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Added Jan 10 2013

Was robbed on my way to the bus stop. Around quarter of 5 this morning. African-American, 5'6'' around 180 lbs. Jumped out of passenger side of a a sand colored Durango and took my purse. Asked for my cell phone, which was in my jacket pocket. Told him it was in my purse, but he checked my pockets anyway and found it. Although I'm a fighter, I've learned by now, it's probably not the best idea to try and fight back.

Took my purse, credit cards, apartment keys, cell phone. Physically, I'm fine, just a bit shaken up. He didn't have a weapon, but I wasn't going to push and see if he did. All my credit cards have been cancelled.

Thank you to the Good Samaritan who gave me a ride to the Chicago Police Station on Addison and Chicago Police for giving me a ride home, waiting for my landlord to show, and checking my apartment.

I will be investing in pepper spray, once I get a hand on some money. Please be careful out there Chicago-ans!

  • I am so sorry that you had to go through thoughts are with you, may you never have to do through that again.

  • And thanks for letting it be known that you were walking to the bus stop and not the stereotype in the area of "walking home from the bath house or bar at that time of 'night' and deserved it anyway".

    The gay establishments need to be dispersed. The area is stigmatized, preyed upon and uncontrolled in sake of the almighty $. Leave a few bars, etc. but most of us have moved on. Gay ghettos are no longer needed.

    I'm gay. I wouldn't buy here. If there's an ounce of "activist" in me, this is it.

  • All those things can be replaced but you can't you did the right thing

  • Mui Ne your neighbor

    So sorry this happened to you and also glad you were not hurt. I really hope the police can catch these guys with the cameras they have there.
    Pepper spray is a good idea to carry but in this specific situation you never know if it would have been a bad idea to use seeing as he had an accomplice. Though I still think I will get some to carry also.
    Stay safe out there!

  • Again, thank you everyone for the advice and sympathy. I just got off the phone with the CPD Detective, he did mention that because I wasn't able to catch the license plate and because it was dark at the time they probably will not be able to catch the perp. I gave him a few places they tried to use my CC's, but some of my credit card providers require a bit more information before use (billing zip code, etc.). Immediately after they turned off my cell phone so I am not able to track where they are, and left the area. Apparently at the 4200 block of Ashland within about 15 minutes. They REALLY left the neighborhood quickly after.

    I fully expected this, so no hard feelings against CPD. They did everything that they could for me. I would never have expected them to walk me up to my apartment and check the rooms since they found out they had taken my keys as well.

  • d3 NOH

    what did he say when you asked him to watch the cameras for the license plate #? we spent hundreds of millions on this infrastructure and they're too lazy to use it?

  • Chris Chicago native lakeview for 7 years

    Im sorry that youve had this terrible experience. That is a very heavy surveillanced area too. I work just south of roscoe on Halsted I will check the security cameras when I get in today, also MUinChicago you can stop by town hall pub 3340 n Halsted and get a free drink to calm your nerves. You deserve it, just tell the bartender you were the girl mugged and he will buy you a cocktail or two.

  • Chris Chicago native lakeview for 7 years

    @aldtomtunney is asleep at the wheel as usual, let him know as voters and residents we resist crime as a community

  • d3, they did say they were going to check the cameras at the 7-11 on the corner of Roscoe and Halsted. However, they didn't want to get my hopes up that this person was going to be caught.

  • I'm so sorry that you had to go through that. I can only imagine how scary that must have been. As a single woman, I thank you and appreciate the heads up about this. I tend to forget about things like this and let my guard down. Unfortunately, it's things like this that remind me not to. That was nice of the person to give you a ride and the police to give you a ride home. I agree that the pepper spray would be a good idea and I will also be getting some. I wish you all the best.

  • As traumatic as the experience was for you, and as much as it stinks to lose your purse, money, phone, etc., this is a low priority crime for CPD. People are robbed all the time all over the city. They could probably catch the guy if they put the full weight of the department on it, but there are only so many police officers (not nearly as many as there should be) and they just don't have the resources to fully investigate all these property crimes. That is the sad reality of city life.

  • Happy you are O.K. Lakeview has turned into a cesspool of crime. I NEVER go there anymore and I feel bad for all of you who still live there. Be safe :-)

  • RET

    Glad you are allright. That is always the main priority. As to d3's comment on infrastructure: They are not too lazy to use it when it generates revenue. There is no financial upside here for chicago (also known as detroit south). So, why bother looking for guy. Now, if he ran a red light....then the cameras would be in full blown "Let's get this guy" mode. This city sinks futher everyday. But, as long as the alderman wet their beak on every deal, all is well.

