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Added Mar 29 2018

Who the hell is shooting their gun around Waveland and Laramie? Heard 3 shots, 2 times tonight/Wednesday morning. At 3am.

The other night i heard a single shot.


  • Paul in jpark you are so right on they are right back out again don’t even get held very long if they carjack you all kinds of loops for them and they know them all then we have to just deal with it. It’s not right and all becuz they feel they can from how they are raised just steal what you want and hurt people who work for stuff they come along and bully with guns and groups of them on a person and get hardly any consequences until their record is extremely long it’s really horrible. A cycle that keeps being raised and breeded ! Chitwngirl heard that the system is weak and should be tougher Chicago lets them get off so easy and the criminals know this so it continues. They take and hurt people they are really cowards and raised horrible. Then when one gets shot in the process of someone sticking up for their stuff or someone breaking into “our” homes they cry that it’s not fair and how could this happen to the one they know cuz they really aren’t bad people . Yeah ok !!

  • Jazzmandel your partially correct. Detroit had a mayor who turned against the police department just because he hated police. So police officers held back on proactive policing and just became reactive police. Hence our police department now.
    Once I find the documentary that I watched which explains what occurred in Detroit besides the fall of motor city I will link it here.

  • Tom Concerned Neighbor

    WhoooDat - CPD is feeling the pain. Look at after the McDonald fiasco and our Mayor didn't back McCarthy or our department. I do agree with you and I think the city will turn into another Detroit because of our politicians, pension debt, sweetheart deals, CPS debt, Rahm Emanuel's CRAZY spending, murders, crime, white flight, forced integration, lack of schools, etc.
    Watch for an Illinois "Constitutional Convention" to change pensions and to allow the state and city to go bankrupt.
    Politicians will win out and start the debt all over again.

  • I find the police in Portage Park and Jefferson Park go out of their ways to be amiable. I haven’t had many encounters with them in the past four years, but the interactions I hav had have been low in tension. Lucky me, maybe they’re not all typically that way, but in my limited experience they are taking it easier, being watchful and polite. Evidently traffic stops in this police district doubled between 2015 and 2016, which makes it seem they are not cowed or reactive rather than proactive.

  • Tom Concerned Neighbor

    Jazz - I agree that the CPD officers are not bad in our neighborhood. But would say their morale is low.
    Please understand that just because someone claims traffic stops are up "double" from one year to another, it doesn't always tell the whole story. We had many PPO's (Probationary Police Officers) right out of the academy being taught from their FTO (Field Training Officer) how to pull someone over, how to write a ticket, how to fill out a "contact card", etc. I would also ask, what did it "double" from? If it went from 10 to twenty that's double, but not significant.
    Please remember Rahm loves to fudge numbers like graduation rates, lower drop-out rates, lower crime rates, etc.

  • Tom, I was reading the stats put out by the 16th district. I can imagine morale being low with the Justice Dept. trying to impose reforms, the state attny gen’l working out a consent decree and bad apples costing the city millions besides tarnishing the CPD’s reputation. But cops are tough and, assuming they’re smart, too, know it’s their task to sustain or regain citizen trust. No one thinks reversing negative stereotypes, however unearned, is easy.

  • Whenever a society victimizes criminals. Good people pay the price.

  • paul in jefferson jefferson park resident

    The police in 16th are great the system is failing us. The 16th needs more police in area ,crime is getting worst, too many gangs coming in.

  • reclassify gangs as urban terrorists, terrorist laws apply

  • Inactive User I agree with you. Charge the low life terrorist gang bangers at the federal level. It’s obvious that crook county doesn’t care about it’s citizens nor does the state of Illinois.
    Plus 80% of sentence must be served at the federal level.

  • A lot of the hoodlums from the old Humboldt Park neighborhood are inching their way to that area. I have a colleague who lives in that area and says that the guy who owns the building across the street from him is a gang leader is constantly shooting guns fin his yard. He lives on Eddy and Laramie and is looking to move from there because of how bad the neighborhood is getting.

  • Nessuno Government Blank Check.

