what looked like, a gun peering out of his shirt. I had left my vehicle unlocked (not any more), just to avoid damage to my vehicle in situations like this.

  • WOW!!That is quite something...and yes, scary that he might have had a gun....

    (The guy from the service that jumped my car today had a gun in his belt..that ISN"T why I gave him a tip however...)< that's a joke...but he did have a gun..

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