  • Real...Gay Ghetto? Really? I understand your point about them not being needed but Lake View/Lake View East is not a Gay Ghetto. Are you familiar with the history of Old Town, Lincoln Park, Lake View and Andersonville? Are you thinking once a Ghetto always a Ghetto? Or, are you thinking Lake View is turning into a Ghetto? I don't think it is. Is crime up? Yes. Although cops say no. Ever notice how Furniture Stores and Car dealers all build near each other. Well, it's that way with Gay Bars too. Not all of them, but there is a reason for it and its not to be a part of a Ghetto. You're always critical of Lake View and that's cool of that's the way you want to be, but I'm proud of Lake View and want it to become better. You're never afraid to say what you think... I have not written Lake View off.
    These Robberies and muggings need to stop. Attending CAPS meetings and calling your Alderman will do more good than calling Lake View a Gay Ghetto.

  • SSF in Lakeview Mom in Lakeview

    Lakeview CAPS meeting tonight. Illinois Masonic Medical Center, Clarke Auditorium, 7 pm. Not my beat, but going anyway, given this and incident at Paulina/School this morning.

  • So sorry this happened to you and so glad that you're ok and didn't push to see if the AH had a're right, it's not worth it!! The old hardware store (Tennenbaum's I think) on Belmont near the EL station carries pepper spray. I live on the 1700 block of School Street (School & Paulina) so it's been a very exciting day all the way around!!

  • Link N. Parker Long-time Lakeview/LP resident

    Hi Rick - actually when he calls it "gay ghetto", that is kind of an old joke I have heard over the years to describe the area, not because of crime, etc but because the old definition of a ghetto in Europe back during WW2 was a neighborhood where jews were required to live, sort of like a type of segregation; well in this case, gays in this country had to "self-segregate" for safety and social/dating purposes, so it is called the "gay ghetto" for that reason, sort of tongue-in-cheek. Although yres, if we dont get a handle on the crime, then the neighborhood will surely regress back to being an area most people would not want to live.

  • If that's what he intended, sounds good for the past. Now, we don't have to live here, we want to live here and Real's terminology implies we may have to. No big deal, we're cool and Real makes good and helpful comments.
    Reaction to the crime is so strong because we don't want a great neighborhood ruined, and I'm sure we all agree about that. We are far better than many areas crime wise, but crime visibility has been negative lately.

  • Thanks Link. They don't get it here. PC is just outta hand.

  • And if wanna know where I learned the term "gay ghetto" with reference to E. Lakeview? It was from a Cuban I dated from Schaumburg. They come, they pee on your neighborhood and it's people, then get in their car and go home to their former Section 8 housing turned "condo" in foreclosure. They think Joy's is the best Thai restaurant they've ever experienced too. I had never heard the term "gay ghetto" before moving to Chicago. I learned it here!

    Again, it all needs to be dispersed for the survival of gay people in their quest to be "EQIL".

  • Lucy 35 year Chicago Resident

    There is one entity that has benefited greatly from the improved "infrastructure" as it pertains to City cameras, and that is the company that installed and supposedly maintains them. As the detective said, the quality of the video, particularly at night is horrendous. Ask the alderpeople about that since they approved the contract for it.

  • To the OP: I'm so sorry you had to go through this; I know how shaken you must feel.

    Stun guns are technically illegal to own (but, then, so is robbery) but availble nonetheless. The accomplice just may have fled if you'd dropped the guy. (In any case, most perps don't have too many hours at the shooting range if you catch my meaning.) And, like another poster suggested, maybe if word got out about us crazy biyatches in Lakeview, criminals might think twice about plying their trade here.

    Not saying you should; not saying you shouldn't. Just sayin.

  • There a just less patrol cars in the area. I've been here for 10 years and I used to see patrol cars often, now it rare. I know they need them in other parts of the city, but they should hire more officers and cover the entire city.

  • Meg K Like a Good Neighbor...

    @MUinChicago, I too am very glad you are okay. Thank you for posting this. There really should be more patrol cars at that time of the night//morning.

  • District 19 is down at least 34 Cops according to another posting. We all agree that there seems to be fewer Cops in the area and more crime. Related? Call your Alderman and attend CAPS meetings. Oh, and get a flu shot!

  • I just had a crazy idea. Let's find a hero!

