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Added Jan 06 2013

Being this is happening not to far from Six Corners I thought to post it here:

  • it is scary and no one should ever take a chance, but i wonder if someone just said no, if they would actually shoot them.

  • kenji Find us here -->

    The only way I'd not do what they were asking would be to point my own gun at them. But...then there you are pointing a gun at a guy.

  • Too bad that person didn't have a gun. He could have shot them in their backs as they tried making a getaway with his stuff.

  • kenji Find us here -->

    I dunno? Can you shoot a robber in the back as they are leaving with your proceeds and not go to jail yourself? I'd think if you have a gun and a robber has a gun pointed at you, you need to kill him right then and there. Meaning you fear for your life and shoot to protect yourself.

  • the thing is they did not catch these guys robbing this person, you think they would catch them if they killed him? you have to figure the victim gave a description of the guys and they still were not caught. if no one seen this person get robbed, no one would have seen him get shot either. something has got to change somehow.

  • kenji Find us here -->

    If you read the reddit post it says this happened twice this weekend with the same description of the robbers.

  • kenji Find us here -->

    I'm also surprised gun crazy vigilantes don't more often jump into things like this. Grab your guns, strap them on and walk around looking to get jumped, then BLAM, solve the issue, and then leave Dodge when the job is completed.

    I had heard last Summer the cops were also on the lookout for that in the 18th district when the wildings were happening. There was lots of talk in the crazy gun guy's social forums of it happening. Guys coming in from the suburbs to patrol.

  • TLo

    I think the same thing almost happened to me while walking on Milwaukee between Pulaski & Belmont. They walked up behind me, put their hoods up and were like 3' behind me. Twice I turned around and death stared at them - they pretended to be looking for a bus. A cop car drove by slowly and they ran and hid behind a tall wooden fence. All I had on me was my Ipod Nano. That's right - a collector's item.

  • kenji Find us here -->

    The mom jeans are sure give away you are an easy target.

  • TLo

    If I could fit into my mom jeans, I wouldn't have been power walking 8 miles that day :(

  • @TLo - and Snap Fitness on 4505 W Irving Pk. Mom jeans, schmom jeans!

  • Mitch Stein IT Nerd in Avondale

    Can you shoot someone in the back when they are running away with your gun? If you think they will let you keep your gun, ask yourself why you can't just keep your wallet or phone when you get robbed.

    Once again, there's not a good way to pull a gun on someone who has already surprised you with a gun. They will not only have the draw on you, but a good position. Defending yourself with your own weapon is a fantasy.

    Lastly, a gun is a great easy source of revenue. I predict that if being strapped becomes common in this city, those people will be the next big target for robbery.

  • TLo

    @Babette -I already belong to two fitness facilities that I don't use...would be crazy to be a "silent investor" in two more!

  • We have some of the most strict gun laws in the country in Chicago - they obviously don't work.

  • @TLo - Ah, you have a different problem than I originally thought! I would either hire a trainer at one of those facilities and get to work, or admit defeat and cancel those wasted memberships. I vote for the former!

  • Outside of accidents and suicides, most shootings in the city appear to be ambush-style - unexpected and then the perp runs away. Since many of the people who are being shot at also have access to guns, firearms themselves don't appear to be a very good deterrent.
    And then there's this
    As for muggings, your best defense is tactical awareness on the street (put away the smart phone) and call the police when you see suspicious activity. We've got to call police and make them take a report. That's the only way to get downtown to pay attention.
    As far as the data goes, there doesn't seem to be any evidence that concealed carry increases the number of times your average suburbanite ventures into an urban area with a high crime rate.
    Personally I wouldn't carry if I got robbed, then they get my wallet and the gun I was carrying. And then there's one more weapon in the wrong hands.

  • Well drive by's don't exactly count when talking about defending yourself with a gun so they completely skew all the statistics.

  • NinnyMuggins your neighbor

    Monkey says, "Defending yourself with your own weapon is a fantasy"

    gunssavelives . net

    Monkey says, "people who carry will be targeted for robbery"

    The incredibly stupid ones might try it once. Muggers tend to look for easy, weak targets, unable to defend themselves. People carrying guns don't fit into this category and muggers know this.

  • TLo

    @Babette -- you forgot the third and most logical option: Buy a bigger pair of mom jeans ; ).

  • @Andrew Can't pick and choose your statistics. They are what they are. But if you want to be specific, look at the description of how that robbery went down in the link. If that victim had a gun, that gun would now be in the hands of the robbers.

  • Well the current laws obviously aren't working what's your sugestion? Putting more of the same on the books is just adding another band-aid on a full blown infection.

  • Well, you're kind of assuming we don't know all the reasons why the laws aren't working.

    For instance,

  • No, you can't actually shoot them in the back if they are running away, but you could always say you thought they were gonna turn around and shoot you.

  • i think the biggest problem is even if you fight them and win and get away or even if you get them arrested, they may find you later and mess you up or have someone else mess you up.

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