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Added Mar 31 2017

I moved to my current apartment on the corner of Albany and Wabansia 2 years ago.
I have noticed a huge increase in gang activity in this area. Gangs are tagging buildings in greater numbers. Three cars were broken into over the last 3 months. I hear a number of gunshots many nights out of the week. There was a murder in front of the apartment building on Albany and Wabansia about a year ago. Does anyone know what is going on? Is this normal?

  • Nothing about that sounds normal. Sorry you are having to go thru this. Do you call on EVERYTHING? Do you know neighbors that can call as well? Could you talk to the police district and ask for 'special attention' in your area?
    Again, sorry!

  • Be careful......

  • I live about a block away (for 3 years) and I'm afraid you might be confused. I haven't heard gunshots in any frequency for the past two years, nothing like the first year. Things are incredibly calm. The shooting last year and the anniversary this year were by far the worst occurrences, but tagging is down, shootings are down (maybe you're hearing fireworks?) and loitering/gang activity is down. And we live on a very active corner. Graffiti happens but if you report it, to the city - or to the tenants if it's on private property so they can report it to the landlord - it goes away fast which is half the battle. They put it up as a recruiting tactic. If you still have concerns I suggest you go to your local CAPS meeting once a month usually held at the library on Troy. I can't speak for what the summer might hold but I would suggest getting to know your neighbors and texting/calling each other when you think it's gunshots. Usually people learn to tell the difference and they can help you learn. (Yea Chicago!)

  • Aida G Humboldt Park Area

    I live down the street wabansia and spaulding and I find it's much quieter this year than last, but you are in a old latin king hang out spot that isnt completely died out yet, there was a murder there like you said and it probably sparked up a revenge war.

  • I'm also a few blocks away and haven't noticed any uptick. Last year was way worse in terms of gunfire and gang activity, IMO. If you are hearing gunshots at night, though, please call them in every time. Talking to the 14th district CAPS officers or attending the best meetings can also be helpful. I have found them to be quite candid about what is / isn't going on in the neighborhood. They can also provide updates on specific incidents.



  • RDelaurentis Concerned renter

    I haven't called in any gunshots to the police. I am sure they are gunshots as I was in the military and know what gunfire sounds like. Two of my friends had their cars broken into as well over the last two months. It is not safe here for person or property. I wouldn't advise anyone to live in this neighborhood.

    I think I will take the easy way out and move when my lease expires. I would rather pay more rent and live in a safer neighborhood.

  • Gunfire sounds diff between buildings/in the city. Cars broken into sucks, but people usually leave things out that they shouldn't and it's easy pickings at 4am. Not excusing it but that happens everywhere in the city. Either way if you were sure they were gunshots you should have called them in. The police can't do anything if no one reports it. Maybe whoever moves in after you will work harder to make the neighborhood safer by being an active part of it. Good luck. Maybe Schaumburg? Hear Naperville has nice parts. You just have to worry about spoiled teenage heroin addicts breaking into cars. :)


    RDelaurentis posts like FEFG.

  • RDelaurentis Concerned renter

    Ha! This neighborhood can't be fixed and it's not worth the effort. Everyone has different expectations and standards about what they want from life. I don't mean to sound conceited but there are far better neighborhoods in Chicago to live in. Yes, they cost more. You pay for what you get in this life. There are many nice units in Humboldt Park. It's too bad it's infested with criminals and low lifes. I know many people who move into this area because they expect it to be better from gentrification. Most of them move right back out after their lease expires. I assume it would be much worse for females as well. I am a 6ft guy so it may not be as dangerous for me.

    And YES. I heard gunshots as well as others in my building. I did not call it in because frankly it will do no good. The cops will ask if I saw anything or where the gunshots came from. I didn't see anything and I can point them in the general area the gunshots came from. It's just a waste of time. We are afraid of the thugs we see hanging out at the corner of Albany and Wabansia. What is that about???? Why don't the cops follow them? This is too crazy and not worth my time.

  • If you call them in and they get several calls they can pinpoint the exact location. Science.
    And civil rights dude. Can't just stop and interrogate black kids bc you think they look thuggish. 6 foot white dudes are far more likely to be carrying drugs anyway, which is all the cops would harass and arrest the kids for.
    Maybe you should have gotten to know your neighbors, 99% of them are fantastic, caring people.

    Good riddance to you. Peace. Tell the rest of the scared whities I said hello.

  • RDelaurentis Concerned renter

    Good riddance to you sweetheart. Be careful, don't get yourself mugged or shot in good old Humboldt Park. Kiss.


    Don't leave hating, just leave, please. Humboldt Park is getting better every day and will be better when you leave it. Have a nice day.

  • RDelaurentis Concerned renter

    Hey...AbaZaba16...What do you think of the crime scene yellow taped off now at Albany & Wabansia? Cops looking for spent bullets and shells. Nice right?? I should tell those cops I just spoke to that it's only fireworks. Those maggot thugs always come out when it gets warm. Be careful of those fireworks.

  • J-Wahhh Trying to do Everyblock without being a cry baby

    Won't call police because it is a "waste of time" but has all day to post on Everyblock, which does nothing...

  • Lots of hipsters been breaking into cars all threw humboldt park never seen any gang bangers damage there neighbors property

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