    Under the city, there is a network of sewers and underground tunnels. Perfect habitation for a hero to move, grow and live. As you know, the sewers are also full of chemicals, which can be used to mutate animals.

    Here is what I'm thinking and please tell me if this is just crazy.

    Let's find a ninja expert. The criteria is that this ninja expert must be old and he also must be willing to raise and train a group of 4 adolescent rapscallions. This ninja expert must also be willing to mutate into a half-animal, half-human being. The reason why I say this is because my plan for the aforementioned 4 adolescent rapscallions is for them to be mutated as animals/humans as well. The old ninja's role would be a mentor and teacher of the ninja ways. The 4 adolescents will be our hero's.

    The key is to figure out what type of animals we should mutate these hero's. I think the old ninja should be something that "fits" into a city. Something small and blends into the current environment. The 4 adolescents (4 is arbitrary, but seems to fit nicely) could be any animal as long as they are protected properly. We should have a community meeting to talk about an animal that the 4 could mutate into that isn't threatening to us.

    I see no downsides to this. If anything, we know that adolescents LOVE pizza. The local economy's pizza industry will grow and thrive!

    We need this to happen since the current government has failed us. Common city services such as being safe by manning the proper amount of police is not an option. The alderman (Tunney is a rubber stamp) are rich with rich pensions while the city is going bankrupt, yet there is NO MONEY FOR MORE POLICE. We can ask for more police in Lakeview, but why? People on the south and west sides are dying. They deserve more police than we do.

    So, let's work on getting these hero's in our neighborhood. Does anybody want to take the lead in this task?

  • stacy Stacy - New to the neighborhood

    @megan cottrell of the Chicago Reporter - Is this something you would be interestded in following?

  • d3 NOH

    "As the detective said, the quality of the video, particularly at night is horrendous. "

    I've personally been in the room they feed into several times and you can pan tilt zoom any direction and they're full color, you could zoom in two blocks away and determine if an offender's eye color and definitely a license plate. I don't know any convenience store or anything similar that has a CCTV security camera that could comes close to the quality of those the city uses. Now, they do have 4 different revisions of the PODs so maybe the newest have crappier cameras, or maybe they're compressing the video to support more cameras with less. and the controls themselves that control the cameras are"finicky", and the cameras could have been randomly moving or in use and zoomed in the wrong direction at the time... they had no reason to be cheap, fed homeland security funds paid for a great deal of it

  • Link N. Parker Long-time Lakeview/LP resident

    My take on this is that as citizens, we are constituionally supposed to get "equal protection under law", meaning that the government is required to get the money to cover essential services, like law enforcement for all neighborhoods. Maybe we need to take the City government/Rahm to court (yes I am being serious here) to get him to start hiring more police officers. Maybe the answer is to sue the city in federal court to get the protection we need.

  • gerigirl I live and breathe this city!

    Great idea.....Link N. Parker!

  • DannyO

    @Link N Parker, that is an awesome idea!!! totally agree :)

  • Have you tried a hammock? Wrap the ropes in fly paper?

  • Lucy 35 year Chicago Resident

    D3 wrote: "I've personally been in the room they feed into several times and you can pan tilt zoom any direction and they're full color, you could zoom in two blocks away and determine if an offender's eye color and definitely a license plate."

    Perhaps they are full color with zoom capability in real time but I haven't found the quality to be anywhere near what you are stating after the fact, particularly at night. Since you appear to have some involvement with the cameras the City uses and access to the police real time feeds, why not hook up with some of those lazy detectives that get assigned 2-3 new robbery cases a day and take a look at the video that the pods and red light cameras provide when they are trying to gain access to them? I've personally never seen them record in color and again the images at night are quite poor.

  • d3 NOH

    i'm not involved at all. but if you've never seen them in color then it sounds like the feed they gave you (Intelliview?) could be where it changed. unless they've massively downgraded the system in the last few years they're color cameras. And I don't think they've come out with a POD revision V since then, they're still on IV. The newest phase IV didn't include a DVR so it only transmits to a receiver and then that retransmits, it's quite possible the quality of the transmission has been compressed a lot more because they're trying to squeeze too much on one pipe... (this was a huge problem when daley first started going on the news he would announce all these new cameras without asking anyone first, and the tech guys would scream their heads off knowing the infrastructure to support them was both expensive and wireless options were already at capacity so it didn't exist). i've only seen what the oemc has, not what the stations have. even if you request retrieval of the pod footage w/ a dvr pull it's still not higher quality? <--color

  • NorthSideRod

    CPD does not aggressively investigate robberies. Cameras are rarely, if ever consulted except for major crimes. If you need proof of their ineffectiveness, watch the hoodlums gather around Halsted and Aldine, directly across from the camera with a flashing blue light. If the cameras had one iota of effect, that corner would not have been the scene of mutliple robberies and at least one stabbing in 2012.

