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Added Jan 21 2013

While walking my dog tonight I came across a young man in the alley. He didnt appear to be homeless but he was eating off the ground. I approached with caution and asked him if he was okay. He said yes and to leave him alone. He was in fact eating what appeared to be some sort of animal fecies. I quickly rushed home. Has anyone else seen this. Are there nutritional benefits to animal fecies. I know its a new world out there, stay safe folks.

  • What alley?! Streets please!

  • ncp

    You gotta work on your trolling, methinks the "nutritional benefits" piece was a bit too much :D

  • Kat

    Agreed, it's cold! Make sure to always contact me about feral/alley/stray cats they are crawling into hoods of cars to stay warm! Thanks!

  • Cool it with the constant request for the location. What does it matter? A bunch of sleuths here. Or are you hungry?

  • Nice work, but agree you gave yourself away with the nutritional bit...

  • Joan M. Back in Lincoln Square and liking it.
  • Steve J -A Chicago original since 1968-

    Man, did you guys fall for this.

  • Guys I have better things to do than troll. It's the alley behind the carriage house across the street from bangers and lace. Nutritional benefits was a wise crack. I don't need a lecture on 911. I'm not calling in for something they will not respond to. My house was robbed last year. It took the police 3 hours to show.

  • NQT

    But maybe they could get the guy in someplace for the night. And maybe you have neighbours who do care. If you don't care, why even post? Just to make a wise crack?

  • I've "subscribed" to just a few posts on Every Block and, inevitably, the comments get nasty. It is a sad statement of our culture if we feel compelled to anonymously bully anyone for anything out of our personal limited range of knowledge an experiences (i.e. ignorance). Why would anyone bother posting on here with members who troll for reasons to bully?

  • 911 will respond to calls about mentally ill people who need to be sent to the ER. Cops bring mentally ill people to the ER all the time.

  • What Ryan said.

  • Kay Lee 10 year resident of UK Village

    I cannot believe you did not call 911 for this guy. Yeah they might not show. But taking 2 minutes to make a phone call was too much for you to at least try and get this guy to a warm place and maybe some help. That is if this post is for real.

  • Todd Agosto Analyst/Investigator at Veritatem Cognoscere

    On a related note, some dogs have a weakness for the aroma and taste of poo. I have heard many theories for this but nothing concrete on it's source. The best explanation i have heard thus far is that some dogs are more closely related to wolves, who are known to eat their own poo out of an instinct for survival when food is scarce. So with that said, from what i have learned from the Twilight series, there are men among us who are half wolf. ;P

  • Yes but with a mental disorder they would pick him up ASAP off the street. Especially cold. Call and say suspicious behavior cause it is. They will respond. If you see him again please call it in even if he is not doing anything at that moment you still know what he is capable of. I caught your sarcasm it's cool. But you still voiced to see general response would be. You got a good one. Sorry they did not show up to your call right away. But not let that discourage you from doing good. You sound like a good person. Please call to get him off the street.

  • And post his description so others can be ware and or help location to.

  • Luci in Rogers Park Dog Lover, living in Rogers Park for 26 years

    If this is true, obviously this guy needs help. 311 should have been called to do a wellness check on him and to try to get him to the ER for a mental status checkup.
    This is not normal behavior. Or at least get him out of the cold. He needs help!!

  • Wow you guys are brutal. No the police are not going to respond quickly. Shall I lie and say he is wielding a knife? My call to 911 would have been please send a patrol car out to the alley off of Paulina and Division behind the Carriage House. There is a man eating some sort of feces. They would ask if he is hurting anyone and I would have had to say that no he asked to be left alone. Also please do not turn this into some type of bleeding heart rhetoric that I left a homeless person on the streets to die in the cold weather. If you are so passionate about helping the homeless why don't you fire up your Astro van and fill it full of homeless and invite them to your home this evening or go drop them at shelters. I witnessed two homeless people having sex in a vacant lot next to my home. I called the police on them as I did not wish to have the young kids in the area see naked humans procreating in a way that would make National Geographic blush.
    Which ever one of you said that no matter what gets posted on here turns into a mud slinging contest is absolutely right.
    As for the super sleuth that needs a description he was dressed in ratty old clothes. He was bent down so no idea how tall he was. He looked dark complected and had some scruffy facial hair. No idea really on his weight because he was dressed in so many layers of baggy clothing. Obviously my description sucks so hopefully you all find the feces eating bandit and take him into your home.

