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Added Jun 14 2018

There were cops all over the streets and helicopters on top my neighbor said that someone got shot but saw nothing on the new

  • If you are hoping for a response, the location to which you are referring should be provided.

  • Maz ethnic/cabaret accordionist, bungalow owner

    What CubsHawksBears said. I did a separate post on NextDoor urging people to please give a location when posting about events or crime. We don't need to know your exact address, just a general area, i.e. Belmont & Pulaski, 3600 block of N. St. Louis, etc.

  • I heard them and saw them overhead, roughly circling around Milwaukee/Pulaski and probably on the other side of the freeway along Pulaski. Seemed like another helicopter was further north - maybe as far as Wilson? Spotlights used along Pulaski near Cornelia. Happened roughly 8:30 to 9:30 Thursday night. Didn't go outdoors, so can't comment on police activity on the ground. The helicopter closest to Pulaski/Cornelia flew very low.

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