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Added Nov 02 2017

Had some decent wood Adirondack chairs in the front yard for a couple of years - one day after Halloween they were stolen. These are heavy wooden chairs that would have required a vehicle to move. Who steals chairs?

  • Ottoknowman, chairs so heavy that you should be able to chaise them down?

  • "Who steals chairs?"

    well, there are people in portage park that paint them, chain them to trees, tell you not to sit on them and call them art. so yeah, strange new world.

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  • TX Girl Loving Chicago

    That sucks - I loved those chairs and I was always encouraged that you had them out front!

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  • I have a bench out front... I drove 3ft steel fence stakes into the ground and screwed my bench into those.

  • ANGIE belmont garden resident 42 yrs

    I HAD a nice bench in front and I have a iron fence locked in the front
    and some YAHOO also stole it. They would have 2 climb over the fence and then back
    and the bench was cheap but I liked it in the summer.

  • smartypants Be Nice

    People stole our metal garden fencing (the tiny kind that you just stick into the ground.) Sad. I'm sorry this happened to you. We even had to drill our front planters into the concrete to keep them from being stolen. Don't give up. Just chain them down.

  • K in North Center longtime North Side resident

    Sorry to read this, Tom. Hope you are able to get new ones as well as a way to keep them secure.

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