  • MJ 43 Broadway & Addison

    Well Said My Friend, Feces Eating Bandit! Lol.. Now all of you people who want to call 911 and help this guy out can get to it.. I happen to pass 50 homeless people to and from work EVERYDAY myself, most of them would be mentally disabled, so forgive me if I don't call 911 all day long under the guise of making the world a better place..

  • Thank you Erick for posting, yes please call 911 to fill up the already crowded ER...(sarcasm)

  • I think u should give the location ! Just maybe someone would help this person ! It's not like he is asking for your address just where this was at ! Sorry about your house being broke in to ! But don't believe it took the police 3 hours to get there ! May of seem like 3 hours but was not !

  • Just for added entertainment, I wonder how many of those who told u to call 911 so as to get him off the streets were politically fiscally conservative/republicans. Wheeeeee here we go!

  • MJ 43 Broadway & Addison

    Yo Karen, it was the alley behind carriage house, across from B&L... ! Paulina & Division ! If u are from the neighborhood then u should know exactly where that is ! ... !

  • Les just turned 30 east village resident

    i think people should read the entire post before they get all sassy about not knowing which alley the poo eater was in. thanks erick o

  • Man that's messed up. Did you atleast offer him a Tic-Tac?

  • Sighryn Roscoe resident

    Geesh! Bunch of drama for an interesting post. At least he had the guts/concern to ask the guy if he was o.k. My paranoid ass would have walked the other way.

  • Craig Born and raised in the city.

    Actually 911 does get police to show. If you called just to report a burglary, police will respond in the order your call was received. If you called that you house was currently being burglarized, the police show up right away. So stop whining. Also the police were looking for a missing mental last night. He was found around 8pm. Tall white kid with red hair.

  • Craig does this information also come from the same sources you used when posting about the forensic vehicle in the area when they were most likely at the boundary eating lunch.
    Jaimie, go to an ER. They are over crowded. I waited in one recently for over 3 hours to get seen. I was not there for a hang nail either.
    Obviously you all who post about 911 and the ER have never been to Uptown. Anyone ever done any research or talked to anyone intelligent on why Uptown is a mess with homeless and mental cases. Because they closed nut hut up there years ago and released all the people. Unfortunately a lot of them ended up on the street. After we catch the feces eating bandit we can take our freedom fighting parade of Astro vans up there and help out that community.

  • Peter Artist

    Next thing, Erick, you'll be telling us a squirrel dumped too much lighter fluid on the barbecue he was using to roast his acorns... I apologize in advance: I am only trying to lighten the mood. I am sure you cleaned up your dog's feces, that way the "bandit" may, eventually, be forced to move on to following the deer around to get his feces-fix.

  • I've heard of trendy hipsters embracing this new fad. Feces are full of recycled red blood cells, trace mineral salts and a bunch of other nutrients you've probably never heard about.

  • This comment has been removed by EveryBlock staff.
  • Todd Agosto Analyst/Investigator at Veritatem Cognoscere

    Next time take a pic with your cell phone... or better yet a video. ;P

  • For all the mental midgets who can't figure out what the address is, read a post but disregard all other responses or details, and then flood it with mundane questions: 1670 West Division Street Chicago, IL 60622. Here's the phone number too in case you want to confirm: (773) 252-6499.

    And to the people that say call 911 - they'll come immediately for someone eating poop in the cold: no they wont and you have no idea what you're talking about. Get off the couch and turnoff your reruns of NYPD Blue.

