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Added Jan 09 2018

Does anyone have any info on this? I thought I heard a single gunshot around 5:30pm on 1/9 but second guessed myself and didn’t call the police and now the police have the street cordoned off at Cortland and Albany with detectives looking around. Quite a bit of police activity.

  • I’ve been on this block for 9 years now and I felt it has gotten better in the last 4-5 years, it’s why I finally felt ok about getting a dog since my buildings does not have a yard and I have to walk him. I’ve had a few not great encounters on both Whipple and Albany, but nothing like this. I think it’s not so bad now that my dog has fear aggression and needs space so I always give people a wide berth when walking him. Even though he’s smaller, he looks pretty vicious when he freaks out.

  • Dogs rule!!...congratulations. No matter what size, people never know what a dog will do; advantage!! (Sorry about one bothered to walk it before the 606 opened...)

  • Thanks! The whipple incident was at Cortland and Whipple, a couple of kids attacking a woman Uber driver, the dog started barking and making a scene and they ran off. I’ve always liked our area and have usually felt safe. Wel’ll see how I feel when the dog goes on his last walk tonight:)


    I don't know why bangers always return to these garbage stores to kill. The only way to stop them from returning and shooting people is to close the stores.

  • Cortland and Armitage are parallel. I'm confused, where did this happen? Thanks

  • sorry - Albany and Cortland

  • The bodega at Albany and Cortland is a banger magnet. Bodegas lend NOTHING to our community. They sell junk food to our most vulnerable, sell healthy food at high prices the poor can't afford, and let gang bangers hang inside and outside their buildings.

    Get rid of the bodegas and Section 8 slumlords and you start to push the gangs out. No garbage, no rats. Simple as that.

  • I wouldn't be surprised if one or both of these idiots were recently released from prison and continued the gang feud after seeing each other.

  • We had a liquor store/bodega on Division and Spaulding where the bangers used to hang out. The good citizens finally had to vote the precinct dry to close down the store because alderman Mal- do-nada wouldn't do anything about it.

    The year it got voted dry and closed for good 8 people got shot there, with a few of them dying. Now it is much quieter, safer, friendlier.

  • This store doesn't sell liquor and is or was owned by people who do not live in this country. They may have sold to a brother. They were my across the street neighbors...and never interacted with the people...hardly responding to 'hello'. They kept to themselves and their family customs.
    I never go into the store. I do see people hanging out in front, but rarely...mainly because i don't go near that corner IF I can avoid it..and I've started driving more and walking less, even to close by places..or take a different route to avoid it.
    So I'm part of the problem..avoiding and not reporting...
    And my alderman doesn't do anything anyway (except have fund raisers for himself) so he is no help.
    But maybe with he shooting more attention will be paid. But I believe they own the rental attached..but not sure...
    So mostly I don't know anything....
    Suggestions?? (Besides voting out the Alderman..)

  • Keep calling the police if people ( gangbangers ) are hanging out in front. Call,,,,,call,,,call. Say there is a gang disturbance in front. Call 24/7. Everybody who lives by there should be calling whenever bangers are loitering in front of store.

  • Report the slightest appearance of loitering to the police in front of the Albany Food Mart at Cortland and Albany. Simple as that.

    Gangs need to be swept out of our neighborhoods in any way possible. Do your part.

  • The police keep track of reported crimes via address, so use the proper street address when calling 911.

    Then, CPD or the city can look up how many "calls for service" (ie 911) were made to that specific address.

    You can't just use the name of the business or the corner of such and such street and whatchamacallit avenue.

    Does anybody know the exact address or does someone have to drive by to get it?

  • 1901 N. Albany, 60647

  • CFO

    I've heard about problems occurring because of the bodegas, but I have lived on that block for a couple years, and I rarely have seen anyone hanging out in front of or in the store. I've purchased milk or cereal there on occasion, and no one is ever in the store. I do notice cars stopping in front of the store, but not many if any people. I'm not disputing the store is part of the problem, but just that there's not much to report IMHO. And now there is a CPD camera right there. I had thought that was deferring a lot of crime before now. It was worse before the camera went in.


    This killing shows why these bodegas must be closed. People think, it's okay now, no crime for a while, then a person get shot and killed. This guy would be alive if this bodegas was closed! How many people need to be murdered before we close them?

  • If nobody is inside buying goods from them, how ( and why ) do they stay in business?

    75 years ago in this neighborhood, most people did not own a car; there were no such things as supermarkets; and therefore many neighbors shopped at these corner stores and they were a part of the community.

    I have never shopped in these types of stores ( in spite of lliving in HP for over 20 years) and I feel that they have out-lived their usefulness.
    However, the bangers seem to like them.....

  • LarryB Dog owner / wine sipper

    The bodegas might be in on the gang activity. I lived at Palmer/Kedzie 1963-72. Went to Tuley HS. Walked on those streets mentioned for years and there was never a hint of banger activity. It's a different world today that's for sure. In Avondale now. The area is coming up. Too bad that part of Logan Square is a war zone. It will get better and not one day too soon.

  • A war zone? What in the world are you talking about? Enough with the overwrought comments.

  • C. M. D. Avondale Triangle resident

    A war zone? Seriously? Ten years ago people were dealing drugs in front of my house. Fifteen years ago, people were getting shot a block over. It’s the city. Crime happens. But neighborhoods change, and this one has steadily improved for years.
    War zone. Sure. Go on over to parts of the South Side and tell the residents there of the horrible, horrible crime-ridden neighborhood that is Logan Square.

  • LarryB Dog owner / wine sipper

    Great comments for sure. Just echoing what many people are saying in this thread. Didn't mean to get y'all upset. Let me rephrase. Some people are at war within the neighborhood. A very small percentage. The gangbangers. That might be more accurate. Sorry for the over reaching comment.

