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Added May 25 2018

Here is a very interesting Op-Ed piece publishing in Washington DC "the Hill" by Chicago based Black American, Jamaican immigrant Jason D. Hill - an honors professor of philosophy at DePaul University.

Professor Hill argues that Chicago's criminal street gangs have created fiefdoms where they are extorting regular citizens offering "protection" from their own robbers, rapists and killers. He is calling on President Trump to bring in Federal law enforcement including armed troops.

"We teach, as we should, the values of self-reliance and personal responsibility. But those virtues needs a clean space to thrive and flourish, a place where an innocent 13-year-old Hispanic girl trying to earn some extra money as a babysitter is exempt from having to negotiate with extortionist gang-bangers who extract half her earnings from her under the pretense of protecting her life and her virginity. In Chicago, some neighborhoods are overseen by gangs that ought to be viewed as operators of terror cells, nihilistic institutional organizations that invade the sphere of civilized life. These gangs have declared themselves above the law. "

Whether you agree or disagree with Dr. Hill, please pass this around and encourage others in our city and in places of power (Washington DC) to honestly look at the crime situation in our city. What should we do?

    Mr. President, please send the troops to Chicago
    President Trump Donald John Trump Comey: Trump's 'Spygate' claims are made up Trump taps vocal anti-illegal immigration advocate for State Dept's top refugee job Seattle Seahawks player: Trump is 'an idiot' for saying protesting NFL players 'shouldn't be in the country' MORE , during your presidential campaign you made a promise to send federal troops to drain the swamp in Washington, D.C.
  • Couldn't be more right if he tried ... it's really quite astonishing how so many within the community will defend these cultural collapses (all under the guise of "systematic racism") -- meanwhile these same communities continue to witness what amounts to a genocide while they blame the cops for their problems. That's exactly why there's been such an influx of black conservatives rising up and raising their voices as of late. REAL black leaders are tired of the charade, the empty promises and the empty "prayers" ... and it's about time.

  • jaye els Returned to Hyde Park Kenwood


    There have been a few Black Conservatives rising up and raising their voices, but not very many and some of these voices can't really fall under the category of "Conservative" - these were rap singers.

    Still we'll take sanity and honesty where we can find it.

    There apparently was a solid pro police protest this week at City Hall, met by the usual assortment of #*$&@ including one (rather good looking) woman who spat on the police.

  • @Jaye -- Black conservatives are nothing new (see Thomas Sowell). And I'm not talking about any rappers here.

    Larry Elder did an explosive interview a few years back that's a must see (link below).

    The whole Kayne thing you seem to be referencing was actually started with his complementing of Candace Owens ... who's not a rapper at all.

    Yes, it's a small movement, but the point is it's growing (and fast!).

  • If everyone is clear what "bring in the troops" means and EVERYONE is willing to have his/her personal liberties curtailed, then let's give it a shot. I don't want certain neighborhoods singled out; this is a Chicago problem. Be mindful of the effect on tourism and business development like Amazon also, which is a big concern for some in Chicago. As long as the playing field is level, I'm fine with it.

  • jaye els Returned to Hyde Park Kenwood

    Thanks Ria Rai,

    I just go with the idea that Chicago is a City like other cities and towns in the USA or in other countries. Our problems with crime are not unique - let's look at how other cities are handling things or not doing so well.

    New York City and Los Angeles have been doing well with crime since the mid 1990s. London England has fallen down and for the first time since the year 1800, London had more murders than New York City. In London, the thugs use knives instead of guns like here in our Chicago.

    I hope everyone has a safe Memorial day weekend.

  • Rai - What are the stats on who is killed in this city every year? What are the stats on who is convicted for the violent crime in this city every year? What you’re saying is great for running for office, or for keeping things nice and politically correct. But I don’t think the cops need to stop and frisk little old asian grandmas .... or white surburban college kids from DePaul. Not because they’re NOT black, but because they’re NOT the ones being systematically murdered on the streets.

    At a certain point, black Chicagoans are going to have to ask themselves a real question: what’s more offensive? Hurt feelings, or dead bodies?

    I would think that’s a pretty easy question to answer, but apparently not.