    Last Friday I came across two kids breaking into my neighbors car. They stole a bag she'd left on the seat and bolted down the block. I was on with 911 immediately, provided descriptions and coordinates, stayed on the phone with them as I chased them down, and caught up with them on Paulina. It took the police 10 minutes to arrive and arrest these two. The bag was recovered, returned to the victim, and they were charged with felony theft and the court date is next month.

    Enjoy your keyboards.

  • This comment has been removed by EveryBlock staff.
  • Peter Artist

    @ 'Kay of East Village': of course there is a point to letting people know to be on the look-out, and although I wouldn't call the character described a "bandit" per se, based on the information I've been given, I do find it strange that people are jumping to the conclusion that "Eric," or Erick, is a "TROLL," considering the alarming nature of what it was that was revealed when each of us, curiously, unassumingly, or with whichever preconceptions, clicked on the original post, somewhat innocuously entitled "Guy in alley." I say this, in part, because I want to set my own aforementioned sentiments apart from those of persons who've made such affirmations, wherein I was acknowledging a mere possibility, from the perspective of a disinterested observer, without downplaying that persons in the neighborhood should be careful around strangers, and, specifically, in alleys.

  • Peter Artist

    @ "Erick O." I only emphasized that "bandit" was your terminology, by utilizing quotation marks, because if one is a bandit, that means it is known that something of value was taken by the party; not to say it wouldn't seem to be a somewhat apt description, because I am sure he 'stole' a bit of your 'peace of mind.' However, I think, from most of our perspectives, 'freak,' or, perhaps more in line with Everyblock's regulations, 'faeces-consumer,' would both cover those bases, either being altogether more appropriate, while neither would be measurably more obscure.

  • Erick with a ck at the end.
    Why did you bother to even post this?

  • No sorry not from around there ! I'm closer to grand ave& ashland

  • NQT

    The following is from a post from Erick O last year on feb 10. I guess he changed his mind.

    "Erick O
    Calling 311 will do nothing. Call 911 and report to get the officer out there. I will see something call 911 and wait for the police to show up. Nothing will change with out the police coming and showing a presence.


  • Be careful. Zombies!!

  • Trevor you must be republican because if I didn't know any better I'd think this was a MIT Romney smear add.
    First off I did say that because the purpose of that was was about the possibility of someone actually being in harms way. Some dude eating feces behind a dumpster is nothing note worthy to the police.
    Secondly you must not have access to the local media because WGN did a great piece on the percentage of 911 calls that get responded to. Chicago ranked first BUT the big news is that there significantly scaling back their percentage of response so they had better response time to the calls that matter.
    Third take a second to read Trons post. He waited 10 minutes while chasing burgers through the area.
    I didn't change my stance pal, I adapted to the information I'm given. Get robbed and see how long the response is. You call in robberies so that the cops have the data. Can send more patrol cars if a pattern erupts.
    I grew up in a small town far west of here where the police responded if you called and needed a 6 pack and you were to drunk to drive. They actually brought you the beer. But I am realistic and try to save my 911 calls for something that will help make a difference. Not some hobo eating feces.

  • NQT

    A lot has been said, but calling me a republican is way out of hand. :)

  • Toni B

    If it involves someone pooping on something, you call 911, if it involves eating poop you should leave that to the good folks at 311. This is really common sense stuff. ;)

  • Thurston Forever falling down an internets rabbit hole.

    This entire thread is amazing.

  • Jen

    I unsubscribed to this because I was getting too many notifications, but after actually reading the comments now, I will have to agree with "TS" in saying that this entire thread is amazing, and re-subscribe. Continue the squabble please.

  • Erick, please proofread before posting. Thanks!

  • Steve J -A Chicago original since 1968-

    this thread has jumped the shark, lets move on people.

  • Toni B,
    Those are some epic words to live by ;D

  • Andrzej, I just laughed so hard at your comment. As far as a description, any homeless person could probably double as a hipster as well. Let's not jump to conclusions! Ironic food is the tastiest food, after all.

  • ncp

    Erik O, I apologize for my trolling comment. I never would have imagined that we would have poo eaters roaming our alleys. Scary stuff

    Be Safe People, and for God's sakes remember to curb your dog and dispose of animal feces!!

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