  • 2 things.
    1. Sorry this happened to you. Glad you are okay. You did the right thing. :)
    2. Please don't get pepper spray.
    It gives you a false sense of security and will likely end up harming/disabling you instead of the attacker. Many times it goes off accidentally and causes more harm than good. This has been the advice of every self defense instructor I've ever had.
    What should you do?
    Sign up for a self defense course (Thousand Waves Martial Arts and Self Defense Center on Belmont just west of Racine offers them) and learn to always be aware of your surroundings while listening to your gut. In your case, you did the right thing. Material things aren't worth getting harmed over. Had you been assaulted, self defense teaches you your most powerful weapon is your mind. Learn how to outsmart your attacker and strategically target their weak spots.
    These things happen so fast that 9 times out of 10, your pepper spray won't be there when you need it.
    Be safe. :)

  • Agreed on the blue light cameras. So what type of major crime are they anticipating in sight of them? A multi-million $ jewelry heist? Terrorist attack? Plane crash? (The stabbing was in 2011 unless there was another one right there). There seems to be alot of criminal activity at Belmont/Broadway where there is a camera and in one incident I only heard the cops say "they saw him running west on Barry"......... and he was never caught.

    I just remember when I first moved to Chicago a native pointed out the cameras in Uptown and said "stay away from the areas at night where they are". I took a look around Uptown and knew I wouldn't be buying there.

  • NorthSideRod

    Real--there was a stabbing there in 2012, too. There are about a dozen stabbings every year on the streets of Boystown, but they aren't caught on video so there's never any coverage.

    The two major crimes that result in CPD cameras being consulted are:

    1) Bank robberies. Because the FBI is in charge of clearing bank robberies, the investigations drill deeply. Blue light cameras--as well as relevant civilian CCTV camera--are reviewed.

    2) Some homicides.

  • A friend of mine recently pointed this out -- the headline says it all.

    Justices Rule Police Do Not Have a Constitutional Duty to Protect Someone

  • Thanks. The article addresses discretion about an incident and whether the police should have responded or not. Those decisions are made on a daily basis by dispatch, supervisors and field management. What the ruling does not address is a City reducing police protection for one area of a city and redirecting it to a different area or the resulting crime in the less protected area. Link's suggestion of a lawsuit forcing the City to have adequate police protection for all citizens still seems on point. Lake View has fewer police than in the past. Does that mean we had too many and were too safe before? Or, is the increase (I know you have stats showing a slight overall decrease) in crime a result of less police protection than in the past and perhaps less police protection than now required to curb the increase in crime and get us back to where we were. A safe haven for residents can become a safe haven for opportunistic criminals if police protection drops too much. The Commander has said he is not going to get more police (the 19th is down at least 34 officers) and instead plans to direct more daytime protection to midnight shift protection. Walk by some of these young people breaking from their sessions at 2 o'clock or when they dismiss later, it's not just a midnight to 5 am problem. I am not out at midnight, but see fewer officers than ever in the daytime and early evening. I can't imagine ever seeing any once he makes this shift change. I think existing attrition levels and low hire rates means even fewer Cops. Not good news.

  • NorthSide, I'm aware there have been more stabbings than the most publicized one in 2011 but wasn't aware of another one right there in 2012. I've also witnessed the bloodied people running down the street that looked like the result of a brutal stabbing in the head, possibly just beaten to a pulp but injuries just as serious. The business owners can't blow this off as "oh, it's just transient youth" anymore. Didn't buy it then and certainly am not buying it now.

    So the reason for the placement of the cameras is what I've concluded all along since they aren't being used for this "petty" stuff......they're placed in areas where more serious crime is anticipated, like armed robberies, shootings and homicides.

  • Carry defense but don't ever consider using it unless you think you are about to be killed. When you are ambushed you do not have time to mount a defense with a weapon, and it is possible it will be used against you.

    On the topic of police, there isn't much of a point of them wasting time trying to apprehend these offenders. Even if they get a conviction the guy will be out on the street in no time, and it will cost the city a tremendous amount of money for nothing.

