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Added Jan 13 2018

Police: Ride-share driver stabbed in Logan Square - 2700 Block of N. Sacramento

  • Gil Jimenez Private Investigator; IL concealed carry trainer

    ... are you feeling it yet?

    no? ok, good luck with that.

    yes? then what are you going to do about it?

  • bigbadron sorry.

    feeling what exactly?

  • Gil Jimenez Private Investigator; IL concealed carry trainer

    big -

    the breath of the animals on your neck, in your home, where you live, where your family lives, where you mistakenly think you are safe.

  • bigbadron sorry.

    ah, abject fear. i had a feeling, i just wanted to be sure.

    and, no, i don't feel it. probably because i'm not a crazy person or a fearmonger.

  • Gil Jimenez Private Investigator; IL concealed carry trainer

    actually, big, i don't know what the f you are - other than just another troll who thinks the best argument for their position is name calling.

  • "The driver was treated for a minor cut at Stroger Hospital"
    Pretty sure that although it is unfortunate, this type of thing has been happening to cab drivers from the beginning of time. Hiding in our homes and fearing everyone we meet is the opposite of what will bring about change in our community. Glad he or she of ok; it must have been a very scary experience.

  • bigbadron sorry.

    i'm not going around posting cryptic, (possibly) vaguely racist/classist posts to try and stir up, well, whatever it is you're trying to stir up. i'm a relatively normal person that asked a question, and i got an answer that just confirmed my assumption.

    there is no need for this to go any further.

  • George F in Ravenswood displaced New Yorker

    Gil is none of those things. A little eccentric perhaps, but none of those things.

  • Gil Jimenez Private Investigator; IL concealed carry trainer

    i do not know, nor do i care, what your assumptions are big.

    as to what i am trying to stir up - actually that is simple. i an trying to rouse the anger of logan square/avondale residents against the tide of violent crime that is rising in our community.

    our streets and alleys are becoming shooting galleries. yet the most that observers do is post a note on EB or Facebook about "...i heard gunshots."

    THAT IS NOT ENOUGH. not when scumbangers are shooting at each other 1 block off the blvd ... not when they are sniping at each other across Sacramento, across sidewalks, into a gas station ... not when these pukes feel free to do drive bys right outside the Farmers' Market on a Sunday morning during set up. Etc., Etc., ad nauseum.

    I don't give a fig whether the shooters and/or targets are white, hispanic, or black. i don't care if they are over 30 or under 15.

    it is NOT alarmist to be concerned that sooner rather than later one of these shootings is highly likely to wound or kill an innocent person (of any race, ethnicity, creed, gender, or sexual orientation).

    we cannot ever tolerate such risks. we cannot ever hear gunfire, type out a social media post, then go back to watching the Golden Globe awards like it's just another day in the city.

    PEOPLE - GET P1$$ED OFF!!! Complain to your aldermen. Complain to your police districts. Complain to your state and federal elected representatives.


    Why? Because bullets do not have eyes and cannot differentiate between the innocent and the scum.

    Quit being complacent.

  • bigbadron sorry.

    Gil, there is a difference between being an alarmed citizen and an over dramatic fearmonger. you are making it sound as if there is someone right now waiting outside my door, just waiting for me to walk so they can jump me. let me tell you, i just looked out, there is no one there.

    and thanks for calling me complacent. next time i call the cops because i see something suspicious, or hear gunshots, i'll make sure to come here to boast about it just so you know that i'm doing my part, and get all my badges so that the people here know i'm an active member of society.

    seriously, Gil, getting people angry like the way you're doing isn't going to make people more active in the community. it's going to make everyone more paranoid, suspicious, and fearful of everyone that passes them. not to mention, it's not like these are daily occurrences. i've lived in the Logan Square for about 8 years. the level of crime and violence, to me, seems to be pretty low, and has definitely decreased from what it was 10+ years ago. yes, one gunshot is one too many, but to live in a society with zero crime, that's nearly impossible.

    i respect your passion, but really, tone down the dramatics.

  • Gil Jimenez Private Investigator; IL concealed carry trainer

    part 1 of 2

    well, big, i have lived here, in the same location, for 40+ years.

    when i came here logan blvd itself was peaceful (tho Kedzie blvd and Wrihgtwood w of the square were the badlands) - but people who walked even 1 block n or s of logan put their lives on the line because it was a shooting gallery with scumbanger corner boys peddling their poison on street corners and gang signs tagged on the fronts of buildings, and of course up and down the alleys.

    with investment, the scum were driven further away (score one for gentrification!) ... but never out. they were always there. they are always there.

    so sure, if there's no gunfire outside your front door don't worry about it, big. if armed robberies and armed assaults are not occurring on or around your block then h3ll - don't give it a second thought. and even if they are, big, you are free to ignore them, secure in the solitude of your own home.

    the people who post here (and who should also be dialling 911) do not do so to boast. what an insult to them to suggest that is their motivation.

    they post here and elsewhere as a Neighborhood Alert to let others know what is happening, where, when, and how often.

    my point is that social media postings are not enough. this increasing level of gun violence on OUR streets requires us to take an activist approach to the problem. march. protest. make our voices heard. city hall and CPD HQ respond to that when it's on the 10 o'clock news.

    and yes, it is increasing and it is spreading to parts of the community that have been peaceful for 30 years.


  • Gil Jimenez Private Investigator; IL concealed carry trainer

    part 2 of 2

    there are 2 ways to boil a lobster:

    1) drop a live one into a pot of boiling water. it will thrash around and make a fuss because it knows it is in jeopardy. this is the equivalent of moving to the area around 69th and Paxton or Roosevelt and Sacramento - two particularly lethal locations. from the moment you park there, you know you are in the wrong place if safety is of concern to you. i know this because i have worked those areas - in the middle of the night.

    2) but drop the lobster into a pot of cold water and turn up the heat - it gets cooked without ever knowing what happened. this is the equivalent of living in LS. this is the equivalent of thinking the situation isn't an imminent danger, whatever is going on will go away, and it's not on your doorstep so why should i worry.
    so, big, if you want to stick your head in the sand, that's your choice to make.

    but i love LS. i care dearly about my neighbors. i know, understand, and have studied crime patterns city-wide for decades. the street shootings in LS have increased over the past 12-18 months. moreso over the past 8 months - just as they have become more brazen. the most recent ones have nothing to do with us - they are warring scumbanger factions and we are just caught in the middle.

    it is a trend.

    and since even a handgun bullet can travel through open space for up to a mile - perhaps 1/4 mile in a dense city environment - no one who ever HEARS gunfire should EVER feel safe. if you can HEAR a shot then it CAN reach you.

    i want my neighbors to realize that and to start raising holy h3ll NOW before the water in this pot gets any warmer.

    and if you don't like what i have to say, just mute me, because i will not stop saying it until people wake up.

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