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Added Jan 21 2013

A great resource for looking at stats and data over the last 10 years in all neighborhoods of Chicago. Rogers Park has made great progress in reducing crime. Thank you to CPD and our community members for making RP a safer place to live!

  • KathyL interior painter, bldg. mgr, cook, upholsterer

    Please read all other threads questioning the reliability of these statistics. The Trib stats, and probably all crime stats in Chicago, come from the CPD. They are being touted, and claims are being made that Rogers Park is in the top three safest neighborhoods in the City, but then again today, there is a posting on EB by a woman who was assaulted but escaped, narrowly missing being raped.

    Maybe Rogers Park is at a 12 year low, crime wise I hope this is true, and have asked in another thread, for more perceptions from long-time Rogers Park residents, on that..

    Is there simply a recent, serious uptick, surge if you wil, in violent crime in Rogers Park? But officer "RP Advocate" ("Apple Jack"?) reported that no scary stories were told at the recent CAPS meeting.

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    Is there anyone questioning the reliability other than you, Kathy?

  • I have to agree with KathyL. I would look twice at those statistics. I think in the 30+ years I've lived in RP, that crime has definitely gone up within the past 5-8 years. I don't feel safe anymore going out at night let alone during the day. There's too many creepy people hanging around that were never there before.

  • KathyL interior painter, bldg. mgr, cook, upholsterer

    Helen: I've gotten quite a number of thank yous from neighbors, so I gather that many are appreciative and understand why it's imortant to raise these qustions. Clearly many, like me, feel a possible disconnect between claims that the crime rate is falling and that we are reported to be in the top three safest communities (someone posted that could be explained because East RP is included with low crime rate West Rogers Park), and the daily reports of crime (see sexual assault victim's post from today). Thanks for your post. Does it bother you that I question these statistics, and can you say why?

  • KathyL interior painter, bldg. mgr, cook, upholsterer

    Thanks Mary L: I started a new thread "Have you lived in Rogers Park over 10 years", for the very type of input you gave above. I asked for and suggested ways we could collect like eyewitness data, and follow up on the hundreds of reports from EB, even suggested that universities get involved, but it's also good to "check our realities" and ask for our sense, impressions, gut feelings, about what we are experriencing, reading here, observing... Like, here's what's happening on the ground and how it compares to past years. Please, long-timers, post your thoughts, impressions, feelings, to the thread "Have you lived in Rogers Park over 10 years?"

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