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Added May 24 2018

My 85-year-old mother (near 62nd & Mason) received a visit today from a guy who said his name is Mike Diaz and a female companion. He provided a phone number of 773-312-7675, but not on a business card; my mother wrote down his name and number. I've been calling all afternoon, but it just rings and rings -- no answer, no voice mail.

He talked about her chimney needing some work and some loose shingles on the roof, and said he could come back the next day to fix it. All she had to do was give him some cash up front to buy the necessary supplies for the repairs. Fortunately, she told them she had no money and that her daughter handled that kind of thing for her. Unfortunately, she let them into the house for a few minutes. No harm done this time, except to my blood pressure level.

Talk to your old people and tell them to trust no one, no matter how "nice" and "talkative" and "pleasant" they seem to be, and not to let strangers into their homes!

  • A message to all senior citizens, DO NOT LET NOBODY IN YOUR HOME, BETTER YET CALL THE POLICE

  • A message that cannot be stress enough to our seniors and in general. There are some heartless people out there. People who get up in the morning to hurt other people.

    Be safe!!!!!!!

  • TheresaJ GarfieldRidge girl

    Gypsies got my elderly parents for a grand for the exact scam. They were caught, but I doubt they’ll ever get their money back. Cops say it’s rampant in Chicago. Just remember: if you didn’t call them, send them packing. No solicitors!

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