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Added Jan 22 2018

I live near the intersection of Kimball and Altgeld, and there have been several nights where I have heard a man shouting all through the night. Very loud screams, sometimes words I can't make out besides a few obscenities. It has happened multiple times, most recently last night when I was awoken around 3 am by the shouting, and again around 6 am. Has anyone in the area experienced the same thing? Not sure if I should be worried or chalk it up to a homeless man wandering the streets.

  • Call 911. If it's a person problem, call 911. If it's a property problem, call 311. The alderman requests we do this -- you aren't bothering anyone by bringing it to their attention.

  • AW

    I live right on that intersection (hi, neighbor!) and we've heard the 3am screaming man several times. Oddly enough, he seems to stop by the time I've fully woken up and tried to pinpoint which direction the sound is coming from. I have a good vantage point of the entire intersection, and I can never see him!

    If we're all a little faster to call the police when we hear him, it may deter him from lingering there in the future.

  • Hi neighbor! I'll definitely be calling the police next time, but like you said I'm always half awake and unsure what I'm even hearing haha. The other night was bad and continued for much longer than usual. I can never tell where he is either but hopefully they'll be able to find him (and help him if he needs it!)

  • Gil Jimenez Private Investigator; IL concealed carry trainer

    yep, 911.

  • JLM60 Visual Artist resident of Logan Square since 1986

    Just a thought here, but are any of your neighbors really into gaming? Sometimes I have to tell my son to keep it down because he is very emotionally involved when he's playing. And yes , sometimes we confiscate the key board. Loud shouts and random obscenities are not out of the question. Sorry if that seems like a dumb idea, but I just thought of it, or else it could be someone shouting into their cell phone. People can be really inconsiderate with their technologies.

  • Just a few months ago there was a young black transvestite that frequently walked by where I live or the next street over. He/she would screech/shout at full capacity about every 30 seconds. This was daytime.

    We think the behavior (the screeching) was drug related and in a month or so he/she was gone and our prayers for deliverance became a prayer of thanks.

    At 3AM I think we'd go Mission of Burma:

  • LD

    fyi humboltwriter, not trying to be the pc police but just fyi the term is "transgender" (learned this the hard way) regardless call 911 if anybody is screaming at 3am, both for their safety and your sanity

  • Gil Jimenez Private Investigator; IL concealed carry trainer

    hum - nonsense. the correct term for anything is whatever term YOU feel is apt so long as it is not derogatory in a traditional sense.

    do not let other people put THEIR words in YOUR mouth.

  • Anton Irie 8 Years And Less Unsure About LS

    Gil - What qualifies 'traditional'? Is a derogatory term that was deemed acceptable 50 years ago OK then? How bout 100 years? Where's the cut-off? I just wanna make sure before I start insulting people but telling them not to worry because it's 'not derogatory in a traditional sense'.

  • Gil Jimenez Private Investigator; IL concealed carry trainer

    do not let other people put THEIR words in YOUR mouth.

  • is it "derogatory in the traditional sense" that I think its going to be an unintended good deed when the guy you vote for sends you down to Mexico?

  • Gil Jimenez Private Investigator; IL concealed carry trainer

    not that you know for whom i voted, but i am not at risk for being sent anywhere.

  • LD, my Oxford English Dictionary which takes up 3 feet of shelf space appears to confirm that I used the word correctly:

    "A person, typically a man, who derives pleasure from dressing in clothes primarily associated with the opposite sex.

    1920s: from German Transvestit, from Latin trans- ‘across’ + vestire ‘clothe’."

    I honestly appreciate the attempt at correction, but I'm not comfortable labeling something differently than what I can readily verify using the information available. I couldn't be sure if the individual's sense of personal identity and gender did not correspond with their birth sex which would then be transgender. With the Adam's apple and knees that this dude had on him the gender issue was certain. This was a man that had not made the hormonal/surgery changes that would lead me to believe that any gender transition was occurring. If I see breast implants on a male then it is different data that leads to a different description. It was obvious that this young man thrilled himself trying to walk like a female and by wearing female clothes. I did not pull a Crocodile Dundee in an attempt to verify the status between transvestite and transgender.

    Screeching is not a typical behavior I associate with trans anything. It seemed to be a call for attention "look at me - I'm in women's clothing" and whether or not it was intended it was perceived as a warning. So, back to the OP whatever the reason for the shouting at 3AM it is someone that is definitely coloring outside the lines and I would be concerned enough to call 911 and attempt to identify the general area of the noise that interrupted your REM cycle.

    The only Screeching Weasel I've enjoyed in my neighborhood is:

    And I'm not a Trans-Am guy. I greatly prefer a Camaro:

  • He is out there quite often and appears to live at the south west building at that intersection. Elderly man, usually holding a beer. I've called the cops on him a few times. They send out an ambulence and usually get him some help. I have witnessed him attacking a few people. He jumps out of the bushes and scares the cr*p out of them, but has not hurt anyone that I have seen. Please keep calling 911, hopefully they will eventually get him the help he needs. He seems very confused, and yelling at people that are not there or attacking passing cars. A very sick person, for sure. I hope he gets better and no one drives into him when he jumps in the road.

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