  • The alderman protects bodegas because they support his campaign funds. In this day and age, bodegas are not needed because food stores do more for less.

    CPD can identify bodegas by the gang that controls it. End the bodegas, then you soon end the gang presence in the neighborhood. Don't worry: they'll find a home in Aurora or Elgin terrorizing people there for a quick buck and "territory" they don't actually own.

  • E

    The police camera was put up in direct response to residents' complaints about Albany Foods and the gang activity and that it attracts. There was another shooting incident not all that long ago on a freaking Sunday morning. I called the alderman's office yesterday to inquire as to what he intends to do about that store and the activities surrounding it, and I got a complete non-answer.

    This happened at 5:15 in the evening. My kids are often out playing or walking with our childcare provider at that time. My spouse and I both walk past that store on our way home from work. These idiots aren't exactly trained firearms professionals with perfect aim.

    I intend to call the police for anyone loitering outside the store and for the slightest inkling of gang activity, and I encourage my neighbors to do the same. That store has long been a problem and gang magnet, and it is high time something is done about it.

  • Not All Bodegas

  • Seriously though, there are plenty of bodegas and corner stores that have a positive role in the community. A prime example is Puerto Rico Foods & Liquors on Augusta and Rockwell. Any time I hear the place mentioned all people talk about is how great the guys that run the store are. I'll stop in even if I don't need anything just to say hey.

  • We once had a bodega but the old man who ran it died. It was fantastic. When @Glenn Brettner becomes King he can then make proclamations as to how us peasants should live and shop for our own good. I hear young folks have forsaken the automobile so perhaps we'll need more little corner grocers (aka bodegas). What will the King think of that?


    Puerto Rico Foods & Liquors on Augusta and Rockwell is the exception, not the rule. That neighborhood has changed tremendously and the store has changed with it. Now selling a fantastic selection of micro-brews. Bangers are no where to be seen. When most of the people living around a bad bodega demand it to be closed, it does not require a king to close it. Oh wait, in the 26th Ward, maybe it is the king (LOL), that is keeping them open.

  • Anyone who actually shops at this bodega can also check food products expiration dates,,,,cleanliness of store,,the selling of untaxed cigarettes (No tax stamps on packs),,,any visible violations and report it to 311. Take pics if you can.

  • LarryB Dog owner / wine sipper

    There was a family store at the SW corner Dickens and Albany run by the Pold family. The group I ran with hung out there and Palmer Park in the 1960's. Pretty quiet back then. Haven;t been there in a long time. I wonder if it is still a store front.

  • LarryB, looks like it's now just apartments. If you google 2058 N Albany, it shows a current picture of the place.

  • They caught the shooter and charged hm. Not his first murder charge.

  • So, he was only hitting him with a gun and it went off and killed him? Over a traffic accident?


    That means he will be found not guilty in Chicago like that killer who said he found the gun and it just fired.

  • E

    The article also fails to mention that the victim was a gang member with his own criminal record. While it's great that an offender is off the streets, it doesn't really address the larger issue, which is the gang and other nefarious activities that that store seems to attract.

    I've already put in a request to 311 to remove the gang graffiti and trash heap "memorial" from the tree across the street, and if others could do the same, that would be great.

  • What is the exact address...and can we do it ourselves????

  • E

    Kittyhop - it is in the parkway in front of the house at 1900 N. Albany, right on the NW corner. I thought about doing it myself, but given that it is a gang-related memorial, I was hesitant to do so and possibly create an issue for that homeowner. According to the alderman's office, CPD should come out and remove it (and they said they would ask the police to do it) but it was still there as of this morning.

  • Thanks....I'm on my last day of antibiotic but I most likely will head over there with a scissors and a garbage bag tomorrow....not wearing a 'hoodie'..even a bright orange one...and cut it down. I heard that there was a 5 day rule' but .......

    death is sad no matter what...but the neighborhood doesn't have to be reminded...


    Kittyhop, do you want some company? Please e mail to me to let me know. I think it is called a PM, I am not sure. I would be happy to help.

  • The memorial is gone.



  • Thanks for your thought....RAK...I guess my job is done....
    (Would have been nice to meet you however....)


    Kittyhop, me too. Still can meet me. I go to the Humboldt Park Advisory Council meetings at the field house. The next meeting is Thursday, Jan. 25th at 6:30 P.M.. I also go to all United Blocks of Humboldt Park meetings, The first Thursday of every month at 7 P.M. located at Association House, 1116 N. Kedzie. But I think the February meeting has been cancelled. Keep up the great work against gangs. Thanks.

  • LarryB Dog owner / wine sipper

    KellyW...thanx 4 the info and pic. There is nothing more constant than change. The big old yellow brick apt building I lived in back then at 3131 w Palmer is now sporting a steel security fence, gate etc. I'm sure it works well to help keep out the bad actors. But as you've heard, EVERY SOLUTION BREEDS NEW PROBLEMS. ;-))

  • J-Wahhh Trying to do Everyblock without being a cry baby

    The bodega did not cause the shooting, it attracted the killer to it. We don't need places that attract killers into the neighborhood.

  • J-Wahhh Trying to do Everyblock without being a cry baby

    The story states it was a traffic incident. We don't know where they were coming from of going to.

  • E

    J-Wahhh it's also NOT the first shooting incident that has occurred directly outside that bodega.

  • When was the other shooting?


    "Both men got out of their vehicles and continued to argue as Puleo went into the store and came back out into the street, prosecutors said", this is from the story on your link. Clearly this bodega IS directly linked to this shooting.

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