    No doubt the influx of hoodlums is due to the gentrification of Logan Square. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. If you force people out of their neighborhoods, they must go somewhere else. The politicians are playing both sides. They love the increased property values gentrification brings, but they still want to cater to the "diversity" crowd.

  • What race are these punks?

  • Portage Parke, to answer your question, my colleague said the guy is of Puerto Rican descent. But in my opinion race really doesn't matter, especially if it is plaguing the community because over all the youth of the neighborhood become victims of these perpetrators, meaning that every race and creed is susceptible to this cancer. And touching on what Egar initiated in this conversation, it seems like its starting to spread in that immediate area.

  • Well there you have it then.

  • Michael McDonough Resident of BelCragin

    Portage Parke it doesn't matter the race.There are gangbangers in every race.Your question was asked without thorough thought first.

  • Not true, it was mentioned that these punks are coming from Logan square which is quickly gentrifying. The racial makeup of that area was Hispanic and still has some. Take your rose colored glasses off. Why do these Hispanic areas have so many gangs?

  • HOPEFULLY our current mayor won't be re-elected. He continues to allow the 16TH district to be understaffed , putting us in constant fear of leaving our homes after dark or even taking a daily walk. I'm not even sure how I would outrun some creep with my walker unless I picked it up and used it as a weapon of protection. The police in the 16th district are spread too thin . When they are at the northwest end of the 16th district and the southeast end of the 16th district needs help, it's impossible, if it's a serious incident, for them to reach us in an acceptable time. Certainly it is NOT their fault. Rahm being voted out of office is our only hope that the hands of the police are untied so they can do the job the right way. I never thought I would see the Portage park area turn into the mess it is now. It's sad to see hard working people loose a great area to crime and gangs.

  • Michael McDonough Resident of BelCragin

    And thats still singling out one ethnic group and not looking at the entire picture.Fingerpointing is such an easy thing to do nowadays.

  • paul in jefferson jefferson park resident

    Granny you are right , let's report crimes and suspicious activity and make sure we vote out the guys in the city causing these problems.

  • I’m not a Rahm supporter but Granny’s comment smacks of the fear that the McCarthy candidacy for Mayor will exploit. Granny, it’s safe to walk in daylight in Portage Park ( neighborhood as well as park itself).

  • joanie 25 year resident of JP

    I agree with you granny, I'm afraid to walk in the neighborhood myself. I live by Wilson Park and last year the CPD busted some gang members who had drugs and a firearm. There was a 15 y.o. punk who threatened me after I saw him and one of his compadres looking into a neighbors garage while I was parking my car. HIs family had a rental right by the park. He later threatened me with a boulder size rock while I was driving out of our alley. Called CPD, but nothing happened to him. So I feared walking around the park with the threatening man/child two doors down. For that matter I was looking over my shoulder tossing out the trash in the dumpster. The neighbor who was having his garage cased has a for sale sign up now. I'm thinking of moving too.

  • paul in jefferson jefferson park resident

    That's another reason people are leaving maybe all city officials need rule calls in front of their homes to wake them up.

  • The element from Humboldt Park and Albany Park will be the death of what Portage Park once was. Hate to say it but these areas are dangerous and not woman friendly by any means. There are some yuppies moving in but Im not sure they can outnumber the questionable demographic. Once word gets out in the yuppie community that there are shootings and street robberies going on, they will turn tail and go somewhere else.

    Women walking around in HP or AP unescorted, are taking a huge chance

    More to come from a station near you. 🙁

  • You nailed it Black N White. When you mention a demographic change thats exactly what is going on and when you mention it right away people accuse you as a racist. The fact is that the scumbags that are committing these crimes are HISPANIC. Why are these punks so violent?

  • The causes of Detroit going down the drain might be different from Chicago. But the similarities for many to Chicago life today mirrors Detroit at 20 years ago or so.

    Unfettered black on black crime, a police department essentially disarmed by the out-
    of-touch politicians, people leaving the city at alarming numbers, huge municipal debt, unions beholden to Democrats, and on and on.

