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Added Mar 03 2018


    2 Chicago teens face stiff federal carjacking charges: 'We are coming for you,' FBI boss warns
    Two teens accused of a violent carjacking in November are the first to face stiff federal charges as part of a collaborative effort between Chicago police and federal authorities to curb a surge of carjackings in recent months.
  • LadyHawk Lifelong resident

    I use keep my anti-theft club steering wheel lock in my lap and doors locked, while at red in intersections , always watch mirrors for approaching attacker. they won't be ready for a 120 lbs of female to turn to a non-compliant victim. I may lose or even killed. but not without a fight..

  • JeannyB Old Apartment renovator, architect,

    It's about time this is treated like any other 'armed robbery' the rest of society cannot be expected to pay for these immature cerebral cortexes...after all the rest of us have constitutional rights too.

  • House-Frau Homemaker, mom, animal lover

    Great news! But what are they going to do with the minors that are doing the same thing?? Also the article said that these two thugs are on the hook for about a dozen other carjackings but “No charges have been filed in connection with any of those”(!)What?! Why not?

  • House-Frau, it can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars of tax-payers money to collect, process, and present evidence in an attempt to press additional charges. If they take these two down on existing clear, clean, irrefutable and available evidence it raises the chance that it will be a swift trial, saving the taxpayers a lot of money.

    Just getting them off the street for a year or two does help us a lot.

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