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Added May 13 2018

Does anyone know what was going on last night around 4:00am on the corner of Racine and Roscoe? Hoping that everyone is okay!

  • Well not doing anything about the noise is unacceptable. Being part of a community is if something is going on that I can trust that my neighbors will report it. If you hear something do something, call the police.

  • Well I heard about the event happening the next day... Otherwise I would have reported it

  • Way to attack Flamingo without knowing the facts.

  • I know only the facts I was given. I will make my statement based of that. Even if I come off being in the wrong, I still stand by my message. If people want answers maybe they should be as detailed as possible in their posts. Sorry for hurting you feelings, George.

  • No feelings hurt at all. But you say you make statements based on the facts given? You mean the whole 2 sentences? Maybe ask a question first before coming across as a condescending know it all. Not very neighborly.

  • It's not my responsibility to dig for more information. If someone makes a post and doesn't want to be called out then they provide all the details of their situation.If my assumption based off of the limited information is that the person isn't doing their duty as a neighbor I will go ahead and call it out. If I'm incorrect then so be it but if I'm right hopefully that person will learn from it.

    I assumed the original poster heard the screams as they were happening so I made my statement. Get over it and give more information beforehand next time.

  • Citizen Pain Citizen Pain

    Whhhaaaa fest.

  • Ha! Aren't you a treat. Glad we aren't neighbors. Makes a post and doesn't want to get called out. Get over yourself. Sorry you were bullied in school.

  • robin in WRP I support a 28th Amendment 4Free & Fair Elections!

    Did you call 911? Try checking with your CAPS facilitator.

  • George, we are neighbors. Why are you assuming on a comment thread about screaming that another poster was bullied in school? How could you assume that when you didn't even ask any questions? You're just coming off as a condescending know it all. You have contributed absolutely nothing substantial to this post. Thanks for wasting everyone's time. Let's grill out soon.

  • I dont live in Lakeview.

  • George and Flamingo...knock it off - you sound like squabbling 10-year olds.

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