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Added Nov 02 2017

Did anyone else hear what sounded like 5 gunshots just before 2am this morning? It seemed to be around Balmoral and Sheridan.

  • johnny Watch and scan

    I leave next store. Heard shots too

  • d3 NOH

    Rough down there boys !

  • Nan

    It is NOT rough at that location, d3. It's unusual to hear gunshots near Sheridan/Balmoral. I heard them, too. I listened to police scanner, and could only make out something about an alley - but no specific mention of gunshots, although there was a lot of static, so I may have missed it. There was no sense of urgency in the conversation between dispatcher and officers, but they may just be used to this kind of report.

  • d3 NOH

    A good dispatcher will never show a sense of urgency

  • Nan

    Then they must have some 'not good' dispatchers, because I've heard a very different tone (by both dispatchers and officers they're communicating with) when there's an active shooter or a pursuit in progress.

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  • I heard it, not sure it was gunshots though. I didn't hear any sirens afterwards so I assumed it was firecrackers or something.

  • Sullivan21 Edgewater Beach Resident, Good Person

    I heard them, I was up at the time. The security guard at the Park Tower (black building) called them in. I saw him flagging down the police SUV as it drove by. They went into the alley between Park Tower and Breakers afterward and I lost sight from my window.

    A second undercover police SUV went in and out of nooks and crannies (e.g. my parking garage area). Nothing came of it from what I saw, but I did see patrol cars surveying Sheridan for a few hours afterward.

  • Nan

    It definitely sounded like gunshots. I don't think it was that close to Park Tower - or in the driveway between the two buildings. It really sounded like it was west of Sheridan - but I could be wrong, given the way sound sometimes travels.

  • I hope everyone who heard what they thought might be gunshots called the police. Please be responsible enough to immediately call police. If you are concerned enough to post on EB, please do something that can actually help stop crime and call the police.

  • My wife and I were up talking when we heard the shots. We called the police instantaneously. From where we are we could not see anything. But it sounded like the shots were coming from Sheridan and Balmoral.

  • Orange is the new DEGENERATE

    There was also 5 gunshots this last Friday at the same time around Wolcott and Touhy friends said.

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