  • Don’t spread fear or hate and don’t reduce people doing things that are illegal or you don’t like to a single demographic characteristic. The age, education level, employment options of miscreants factors into what they do. It slanders an entire religious or ethnic group to use that identification as shorthand for the criminal element among them, who are certainly outliers, not a majority. That’s racism. It’s also not an effective way to combat crime.

  • All I can say is they should bring back the death penalty back and make people think twice before they try to commit a crime if they're caught we have to quit listening to all these righteous groups that's why we have such a problem with our justice system because they have to protest everything the way I feel you take a life you lose yours

  • I don’t believe that people are a product of their environment. If you want to do good things in your life than you could.
    Jazzmandel I believe that you are definitely a mythomane. Facts are facts. Go to the FBI’s website and research who commits the most crime. I was born and raised in Chicago. Being a teenager in the 80’s was not easy in this city, but I knew that the gang thug life was not for me. Thus I stayed clear of those low life people. Gangs were all around me. In a 2 mile radius there were at least 8 different gangs. Gangs and the crimes they commit are like cancer to a neighborhood. Like cancer it[gangs] usually starts out small and spreads if not treated immediately.

  • WhoooDat, I had to look up "mythomane" - "person with a strong or irresistible propensity for fantasizing, lying, or exaggerating." No, that would describe our current president more than me. I've been a lifelong journalist, basing my career on gathering and reporting facts.

    I was born and raised in Chicago, too, growing up on the south side in the 1950s, Yes, I steered clear of gangs, and yes, even young people can make choices, when there are indeed options for them. An interesting Chicago-based book about this is There Are No Children Here: The Story of Two Boys Growing up in the Other America. I agree that nascent criminal activity should be nipped in the bud, but to me that means taking steps before laws are broken, not only in reaction to the crimes. And yes, I believe environment influences behavior, even for adults.

  • Jazzmandel I mean no disrespect, especially to elders as your self. Lol
    However, change needs to start at home where morals and values should be taught. Not at school. Schools should be a place where those morals and values should be exercised.
    Until this culture of victimization and glorifying material objects instead of God stops happening, then change is not going to take place.

  • Good luck on changing human nature, WhoooDat.

    I agree that morals, values, life-styles, perspectives are all handed down -- but not only from immediate family members, instead from everybody we're exposed to while growing up. Life begins at "home" but some kids are into escaping home at school -- or in the streets and parks, with their friends ("gangs").

    Want to prevent crime? If we need to keep a kid in school (where they're supposed to be) by teaching them how to behave (in a group, in a "gang" without violence but with good purpose), so be it. Otherwise, what are schools to do, send kids back to the home where for whatever reason they're not getting appropriate guidance?

    Teachers know tending the maturation of grade and hs students is inevitable, the job doesn't stop at cramming their heads with info or skills. The schools ARE the "other environment" for kids, where they spend their days, months over early, formative years, make their lives. In a school proper behavior should be modeled, explained and reinforced. Improper behavior corrected, privileges withdrawn, isolation from the group (class, club, whatever) imposed, perhaps reference or redirection to counseling or special programs.

    By the way, have you read the recently released unexpectedly good data on Chicago public schools? http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/opinion/editorials/ct-edit-chicago-schools-progress-emanuel-20180411-story.html

  • EVERYBODY FYI- The Sicily Italian bakery on Lawrence avenue , 1/2 block East of Austin ,on south side of Lawrence avenue, has a petition on their counter collecting signatures for an increase of police in the 16th District. Please tell everyone you know to make time, if they can , to go in and sign it. The great connolies there are a good incentive to go there also, lol.

  • paul in jefferson jefferson park resident

    Who's idea for petition?

  • Nessuno Government Blank Check.

    No offense to the CPD, but they have become reactive instead of proactive. Although I must say, they have turned stretching yellow crime scene tape and standing around with their thumbs in the tops of their vests, into an art form.

  • Tom Concerned Neighbor

    Nessuno - I agree our officers are not being used properly. What we have to remember is that they have been short handed for many, many years and that Rahm Emanuel and his rubberstamp city council refused to add/replace cops that we lost through attrition. Rahm refused to hire more officers for over 6 yrs.
    So if we want a change in policing, we need to change our Mayor and Aldermen.

