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Added Mar 12 2018

Just wanted to alert people to a trio of ne'er do wells we encountered yesterday coming out of the Landmark about 4 PM. One older man and a couple in their 20's.
We were walking out of the furthest north doors on Clark Street and the older man somehow got between us and started howling that his hand was stuck in the door - implying it was somehow our fault.
I assume his goal was to get us all involved in trying to extricate his hand (he pushed it down beneath the cross bar that you push to open the door.) He tried to engage us in conversation about how this wrist had been broken in the past and he was experiencing great pain, etc.
It happened so fast it was shocking - what was going on - where did he come from - what was he yelling about his hand??
It takes a second or two to process all this.
Then I realized he had two partners who had surrounded us - mainly me and my purse backpack.
I turned around right away and grabbed hold of my purse. The younger guy was definitely up to something and when I pulled back my purse the 3 or them scattered.
The old guy scooted across the street (got his hand out real fast then!) and the couple to walked away speedily - all 3 going north on Clark St.
We were pretty shook up and by the time we caught our breath and didn't keel over - we looked for them down the street but they had disappeared. I checked my purse and one of the zippers was open but he didn't get anything
Frankly we didn't even get a good look at them - the whole thing happened in about 10 seconds! Wow1

  • Pam10 1010

    Can anyone recommend a company that does a good job with “Brick Pavers”? Thanks

  • LRB Happy Lakeview Neighbor

    Crazy! Thanks for the heads up and I am glad you are okay with all your belongings intact!

  • Becky, Could you offer a description of these offenders? The genders of the couple, race, hair and eye color and what they were wearing would all be helpful as would their height and build.

  • krw

    Thank you for the warning. Something similar happened to me in europe. I never wear a backpack anymore with my wallet in it unless its burried at the bottom or inside a compartment with another zipper. Thankfully you're ok. Please report it to Police.

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