  • Link N. Parker Long-time Lakeview/LP resident

    Mike - that ruling only indicates that the police are not required to act as personal body guards. The police ARE, however, required to ENFORCE THE LAWS...meaning that they are required to (at least make an attempt to) stop infractions if called to do so and are required to arrest and prosecute if a neighborhood is chick full of police, there are enough of them to quickly act and arrest law-breakers, making it not worth it to the law-breaker to risk committing the crime in the first place.


    Nice try though...are you sure you aren't Rahm "Pipsqueak" Emmanuel posting here under a fake internet identity?

  • Again, just Google my name, I'm a very real and public person.

    THOUSANDS more, huh? You're ready to have them double your real estate taxes to pay for that?

  • Link N. Parker Long-time Lakeview/LP resident

    If I owned a condo, I would be willing to pay more to boost the police force, yes. I am a renter for now though, but yes I do not mind paying more to shore up the police force and get things back on track here in the City. Besides, if the crime keeps going like this, people will leave the area and the place will ungentrify, and you will most likely lose all your investment in your residence anyway.

    Here are the links that show the real crime totals:

  • Those sites don't give you trends over time, as far as I can tell. Are we better off than we were a year ago?

    And just because you're a renter doesn't mean you don't pay property taxes via your rent and landlord. If property taxes go up to pay for more police (the most likely way to fund it), your rent will go up too.

  • Dick Mann Let's Be Honest

    Tax dollars spent do not equal nor do they entitle anyone to a lower crime rate in the city. There are only as many police as the budget allows and in case you people have not been paying attention, the police districts of 19 and 23 (that would be Lake View and Lincoln Park) have been combined. People need to be more aware and a lot less stupid on the streets! Stop walking around with headphones on, stop texting and/or holding your phone out in front of you while you walk down the street (people even do this while crossing the street), look at the people around you AND LET THEM KNOW YOU ARE LOOKING AT THEM, don't let anyone walk closely behind you and NO ONE gets within arms' reach on the street (ever). I know all the relocatees want that snazzy urban lifestyle as depicted on t.v. shows but this is the other side of the coin not presented in sit coms based in big cities. Remember -- everyone out there has the potentiol to rob, rape, pillage and assault you. Keep that in mind while walking down the street. People you met in a bar tonight (or last night, either) are not your "friends" (especially on Halsted) and you don't go home with them or tell them where you live. If you take someone like that home, he is the most likely person to scope out your place and come back later during the day (after you tell him you work 9 - 5 downtown) and break in your apt or condo while you're away using the notes he took about the weakest link in your security chain. The criminals really are smarter than you (and don't you ever forget it!)! I am a life-long Chicago resident and intend on staying one. If you want to say the same, you need to toughen up and be smart.

  • Hey dick, your name fits your personal demeanor. Before you go blame the victim, me, and tell me to "toughen up", I wasnot wearing headphones and very well aware of my surroundings. The perp approached me and blocked my way around him by physically grabbing me.

    For the rest who have supported me throygh this ordeal, again thank you. I meant to post earlier, but across the last few weeks there was a break in the case and a suspect was arrested last week. I identified him in a lineup as well as a few other of his recent victims I believe. Im very happy this criminal is off the streets. Sure helps when the idiot is arrested they find my personally engraved iPod on him.

  • Can I get an Amen! for Brother Dick Mann's testimony!? He's offered up some excellent advice.

  • Rick H. Native Chicagoan, 13 year Bucktown resident

    I agree, Sarah. Don't judge him too harshly, MUInChicago. I am really sorry to hear about your ordeal and I'm really glad they caught the perp. I especially love how your iPod proved he was the robber. You're one of the lucky ones. I've never seen any of my property that was stolen over the years.

    What Dick Mann offered up was advice for the rest of us. We have all seen the kind of people he is talking about - those walking around lost in text messaging or deaf to the world, oblivious their surroundings. He doesn't mean everyone is like that. But even if we are vigilant (as you were), these criminals can still get the drop on us. While crooks aren't smart for doing what they do, they are experienced at catching people by surprise to rob them. That makes them dangerous to everyone, not just the "lost-in-the-clouds" types.

    I also grew-up in Chicago (1950s on up) and I haven't seen this level of crime in a long time. It's a damn shame that we have to be so wary in our own, otherwise peaceful, neighborhoods. Unfortunately, there are just not enough police to be everywhere. As the saying goes, "When seconds count, the police are minutes away." So, until the police and the politicians figure out how to get these thugs off our streets and out of our neighborhoods, we need be responsible for our own personal safety. Be careful out there!

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