  • From today's Sun Times, Emanuel https://chicago.suntimes.com/chicago-politics/chicago-to-hold-police-exam-in-may-fifth-in-seven-years-under-emanuel/.

    Excerpt: "Despite that record overtime spending, [Molly Poppe, a spokesperson for the city’s Office of Budget and Management] said Emanuel is on pace to deliver on his two-year promise to bolster the police force by 970 officers over and above attrition.

    Even after 415 police retirements last year, the Chicago Police Department has 720 more officers than it did on Jan. 1, 2017, shortly after Emanuel embarked on the two-year hiring spree, she said."

  • Everybody believes Emanuel because he hired all the new police officers

  • Nessuno Government Blank Check.

    And, how are we going to pay the additional pension contributions for these police hires? Since public pensions are basically a Ponzi scheme, future hires will never be put on a 401k type plan.

  • Tom Concerned Neighbor

    Nessuno - Well Rahm could start by not spending money on bikelanes, a private stadium for DePaul, a professional golf course on the Sourhshore, giving HUGE tax breaks to Amazon, or build an overpass on the "el" that will save commuters a whopping 4 minutes, these are just some examples of the wasteful spending that should stop.
    As far as the pensions, city employees pay into their pensions, it's the politicians that took "pension holidays" and also borrowed money ($80 million) from the pension funds only to not pay it back with interest.
    If they go to a 401k plan like you suggest, who will pay for the pensions of the retirees who are already receiving benefits?

  • Nessuno Government Blank Check.

    "Since public pensions are basically a Ponzi scheme, future hires will never be put on a 401k type plan."

  • "Reactive instead of proactive" is and was a directive from top brass. That's in response to lack of full support from the mayor.

  • Tom Concerned Neighbor

    CubsHawksBears - Exactly, and those orders are from a "suburbanite" who couldn't survive a day on the streets of Chicago. He talks like a "tough guy" but would have his a$$ beat in any neighborhood in Chicago if he talked like that without his police protection.
    He's a punk!

  • Tom Concerned Neighbor

    Nessuno - Ponzi scheme? What pension isn't?

  • Nessuno Government Blank Check.

    “Defined benefit public pension plans are worse than Ponzi schemes because they force taxpayers to backfill losses when investment earnings are insufficient to pay pension obligations. At least people who participate in Ponzi schemes join voluntarily."

  • Nessuno Government Blank Check.

    I am opting out of this discussion because I can clearly see this is turning into a "no win" event. Have fun all!

  • Tom Concerned Neighbor

    Nessumo - I'm not arguing with you. I just don't know who you're quoting or where you're getting your information from.
    If our city and state politicians didn't "borrow" from pension plans or take "pension holidays" we wouldn't be as bad off.
    Honestly, do you think a bank or financial institution could say to a prospective retiree "Sorry, we didn't pay into your account"? No way anyone would allow that. It's the same with Municipal Pensions, we should have thrown Daley, his friend, and his nephew (Vanecko) in jail for misuse of funds.
    It's not always so "cut n dried" as you try to make it sound.
    While I do agree "something needs to be done", I'd start with pension reform ie. no more "double or triple dipping", stop that and we would have a starting point.

  • Tom Concerned Neighbor

    Jazz - I just have a problem believing anything Rahm Emanuel says. Just remember he's the same guy that said "crime is down", "graduation rates are up", "drop-out rate is down", etc.
    Side note... the article you posted said it was "from today's newspaper" is well over a year old.

  • sorry Tom -- my bad, I mis-read the Sun Times screen but that article was published 1/20/2018, not more than a year ago. I'm skeptical of Rahm Emanuel, and don't mean to be naive but I take statistics reported by CPS and the CPD as relatively reliable (if questionable, it's more likely due to processes they use to gather data rather than fudging results to make them sound better). On the other hand, some Everyblock commenters spread completely unsubstantiated beliefs about many things that might affect or involve us or simply be used to rile us up.

  • @Paul in Jefferson, I don't know who started the petition. We saw it there and signed it yesterday because we were there shopping, new years resolution (less stops at Italian bakeries) shot to hell with that purchase.

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