  • @Douglas I agree that every household, every community should address it's issues. It's interesting that you seem to think that Black people are the only ones committing crimes. As a Cook County Adult Probation Officer, I am quite aware that criminal behavior does not have a color and, so you know, being white efforts protection from the police and the criminal justice system. For example, it's illegal to ride a bicycle on the sidewalk if the person is older than 12 but the only arrests I've ever seen have been Black people though numerous white people do this daily. By the way, some of you white people need to get a hold of these school shooters since those young people are predominantly white. Or making opioids an addiction now that it affects white children and they go to rehab when Black children go to prison for the same issue. Now, if the conversation could be about community instead of widening the racial divide, maybe there would be more progress. But it doesn't seem like you're interested in that or the truth about this racially inequitable society in which we live. Class and race matter, and if you're not white or middle class you're in trouble. Period.

  • @Ria - You noticed I said “violent” crime, right??? And you want to talk about riding bikes on the sidewalk? Seriously???

    This is EXACTLY my point, this is exactly why we can’t have tough conversations. No where, not even once, did I suggest the notion that “only black people commit crime”, and to imply otherwise is offensive.

    Social inequality is an important conversation to have, too. But your assertion that “if you’re not white or middle class you’re in trouble” is also baseless.

    Chinatown has extremely high levels of poverty with a majority in that community living below the poverty line. Yet, their local crime rates remain some of the LOWEST in the city. And if you correct the stats for “violent” crime, those levels get even lower.

    Why is that? Will you honestly sit there and say culture doesn’t have any contributing factor in these numbers? As if simply throwing more money at the situation will actually solve it — a tactic we’ve already been doing for a generation with little-to-no results!

    We’re close to hitting the 20 mark for shootings just this weekend alone (we’ve probably already surpassed that with last night’s totals) ... but let’s talk about jay walking next. Or, maybe a school shooting out in Cali ... yeah, that’s the ticket! That will get us on the right path. Meanwhile ... more will die because calling out numbers and facts in this city is deemed “racist” ... wash and repeat.

  • @Douglas if you noticed, my 1st sentence said households and communities need to address their issues. I have difficult conversations every day. And yes, there are violent people/criminals of ALL ethnicities. I brought some facts to light re the system which appears to offend you. Let me be more transparent-a community that has been abused by a system won't trust it, hence my mentioning arrests for riding bicycles on the sidewalk. I have been a part of law enforcement for over 28 years, I know what's "baseless" and class & race definitely are far from that. I didn't ask for 1 penny to be thrown at the problem. Let's do this-you handle your household and I'll handle mine. If you'd like to have a real discussion, I'm available to meet for tea (I don't drink coffee).

  • There are no “system” facts that you’ve highlighted which have offended me. Implying that I’m a racist is what’s offensive. “Racist”, would be me not caring to have this conversation in the first place. “Racist” would be me burying my head in the sand and acting as if there’s not a problem (a tactic too many in this city are already doing - hence the epedemic we’re facing!)

    “You handle your household, I’ll handle mine” — Sorry, but THAT’S the problem!

    I don’t see us as being “separate” households. We’re ONE community and we’ll only solve these problems together. I want to see black communities thriving, I want to see black equity raised in this city. And dare I say, I want to see a Chicago where we’re finally integrated and we don’t even have to say “black” community ... or “white” community, etc.

    We’re ONE Chicago, and acting like we’re “different,” is what has set these problems off in the first place.

    I can admit there are “system” problems, but blacks don’t want to admit there are also “cultural” problems. It’s a two-way street, and for far too long one side has been highjacking the conversation. That’s exactly what the above article was referencing (if we can get back on topic). Black conservatives are finally raising their voices and saying enough is enough. And that’s a good thing.

  • House-Frau Homemaker, mom, animal lover

    Douglas - if you run for public office, I will vote for you.

  • @House — Bah! :)

    We need a whole new awakening in the conversation before something like that could happen. Unfortunately, politicians (on every side) only get elected these days by pandering to what people want to hear vs what the actual truth is.

  • House-Frau Homemaker, mom, animal lover

    Amen to that!
    People - realize there are A-holes in every race, color, creed, religion, socio-economic status etc. Let’s Stop being so damned overly sensitive, politically correct&solve this problem that’s tearing this city apart!!

  • Yes, stop trying to fix the blame and fix the problem!

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